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  • 2. QUESTION 1: ARE YOU MALE OR FEMALE?  As a group we passed out our questionnaires to a range of genders.  We asked 5 males and 25 females who are our primary audience for our documentary, so this gender was our focus in order to get more accurate results..
  • 3. QUESTION 2: HOW OLD ARE YOU?  Our results came from a variety of different ages. We only asked those who are in our target age range (18-50).  The enabled us to gain a further understanding and insight to what the target audience would want/say.
  • 4. QUESTION 3: WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE COLOUR?  This question allowed us to see what colours our audience liked.  The most popular colours where:  Blue  Pink  Purple  Red  This will help our group to decide on what colours will attract the audience. 10 4 14 1 3 4 2 1 1 1 Favourite Colours Blue Pink Silver Red Yellow Green Purple Black White Orange Natural Tones
  • 5. QUESTION 4: WHAT COLOURS DO YOU RELATE TO CAKE?  This question allowed us to see what colours people related to cake.  The colours: White, Pink, Cream and Brown where most popular. This will help us to decide what colours will be relevant and appropriate to use when creating the documentary. 4 12 3 18 13 2 1 1 9 1 Relatable cake colours Yellow Brown Red White Pink Blue Magnolia Purple Cream Beige
  • 6. QUESTION 5: WHAT TIME DO YOU USUALLY SIT DOWN TO WATCH TV?  To help us decide scheduling we asked this question to help us decide on the most popular time to schedule our documentary for.  The times: 19:00- 20:00 where most popular, suggesting this would be a good time to place the documentary. 1 3 2 1 96 4 1 1 2 Times people sit to watch TV 15:00 15:30 16:00&16:30 17:00&17:30 18:00&18:30 19:00&19:30 20:00&20:30 21:00&21:30 22:00+ Never Prime Time
  • 7. QUESTION 6: WHAT TV CHANNELS DO YOU WATCH ON A REGULAR BASIS?  From our results we can see what channel our audience prefers to watch.  This helps us to decide a popular channel to put our documentary.  We found BBC channels to be most popular- supporting out initial plans to show our documentary on BBC 2. 5 16 8 4 13 1 11 2 1 1111 2 111 4 TV Channels E4 BBC1 BBC2 BBC3 ITV1 ITV2 Channel 4 Channel 5 Sky Atlantic Sky Living Comedy Central Good Food Crime&Investgation Food Network Gardening Film4 Univeral MTV
  • 8. QUESTION 7: DO YOU HAVE AN INTEREST IN COOKING SHOWS?  By asking this question it has enabled us to see if they are currently popular with out target audience.  This also will help us to know if we have the correct target audience.  Majority of people said ‘Yes’ suggesting we have the right target audience. 0 5 10 15 20 25 Yes No Number of people who watch cooking shows Number of people
  • 9. QUESTION 8: HOW MUCH WOULD YOU SPEND ON A CAKE?  Most people said they would spend ‘Up to £10’, but some people said they would spend up to £35.  This question helps to show how the prices have changed throughout the years and what different content could be included e.g. different types of cake and the prices that come along with them. 4 9 10 7 How much people who pay for a cake Up to £1 Up to £5 Up to £10 Other
  • 10. QUESTION 9: WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE TYPE OF CAKE?  Including this question will help when thinking of what content to use, it showed that the most popular type of cake was ‘Chocolate’.  This will also help to define on what different focuses of specific types of cake that the audience find most popular. Favourite types of cake Bakewell Tart Madeira Cake Victoria Sponge Carrot Cake Red Velvet Black Forest Gateau Chocolate Cake Fruit Cake Cheese Cake Cupcakes Lemon Drizzle
  • 11. QUESTION 10: HAVE YOU EVER BOUGHT A CUSTOMISED CAKE? Yes No  Most people said they have bought a customised cake.  This question helps to show how popular buying customised cakes are. This means we can expand on this more in our documentary and see how cakes reflect people’s personalities.
  • 12. QUESTION 11: HOW OFTEN DO YOU EAT CAKE? Sometimes Frequently Most days Daily Weekly Once a week Twice a week Once a month Twice a month Three times a month Special Occasions Not Often  This pie chart shows that people eat cake weekly.  This question helps to show how popular cakes are. This means we can expand on this more in our documentary and look at the consequences of eating cake weekly.
  • 13. QUESTION 12: WHAT CELEBRATIONS DO YOU HAVE CAKE? 0 5 10 15 20 25 What celebrations do you have they eat cake?  This graph shows that people mainly have cake on birthdays.  This question helps as we know what special occasions people have cake on and we can now expand.
  • 14. QUESTION 13: DO YOU KNOW ANY LOCAL CAKE SHOPS? 0 2 4 6 8  This graph shows that people know a few local cake shops.  We can use this information and set up interviews or film at these local shops.
  • 15. QUESTION 14: DO YOU KNOW ANY SONGS THAT RELATE TO CAKE? Pat a Cake If I Knew you were coming Happy birthday Baby Cakes Birthday Cake Candy Man  This pie chart shows songs that we could use in our documentary.