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Questions for all interviews
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Questions for all interviews


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  • 1. By Amy Patton
  • 2. Cooking teacher (After school classes) 1. How long have you been teaching people to cook? 2. Do you do a lot of baking at home? 3. Were cakes and baking a big part of your childhood? 4. What is your favourite cake to make? 5. Why do you think people enjoy baking so much? 6. Do you think cakes are an important part of our society? 7. Did you always know you wanted a career to do with cooking/baking? 8. What do you believe is different about British cakes and cakes from other cultures? 9. What tips would you give people if they were going to start baking for the first time?
  • 3. Cameo Cake Craft You have had over 25 year’s experience in cake design, why did you start decorating cakes? How many cakes do you decorate a week? What has been your most unusual/crazy request? Do people tend to go for more traditional designs or more individual designs specifically of them? What is the most popular occasion you cater for? Have you seen any growing trends in the designs people are requesting? Would you consider cake decorating an art and a skill, why? What’s your favourite thing about decorating cakes? What’s the most anyone has ever paid for a cake to be designed? a.What was it for? Do you think that designs people are asking for have been influences by TV shows about cakes? Do you use any ingredients in cakes that might surprise people?
  • 4. Miss Elliot (Dietary requirements) 1. 2. 3. 4. How long have not been able to have wheat? How has this affected your diet? Are there specific cakes made for your wheat allergy? Have you seen more variety in the cakes that are specifically made for allergies? 5. Do you think specialised dietary cakes have become more accessible over recent years? 6. In your opinion do cakes made without wheat taste different to cakes with wheat? 7. On celebrations such as birthdays, what do you have as a substitute for cake? 8. Where do you buy your cakes, if you have them? 9. Do you bake your own cakes? If so what do you bake? 10.Do you find that a lot of bakers don’t cater for your allergy? 11.Does this allergy make it more challenging to do out socially?
  • 5. Cooking Teachers 1. How long have you been teaching food technology? 2. Do you bake cakes outside of school? a) If so what type of cakes do you make? 3. What valuable skills do you think you can gain from baking? 4. Do you teach students to bake cakes for different dietary requirements? b) If so what specific types of recipes do you teach for this? 5. Do you think young students enjoy baking cakes more than other foods? 6. Are there more types of cakes being baked in school compared to a couple of years ago? 7. Do you teach students to bake a wide variety of cakes from different cultures? c) If so what cultures do you teach the most of? 8. Given the increased awareness of cake baking thanks to programmes like the ‘Great British Bake off’ and ‘The Cake Boss’, do you think we will see more time spent on cooking/baking lessons in school? 9. Do you think students see cake baking as an older person’s activity rather than something quite trendy?
  • 6. Dodgshon’s Bakery Tell us about the bakery How long have you been baking for? Why do you enjoy baking cakes? What’s your favourite cake? Do you make any regional cakes? If yes, which ones? Do you make a variety of fresh cakes? If yes, which ones? What are your most popular cakes? Has baking methods changed from how they used to be made to now? Do you cater for people with specific allergies? What happens to cakes you don’t sell at the end of each day?
  • 7. Marge Magee (Diabetic) 1. Where cakes a big part of your childhood? 2. When did you first found out you were diabetic? 3. Did you eat allot of cakes before you became diabetic? 4. Are you able to eat cakes? If yes what do you have to do in order to do this? 5. (If yes to 3) Do you choose to eat cakes? Why? 6. Does not eating cakes change the way you celebrate for e.g. birthdays? 7. If you could eat as many cakes as you could for one day what would you have? 8. When your children were growing up would you be okay with them eating cake?
  • 8. Morrison’s Bakery, West Kirby How long have you been working in the bakery? What got you interested in baking in the first place? How many of your cakes our freshly baked each day? What are your best-selling cakes? Has the recent trends in the cake industry made a change to the way you bake? Do you sell any regional cakes? Will a region specifically cater for cakes from their region more than others? Has the way you sell cakes changed in recent years due to trends? Due to more bakeries opening now does this affect the number of cakes you sell? Due to recent trends would you say the way in which you decorate your cakes change? Do you sell any holiday novelty cakes? How popular are these nowadays? Do you make any cupcakes if so which ones? Do you agree that cupcakes are more popular now?
  • 9. Amy’s Cupcake Van 1. What first got you into baking? 2. Where did the idea of a cupcake van come from? 3. Tell us a bit about what you sell in the van? 4. Would you say we are in the middle of a cupcake craze? 5. Do you do any seasonal cakes or novelty cakes? Tell us about them 6. Would you say nowadays people ask for personalised cakes rather than a typical birthday cake? 7. What’s the most memorable cake you have ever made? 8. What’s your most popular cupcake? 9. Where does your inspiration come from? 10. Do you consider baking cakes an art or a skill?
  • 10. Vanessa Green 1.What is it you like about baking? 2.What first got you baking? 3.Who do you make cakes for? 4.Do you make any seasonal novelty cakes? Tell us about them? 5.Have you made wedding cakes before? 6.Would you say wedding cakes have become more modern nowadays? 7.What’s the most memorable cake you have made? 8.Would you say we are in the middle of a cupcake craze? 9.Do you make any cupcakes? 10.What would you say cake decorating and baking is? E.g. hobby or art?