Double Page Spread


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Double Page Spread

  1. 1. Amy WalkerColourThe colour scheme used in NME’s double page Imagespread is mainly black and white which follows There is only one main image used intheir sophisticated and professional house this article and is evidently follows thestyle, however, pink and purple have been conventions of an indie style doubleused to enhance and broaden the pages page spread, implying uniqueness,colour scheme further to make it look less surrealism and unusual poses. Thedull. Black and white complement each other image is a long shot of the band, ‘Thewell which is why they have been chosen in Chapman Family’ sitting round a table.this article. They make the text more eligible, The bands members are easy to identifyespecially the black text on the white as the other protagonists are wearingbackground. The vast majority of NME blindfolds, suggesting they’re not themagazines use this as it’s appealing to the part of the ‘family’. The stance and poseaudience and sends a professional and mature of the band is very casual and unmessage to the viewer. In addition to this, conventional of most indie bands is the main colour presented in the They’re commonly renowned for theirimage on the left hand side of the page. The unusual band shoots and imagerysmall use of pink and purple could be however, in this instance they look asinterpreted as slightly feminine however they mentioned, casual and natural. This islink nicely and break up the block colouring of mainly suggested as it’s been taken in athe black and white colour scheme used lounge.throughout the article.Design Balance Text The design of the double page spread is rather basic and looks just The words presented to the audience on the page have been set out in a formal and basic any other double page spread in NME magazine, especially with Implying that the band are similar to the way they the text has been laid out on the page. Thethe image on one side and the text on the other. The image slightly language used is easy for the audience to understand and not a lot of colloquial language hasoverlaps onto the right hand side of the page and the rest of the been used during the article. The text that grabs the reader the most is in front of the image,page is clearly taken up by the main article of the double page highlighting who and what the article is about and is made to stand out from the rest of the text,spread which has been divided into three separate columns. which is what it does. Grabbing the reader’s attention, a quote has been placed slightly off centre in the article itself, indicating that the information stated, is a big part of the double page spread.
  2. 2. Amy Walker Image Colour There is only one main image used in The colour scheme used in NME’s double page this article and is evidently follows the spread is mainly black and white which conventions of most gothic articles. Its doesn’t particularly coincide with its busy and dark and mysterious colours help reflect edgy contents page. It is much less ‘in your upon the genre of the music being face’ than its hectic contents and font cover presented in this particular article. The page and NME’s contents and double page text used within this double page spread spread page. It is clear that the black and is very small in comparison to its white colour scheme presented throughout is adjacent image. As a reader, my eyes very easy on the eye, unlike its other magazine are immediately drawn to the image features and qualities. The black and white rather than the text, implying that the contributes to the genre of music that the magazine is heavily reliant on the image magazine entails. The band shown on the rather than the content of its text. It is double page spread makes them seem serious clear that the magazines aim is to draw and slightly mysterious about their music the reader’s attention to the text due to tastes and lyrics. its large drop capital at the beginning of the article.Design Balance TextFollowing on from the front cover of the magazine, we can see that the double The language used in Metal Hammer is personal and detailed, for example, in this article interviewing a metalpage spread is laid out very simplistic and in a similar way. With the pages spilt artists, for the first two paragraphs it mentions his surrounding and how it feels, he includes anecdotes about hisinto two separate sections, images and then text, making it eligible for the reader. teenage years telling the interviewer. “I am guided down a twisted staircase to a seemingly would be lair fit for aThe intricate title design and small text on the left hand side of the page has a Metal God. For the duration I am now 15 years old trying to maintain.” This detailed descriptions of his thoughtgothic feel to it and flows with the design, also suggestive of an older target track describes his ‘hang out spot’ and what type of music was played. For me, this gives the article a personalaudience angling more people into heaver music that would appreciate more touch, giving the reader an insight into the interviewee’s personal life. The gradual build-up of the surrounding ingothic designs rather than those presented in NME magazine. details causes tension and intrigue for the reader, making them continue to read on and feel part of the article themselves.