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  • Students overwhelmed by pressure to do well on exam, find a job. Not only that, stay socially active.


  • 1. Itch Me, Now
    Social Calming Project via Facebook
    Amy Jang
  • 2. Targeting Audience
    Annie is a college student.
    lives by very busy schedulethroughout the year.
    constantly stressed out by heavy workload.
    uses Facebook to procrastinate or to stay social.
  • 3. Pressures
    to be social.
    to do well.
    to find a job.
  • 4. Work is inevitable for Annie.
  • 5. But she can change perspective.
    “ I need to finish this by tomorrow. ”
    “ Today I want to work on this. ”
  • 6. stressful
  • 7. Itch MeNow
    Persuasive Purpose:
    To design a social calming intervention that reduces stress by living a day more mindfully.
  • 8. Approach
    1) Become Friend
    2) Itch asks for a goal for the day on friend’s wall
    3) Itch gives feedback.
  • 9. iterations, iterations
    Triggers: wall posts.
  • 10. A trigger either works or doesn’t. Phrasing can affect the response rate.
  • 11. Take away:
    • Higher response rates with
    • 12. “satisfaction” > “goals”
    • 13. “when will bring you satisfaction?” > “what will…”
    • 14. “new day”
    • 15. recognizing their efforts.
  • Marketing.
    What works?
    Writing on people’s wall : pops up in newsfeed
    Tagging people on Photos : people like to stalk on photos more than walls
    Mentioning people’s names : also pops up in their friends’ newsfeed
    Comments + Likes : makes an interactive figure.
  • 16. Feedbacks.
  • 17. feedback 1: Comments
    What works?
    Encouragement, cheers through “comment”, “Like”
    Photo tagged comments
    Other friends’ encouragement on their posts
  • 18. feedback 2: Progress
    What works?
    Calling by name
    Asking for progress report at night time (! Not bed time)
    Writing out their posted goal.
  • 19. feedback 3:Itch’s Daily Goal
    What works?
    Something calming: suggestive to the friends
    Something funny: friends will comment and like it
    Consistent, non-boring.
  • 20. Feedback 4: Day Board
    What works?
    Tagging friends who didn’t participate
    Presenting “rewards”
    Compiling with their profile pictures and posted goals
    Grouping goals by categories
  • 21. Response Rate
  • 22. Number of Friends
  • 23. Itch Menow was a very encouraging and positive way that helped me set simpler/smaller daily goals for myself
    I found that I gain the most 'satisfaction' the moment I write my goal, not after I accomplish the goals.
    didn't expect tofinish my goal
    I enjoyed thinking of a goal for the day, making concrete a specific purpose for the day
    Seeing other people's activity with Itch through the day board and on Itch's wall was really helpful because then I knew other people were participating as well.
    I liked having a goal, and was satisfied when I completed it, and also liked when my accomplishment was acknowledged.
    This was sort of like making a promise to everyone. If you don't achieve your goal, it feels like you are letting everyone down. I guess this created an additional incentive for me to achieve my daily goals.
  • 24. Report
    Level of Positive-Negative Feelings (1:"happy" ~5:"neutral"~10:"stressed out”)
    Before joining Itch Pilot: 7.0
    Before Posting a goal: 7.0
    After Posting a goal: 4.67
    At the end of the day: 3.33
  • 25. More Insights
    Facebook is great way to use social connections
    Easy marketing: not only on news feed, but being on their photos and wall posts is extremely impactful.
    Friends’ friends also comment on the people
    Posts shouldn’t be all same each day or each person
    The figure will lose its identity and perceived as “machine”
    Higher response rates.
    Give constructive feedbacks.
    Feedback is one of the most important feature in the pilot
    Depending on how good the feedback or how they felt about the pilot, they will continue using it or discontinue forever.
  • 26. Surprises
    People don’t mind populating their wall.
    Initial recruiting through friends requests. 54 friend requests accepted and only 4 dropped out so far.
    9 requested Itch to be friend (out of 49).
    20% of the responses were posted voluntarily before triggers, on day 4 and 5.
  • 27. Limitations
    People go on facebook at different times
    “I’m afraid to go on facebook because I don’t want to procrastinate too much”
    “I go on facebook at night, and by that time, the day was almost over for me to post a goal”
    Most of the goals tend to be about finishing work
    Good or bad?
  • 28. Future Applications
    Projects after projects… help employees appreciate their day and work
    Help patients appreciate their day and provide meaning into everyday life.
    Old Generation
    Help them get out of routine.
  • 29. If you have any questions about the project or inquiries on how to use facebook for your application, Feel free to contact me :D
    Amy Jang
    Email: insunj@stanford.edu
    Twitter: amyjangcom