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Having more fans and followers has become a metric by which businesses are often measured in the social space. However, if we look at how conversations happen on social media, it has become primarily …

Having more fans and followers has become a metric by which businesses are often measured in the social space. However, if we look at how conversations happen on social media, it has become primarily a means for broadcasting. In this session for Marketing Profs' Digital Marketing World April virtual conference on Social Media Marketing, I discussed the concept of narrowcasting and how to mine your followers for the people and conversations you're really trying to reach.

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  • We use hashtags, very often, to help filter that broadcast and also to find other conversations
  • The word has been around a long time; the overall concept is not new, and it seems every time we create a new means of communication, we have to re-learn narrowcasting/targeting/segmenting.SLIDE 16
  • Search by bio, location, other aspects. PRE-REQUISITE: You need to know who you’re trying to talk to.
  • What topics is Steve tweeting about? If he’s not involved in conversations relating to your topic, it likely isn’t worth reaching out over that topic.
  • Don’t have to just look at who’s following you, and look at different kinds of people, locations.
  • See what other topics they’ve self-selected as specialties
  • These are the topics I want to be associated with
  • Twylah helps find content in the subjects you ask them for
  • oneQube content
  • See who your friends are talking to
  • See what topics a person is talking about (not just what they *say* they are talking about) on Twylah
  • I love Tweetdeck for daily engagement.
  • Monitor your Twitter lists on Hootsuite
  • IFTTT helps me automate the small details of tasks so I can focus on *finding* the content instead of moving it from one place to another
  • Buffer allows me to schedule so I don’t bombard people with a ton of content at once.
  • Transcript

    • 1. NarrowcastingHow to Make the Most of Existing Connections.#TheLabNYC | #NarrowcastAmy Vernon
    • 2. #TheLabNYC | #NarrowcastThis is what we’reencouraged to strive for
    • 3. But what about these folks?#TheLabNYC | #Narrowcast
    • 4. We Broadcast All The Time#TheLabNYC | #Narrowcast
    • 5. But Who is Listening?#TheLabNYC | #Narrowcast
    • 6. NAR·ROW·CASTverb (used without object)[nar-oh-kast, -kahst]To aim a program or programming at aspecific, limited audience or sales market.Origin: 1770–80, for an earlier sense; narrow (broad ) castSource: | #Narrowcast
    • 7. Why Narrowcasting?• People follow YOU for a reasonFind out why they follow• You follow THEMfor a reasonGrow your network through their relevantconnections• Not everyone wants to re-engageFocus on those who do#TheLabNYC | #Narrowcast
    • 8. 1. Researchwho you follow and what they are interestedin broadcasting/talking about2. Engage the followers you have by finding content ofinterest– Sometimes, it’s re-engaging by re-tweeting their content3. Grow your network by tracking which of their followersthey engage with regularly or are of interest to you…Extending engagement will continue to grow your network.#TheLabNYC | #NarrowcastRESEARCH + ENGAGEMENT = GROWTHNarrowcasting Formula
    • 9. Find therightpeople#TheLabNYC | #NarrowcastRESEARCH + ENGAGEMENT = GROWTHFind the right people
    • 10. #TheLabNYC | #NarrowcastRESEARCH + ENGAGEMENT = GROWTH
    • 11. #TheLabNYC | #NarrowcastRESEARCH + ENGAGEMENT = GROWTH
    • 12. #TheLabNYC | #NarrowcastRESEARCH + ENGAGEMENT = GROWTH
    • 13. #TheLabNYC | #NarrowcastRESEARCH+ ENGAGEMENT = GROWTH
    • 14. #TheLabNYC | #NarrowcastRESEARCH+ ENGAGEMENT = GROWTH
    • 15. #TheLabNYC | #NarrowcastRESEARCH+ ENGAGEMENT = GROWTH
    • 16. #TheLabNYC | #NarrowcastRESEARCH+ ENGAGEMENT = GROWTH• Daily routine (startwith 10 minutes aday)• List creation (easywith the right tools)• Schedule tweets tokeep themomentum going
    • 17. #TheLabNYC | #NarrowcastHow? Tools!GROWTH (Schedule, Share & Repeat )ENGAGEMENTRESEARCH
    • 18. #TheLabNYC | #NarrowcastTools for RESEARCH + ENGAGEMENT = GROWTH
    • 19. #TheLabNYC | #NarrowcastTools for RESEARCH + ENGAGEMENT = GROWTH
    • 20. #TheLabNYC | #NarrowcastTools for RESEARCH + ENGAGEMENT = GROWTH
    • 21. #TheLabNYC | #NarrowcastTools for RESEARCH + ENGAGEMENT = GROWTH
    • 22. #TheLabNYC | #NarrowcastTools for RESEARCH + ENGAGEMENT = GROWTH
    • 23. Internet Media Labs is single-minded in itsdrive to create technology & services thatfocus on relevance, the social web and theenterprise.About Us#TheLabNYC | #Narrowcast
    • 24. As General Manager of Social Marketing forInternet Media Labs, Amy helps IML’s clientsmake the most out of their social marketing• 20 years in newspaper journalism• Part of the 1993 Pulitzer-winning MiamiHerald staff• Top female submitter of all time on• Secret passion: | #TheLabNYC | #NarrowcastAmy