Transform your ebook into digital text book for the amazon kindle


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Are you an author who enjoys writing for pay or for personal enjoyment? If so, you should turn to Many new writers are surprised to learn that has a self-publish option for their popular e-book reading device, the Kindle.

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Transform your ebook into digital text book for the amazon kindle

  1. 1. Transform Your Ebook into Digital Text Book for the Amazon Kindle
  2. 2. Selling a Book on the Amazon• You can create an e-book from scratch• Or use one you already wrote and retain the rights to• But to increase earnings, do both
  3. 3. Profiting from Amazon Kindle books• Review the Amazon Kindle Store on – This enables you to scout the competition.• There are many Kindle Books available for sale. – Choose a how-to topic that is interesting to you, but unique on the website.• Write from the heart – results in a unique novel with a captivating storyline.
  4. 4. After Composing Your E-book • Proofread and edit (do it many times). – A good book with little to no errors results in positive reviews. – This is very important to your success – A poorly reviewed e- book will limit sales – No one wants to buy a bad book
  5. 5. Once your book is ready for self- publishing• Visit• Click on the “Self- Publish with Us” link• Choose the Amazon Kindle• Log into your account• Click to view your shelf and add a new item
  6. 6. Preparing an E-book for Sale• Step 1: Describe the book – Write the title of your book – your name as the author – write a description• If selling a how-to guide – highlight a few steps or topics covered• If selling a creative work of fiction, – summarize your storyline and introduce the main characters
  7. 7. Preparing an E-book for Sale• Step 2: Upload and Preview – All books must be in digital text format – Browse to find the text, word, HTML, or PDF document on your computer.• The latter part of step two is to preview your digital text file – Lookout for formatting issues and alter any errors
  8. 8. Preparing an E-book for Sale• Step 3: Set the selling price• In order to set your e-book apart from the rest – You should have a good cover – Detailed product description – A good selling price• Don’t undersell yourself, but don’t charge too much• Finally, click on the “Publish” link
  9. 9. Your e-book is ready to go and properly formatted for the Amazon Kindle. Within 24 hours, on average, your book will be listed for sale on
  10. 10. Kindle Publishing For Passive Income Grab FREE report at