10 Steps to Narrowcasting: Make the most of your existing connections
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10 Steps to Narrowcasting: Make the most of your existing connections






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10 Steps to Narrowcasting: Make the most of your existing connections 10 Steps to Narrowcasting: Make the most of your existing connections Presentation Transcript

  • 10 Steps to Narrowcasting #Blogalicious5 How to Make the Most of your Existing Connections
  • #Blogalicious5 NAR·ROW·CAST verb (used without object) [nar-oh-kast, -kahst] To aim a program or programming at a specific, limited audience or sales market. Origin: 1770–80, for an earlier sense; narrow (broad ) cast Source: Dictionary.com
  • #Blogalicious5 This is what we’re encouraged to strive for
  • #Blogalicious5 But what about these folks?
  • #Blogalicious5 Steps to Narrowcasting • People followed YOU for a reason Find out why they followed • You followed THEM for a reason Grow your network through their relevant connections • Not everyone wants to re-engage Focus on those who do
  • #Blogalicious5 1. Research who you follow and what they are interested in broadcasting/talking about 2. Engage the followers you have by finding content of interest 3. Grow your network by tracking which of their followers engage with you or are of interest to you. Extending engagement will continue grow your network. RESEARCH + ENGAGEMENT = GROWTH Steps to Narrowcasting
  • #Blogalicious5 Steps to Narrowcasting  Daily routine  Start slow, 10 minutes per day  One day, find new people to engage with  Next day, engage with some of those people  Set a goal of 5 new engagements per week at first  Work your way to 5 new engagements per day List creation (easy with the right tools) Schedule tweets to keep the momentum going
  • #Blogalicious5  List creation  Many new tools help you keep track • Knod.es, Nimble, oneQube  Connect the dots • Who led you to this new person? • What is their connection? Schedule tweets to keep the momentum going Steps to Narrowcasting
  • #Blogalicious5  Automate reminders and schedules, not connection/engagement.  Use Nimble to send you automated reminders to re- engage.  Use IFTTT to automate transfer of content from source to Tweet buffer or other destinations.  Use BufferApp to automate your posting schedule for general content, to keep the momentum going. Steps to Narrowcasting
  • #Blogalicious5 Thanks and Keep in Touch amy@amyvernon.net www.amyvernon.net www.Facebook.com/AmyVernon www.Twitter.com/AmyVernon http://j.mp/AmyVGplus