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Social Media Strategy for Behavioral Healthcare
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Social Media Strategy for Behavioral Healthcare


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Published in: Health & Medicine

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  • 1. Social Media Strategy for Behavioral Healthcare
    May 6, 2010
    Bill Balderaz
    Founder and Chief Optimism Officer
    Webbed Marketing
  • 2. Agenda
    Why social media matters to you
    How you can use social media effectively
    How to measure your social media campaign
    Industry case studies
  • 3. Why Social Media Matters to You
  • 4. Goal of Social Media in Healthcare
    To empower the providers, clients, patients, doctors, hospitals, visitors and staff to share information.
  • 5. How Americans Search Health Info
    36% want to see what other consumers say about medication or treatment
    34% using social media, 46% using health portals, 67% using search engines
    21% using Wikipedia
  • 6. Why Social Media Matters in Healthcare
  • 7. Google Trends- Tracking Search Patterns
  • 8. Healthcare Uses for Twitter
  • 9. Healthcare Sources for Patients
  • 10. Health Information Resources Used
    General search engines
  • 11. Social Media Works in Healthcare
    Chronic diseases such as diabetes, mood disorders, obesity, migraines, etc.
    Engages in people’s daily lives
    Exchange real information with real people
    Up to date
    Finding practical solutions to deal with these chronic conditions
  • 12. How You Can Use Social Media
  • 13. Social Media Uses in Healthcare
    Blogs enable clients to share stories, photos and videos about experiences
    Online forums allow clients to post opinions and engage in conversations
    Podcasts & videos allow people to listen and share content
    RSS feeds provide mediums to receive new information fast
    Social networks to build communities of people with similar interests
  • 14. Mental and Behavioral Health Communities
  • 15. Mental and Behavioral Health Communities
  • 16. Twitter
    140-character messages to your “followers”
    Syndicate news
    Promote events and classes
    Health information for clients
    Influence policy
  • 17. Behavioral Health on Twitter
  • 18. Mental Health on Twitter
  • 19. Mental Health Conversations on Twitter
  • 20. Facebook
    Social network to connect and chat with friends
    Post videos
    Synidcate news stories
    Post about events
    Photo galleries of events
    Connect with a geography AND demographic, such as moms, nurses, etc.
    Create loyalty
  • 21. Behavioral Health on Facebook
  • 22. Mental Health on Facebook
  • 23. YouTube and
    Video sharing site with friends, comments and ratings
    Reach a broad audience
    HR promotional material for recruitment
    Executive interviews and physician interviews
    Client interviews
    Events and classes
    Drive traffic to Web site, too!
  • 24. Mental Health on YouTube
  • 25. Syndicating and Tagging Sites
    Digg, Reddit, Delicious, Stumble Upon
    Readers review and rate news stories and articles
    More views, more prominent
    Follow people with similar interests to see what they are reading
    Connect with others in a similar interest, such as mental health, nurses, etc.
  • 26. How to Measure Your Social Media Campaign
  • 27. Set Clear Goals
    Can’t measure “more buzz”
    Define measurable metrics – 16 media placements, 40 relevant links, increase clients12%
    Take baseline metrics before campaign starts
    SEO metrics, social media metrics
    Break metrics down into quantifiable goals
    Mentions in blogs, social networks, links to the site
    You can quantify metrics
  • 28. Determine the Hook
    Set goals before determining the “hook”
    Questionnaire to determine need – What gets your participants excited?
    Examples: white paper, video, online calculator/application, stunt
  • 29. Determine the Distribution Plan
    Earn your way to distribution
    Don’t think of it as “free” marketing
    Look for specialized networks or high-profile bloggers that don’t often get pitched
    Rate the value of each participant and determine the pitch
  • 30. Determine the Distribution Plan
    Think in terms of most efficient coverage
    Examples: pitch a blogger, obtain a following on MySpace/Facebook, use tagging sites, Tweet to your target audience, make new connections on LinkedIn, build a presence on targeted social networks
    Great Content + Great Distribution = Great Word of Mouth
  • 31. Measurement Summary
    Start with a strategic goal
    More clients, education or media awareness
    Break those into measurable “micro-goals”
    Inbound links, Web site traffic, blogger mentions
    Create a baseline scorecard
    Correlate progress against the strategic with progress on “micro-goals”
  • 32. Industry Case Studies
  • 33. MayoClinic
    At one time, Mayo Clinic podcasts reached #29 on iTunes list of top 100 podcasts
    Facebook page with 14,650 friends
    YouTube channel with doctors talking about illness, treatment and research
    Health blog for consumers & media to improve the process of medical reporting
    Creating “secret groups” on Facebook for people similar illness to connect
  • 34. Mayo Clinic News Media Syndications
  • 35. Healthcare Social Media Sites
    Center for Disease Control
    CIGNA Corp
    Partners Healthcare System
    Testing behaviors in virtual world
  • 36. MedScape
    Social network for doctors
    Mirrors Facebook/MySpace
    More than 100,000 physicians
    Must verify license to join
    Topics include ethics, patient requests, crisis situations, malpractice lawsuits
  • 37. Patient Comment Sites
    Patients tell-it-as-it-is review site
    More than 5,000 stories from across the U.S.
    More than 1,000 clinics/hospitals
    More than 2,000 topics
  • 38. Hospital CEO Blogs
    Paul Levy, CEO of Boston’s Beth Israel Deaconess Hosptial
    Nick Jacobs, CEO of Windber Medical Center in PA
  • 39. Get Social Today
    Attendance and enthusiasm are half the game
    Don’t play in the space if you aren’t going to participate!
    Dedicate time to making this work
    Seek first to understand, then to be understood
    The conversation is going on right now, the only decision is if you will be involved
  • 40. Questions & Comments
    Bill Balderaz