Think You Know Great Content? Fugghedaboutit. Here's What Really Counts


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Content is king, blah blah blah. Fact is, there's no magic formula for good content, but there are some basic things you can do to make your content more attractive to both readers/consumers and search engines.

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Think You Know Great Content? Fugghedaboutit. Here's What Really Counts

  1. 1. Think You Know Good Content? Fuggedaboutit. Here's What Really Counts #smx #24A
  2. 2. Finding Your Subjects #smx #24A
  3. 3. Where Inspiration Strikes • Mention, Talkwalker - take what Google Alerts used to do so well and do it 100 times better. • RSS - whether through Flipboard, Feedly, Digg Reader, or wherever else, RSS lives on. • Forums - people still use 'em. And love 'em. • StumbleUpon - the easiest way to get content to come to you. #smx #24A
  4. 4. Content Categories Targeted Funny How-to Commentary Target photo by Ville MiettinenviaFlickr Creative Commons Owl photo by Doug Whellervia Flickr Creative Commons #smx #24A
  5. 5. Targeted Any piece of news that relates to your niche/genre. They can be quickly recapped and take little effort.  Industry happenings  News releases  Personnel changes and moves Writing/Creation Time: LOW Social Potential: LOW Value: Helps share important news, caters to your core audience, boosts SEO and helps keep the blog filled. #smx #24A
  6. 6. Funny A play off the news or something topical, but with an eye toward the absurd.  Start from the topic, but focus on the funny Writing/Creation Time: MEDIUM to HIGH Social Potential: HIGH Value: Shows a light-hearted side; brings in traffic, boosts SEO and exposes you to new audiences. #smx #24A
  7. 7. How-to  Teach your readers something they don’t know.  Better yet, teach your readers something they didn’t know they needed to know.  Can take many forms Writing/Creation Time: LOWto HIGH Social Potential: HIGH Value: High shareability; establishes your thought leadership; provides value to reader (which makes them think better of you); boosts SEO. #smx #24A
  8. 8. Commentary Covering popular news stories or timely topics, but making it your own by expressing opinion.  Covers the news from a specific angle.  On a news release – is this a departure from the norm?  Has this worked in the past? Writing Time: HIGH Social Potential: MEDIUM Value: Establishes your thought leadership, boosts SEO. #smx #24A
  9. 9. Content Types Infographics Timelines Video Photos #smx #24A
  10. 10. Infographics #smx #24A  DON’T: just throw up a bunch of stylized text  DON’T: Change color schemes for no apparent reason  DON’T: Mix and match fonts just because you feel like it.
  11. 11. Infographics #smx #24A  DO: Share interesting information in an engaging, informative way  DO: Have some information that people want to know and share  DO: Visualize data and make numbers tangible
  12. 12. Timelines #smx #24A  ―Evolution‖ (of a logo, a singer, etc.)  Design is important  Memes are still good  Yes, this is a type of infographic
  13. 13. What happens if you Google ―LEGO timeline‖? #smx #24A
  14. 14. Video #smx #24A  YouTube is the biggest by far, but it’s not the only game in town.  Dailymotion is 2nd-largest in the world.  Vimeo has reputation for quality video.  Telly, Viddler – more players every day.  Video is getting bigger every day  It doesn’t have to be expensive  When it goes viral, it goes HUGE
  15. 15. Photos #smx #24A  Use large, high-res, attractive photos  Slideshows need to be short, or very fast-moving (i.e., no reloading the page every scroll)  Encourage users to send in pics  Then &Now  ―Separated at birth?‖ This had 102K views on StumbleUpon
  16. 16. A few words about lists #smx #24A This had 166K views on Stumbleupon  People love lists.  They really do.  They complain about them being linkbait, but they read them.  And share them.  If you’re going to do a list, cover the subject. BE COMPREHENSIVE.  Why do top 10 if you can do top 34?  People like learning things they didn’t know.  Did I mention that people love lists?
  17. 17. #smx #24A (Just seeing if you’re paying attention!) A COUPLE MORE THINGS
  18. 18. Do these things #smx #24A  Be useful.  Be relevant.  Be consumable.  Link out. People will notice, visit and maybe even link back to you.  Illustrate whenever possible.  K.I.S.S.: Keep it simple, stupid (no offense).  Emulate content you like.  Look at your piece before you post — would you read it if you happened up on it? Photo by Matt Brown via Flickr Creative Commons
  19. 19. Thanks and Keep in Touch #smx #24A