CDSI Game - Tools


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These are the tool cards for the Social by Social game played in the Community-Driven Social Impact session at NCVS.

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CDSI Game - Tools

  1. 1. Email discussion group Email newsletter Online dashboard Replace cc emails with a system that Provide regular updates through online Create a personal or community automatically enables many-to-many emails newsletters delivered by email. information hub by pulling in content through a central mailbox. feeds from blogs and other sites of interest. Updates automatically. E.g. 1 2 1 Online voting Google tools Project blog Members discuss and vote on issues, Sign up for free Google tools that offer e- The project or organization sets up a prioritize ideas and make decisions mail, calendars, collaborative word blog to keep people informed, and start collectively. processing, and other productivity tools. conversations. Only project staff can create content, others comment. E.g. 2 1 2 Online community Online maps Twitter Create your own online space for the whole Publish online maps and other ways of Encourage use of the free short- community with a system like showing localised information to help message Twitter service to build improve access to services and connections, start conversations, share resources. news and ideas. See 3 2 1
  2. 2. Wiki Campaigning website Collaborative research Create a site for local news, information, Encourage use of free online system to Use a free service that provides easily- comment, with a strong emphasis on research and share Web bookmarks. edited web pages where many authors can campaigning: recruit a core group of E.g. contribute and amend: like a mini wikipedia reporters. 1 2 1 Mobile messaging Photos Video and audio Create text messaging system so people Encourage people to upload and tag Buy or loan audio and video equipment so can request information or services via photos for public sharing. people can create and share media SMS or sign up to receive alerts to their E.g. content mobile phone. 2 2 1 Project management online Social networking sites Online Chats Manage messages, files and tasks for your Create spaces on Myspace, Facebook Online chats let people connect and project by using a specialist collaboration and other social networking sites where converse via text or voice online with systems for your team. people gather. tools like IRC, skype or Meebo, & more. 2 1 1
  3. 3. Cause Campaign Slides & Presentations Online Competitions Facebook’s Causes or other online cause- Use slideshare or other online Online competitions sponsored by based campaigning tools can connect presentation hosting services to share funders or corporate sponsors may be a organizations and free agent campaigners instructions, guides, information, or other way to find people interested in to fundraise or share calls to action. presentations; and embed on your site. supporting your work, raise awareness, or receive funding. 3 1 3 Hyper Local Networks Event Listings Online Video Foursquare, Gowalla, and other hyper Meetup, Eventbrite, and other tools allow Youtube, Vimeo and other online video local networking tools allow users to check for online event listing, RSVP, registration, hosting/sharing platforms enable video in to locations throughout the community and attendee messaging. uploads, embedding, and community and share locations and tips with friends. building through comments, etc. 2 2 3 Your idea Your idea Your idea What other tools match the community and What other tools match the community What other tools match the community goals? Be sure to share your idea with the and goals? Be sure to share your idea and goals? Be sure to share your idea group in case it works for someone else! with the group in case it works for with the group in case it works for someone else! someone else! 1 1 1