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Shaklee Opportunity & Life-changing Products
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Shaklee Opportunity & Life-changing Products


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Shaklee amazing health products and business opportunity is presented here.

Shaklee amazing health products and business opportunity is presented here.

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  • Ask them questions: Work outside the home? Family? Have you heard about Shaklee before?
  • People are worried about surviving. With Shaklee you can thrive.
  • When I got started in Shaklee, all that mattered was …Tell Your Shaklee Story; how you got started (2 minutes) (Gail’s story: money because I was a single mom…The cars and trips turned out to spectacular. And now I love the time freedom.) But does any of it matter without your health?
  • Read sentence in green box. And that is what Shaklee is about … creating healthier lives.
  • When I was little and went to my gramma’s house, there were fruit flies hovering over her fruit bowl. And she would try to serve me coffee cake with mold along the edges. She’d take a knife and scrape the mold off, telling me it was okay to eat. FOOD SPOILED!
  • Read all the stuff that is happening to our food. Chickens take 6-8 months to mature naturally. But by adding growth hormones they are ready in 3 months. Add stories; usually, the person will tell you something gross. Good page to get them involved.
  • Bubonic plague wiped out one third of Europe because it was so highly contagious. Today, we are falling apart from within. Someone can’t catch cancer or diabetes.
  • Optimum health: waking up in the morning, throwing your arms in the air and announcing … WOW, I feel great! Most people, wake up and do a body check; my headache is gone; the indigestion from last night has subsided; my back isn’t too stiff. They are happy to be in the neutral zone. Our bodies need THREE things : Vitamins, minerals and protein . But when we get a headache, what do we do ? Tylenol, Excedrin, aspirin. Above the ice berg is a sentence: Disease is not caused by a Tylenol shortage . It is caused by a vitamin, mineral or protein shortage . Then, look at bottom of ice berg and say “If you ignore the symptom or ailment, then an illness crops up …. Like … read from list. So now you go to the doctor and does he tell you to take vitamins, minerals or protein? For high blood pressure, bladder infection ? Not usually. He’ll recommend prescription or surgery . So your poor body is now headed toward some disease t hat you have to live with the rest of your life … like diabetes, arthritis … read from list. Our body needs Vitamins, Minerals and Protein .
  • Shaklee’s prevention program is everything you already know … read quickly balanced diet, optimal weight, exercise, reduce stress, sleep … but where Shaklee shines is the last one: SUPPLEMENT WISELY!!
  • Do not read this stuff . “Always safe ” look at all that stuff that isn’t in our products. “ Always works ” … they have to work, because we have a money back guarantee and would be out of business if they didn’t. “ Always green ” we take very seriously. (Turn page)
  • Tell the Landmark story: Roger Barnet bought Shaklee in May 2004. In June, he did 16 mtgs to get exposure to all of us in the field. After each mtg. there would be 50—100 people that wanted to talk with him. He thought they would say “What about the car program?, new incentives.? Instead he heard …’I had diabetes…took ___ and have it under control, and didn’t need surgery, etc. He just heard product stuff… it helped them! He went back to the scientists- -Research and Development people…. what is going on ?. Where is the science behind it??… I knew our products were good, but how do people share them? and that is how we got the L andmark Study! Let’s look at that study .
  • I explain how the chart is laid out . No supplement , Other Brands & third is Shaklee. > DISEASE…..No supplements is 4.4%. If you take another brand up to 7.6, but on Shaklee drops to 2.5. > Take half of 4.4. (Gail was a Math teacher…)..,,what is it? (2.2) that is 43% less chance of having a heart attack. if you take Shaklee. > Now Diabetes … .65% less chance of Diabetes …On Shaklee . When you look at other brands- -I don’t know about you, but this kind of blows my mind. Go down to the Lab Tests ….. can tell the C-reactive story….. the Landmark Study took 3 years. Roger would meet with Dr. Gladys Block and her team every 3-6 months. He sort of dreaded the 2-3 hour meetings because they were so boring. All these scientists meticulously going over the data. Half way through, as he entered the room for the meeting, he jumped back. All of the scientists were standing and talking at him, animated and excited. They couldn’t wait to tell Roger about the C-reactive Protein results. Do you know what C-reactive protein is? I didn’t either, but it is a marker in the blood that shows when something is wrong; if it is over 3, it means somewhere in the body is inflammation. When the scientists got the results back no one in the Shaklee group had high C-reactive protein. This is unheard of in statistical analysis. Usually, the numbers fit a bell curve. They re-ran the numbers to make sure there wasn’t an error. But, they had been right, no one in the Shaklee group at C-reactive protein over 3. This was extremely significant. Here is Vita C…Shaklee is double, because absorption is so phenomenal .
  • SHAKLEE has a Jamie McManus, M.D . . who put together the products that she considers to be the very best for Optimal health …..Remember the iceberg! so for you to have the very best health , these are the Rx products to start on .
  • When the landmark study was completed, Roger said “ the first question that will come up is What supplements did they take .? The Scientists told Roger that they had filed, as part of the Landmark Study was this extensive questionnaire …..” what supplements did you take?” Roger said “ we have to put this together so it’s easy for people to get those key nutrients.” I point out (bottom right) It is those key nutrients (read down the list) brain health, heart health. The reason it works is because it is released where it is needed .
  • What’s in it”? There are 2 multi ….(when I started Shaklee I all took was 2 Vita Lea…) Now we have B and C, sustained release. We have 2 with Fish oil… Carotinoids are the natural form of Vitamin A. Opti Flora--everyone knows that it is hard to get. Out of these, that one tiny little pearl—(story on the Right) Little boy who had 17 warts on his body ..they tried everything….freezing, etc, etc. Horrible. Injections…for a year. No success! They were getting larger & spreading. In Jan. Mom asked Linda what to do….Go to the Nutrition and You Library says Opti Flora…put him on it & results are amazing! In 2 wks. They started to shrink, no new warts…..all gone. (story on R.) That is what happens when you get on Supp. (Stress story) Now we want to answer the question … Why Do I Want it? What do you think of when you think of B Complex ? 2 things – *turns women into Mother Theresa and *makes children Pleasant ! Vitamin C what do you think of … Linus Pauling .. The immune system colds and viruses .. Also firm beautiful skin Fish oil – what do you think of? healthy heart .. (Cholesterol).. Brain, anti-inflammatory CarotoMax -- think carrots ..colors in plants, colors in vegetables (remember those things you don’t eat? ) help prevent cancers and eye & heart disease with their anti- oxidants E -- heart Optiflora .. Most Americans have very messed up intestines.. From eating way too much wheat and gluten .. Too much sugar and fat…not enough real food .. And way too few vegetables. People are hearing about probiotics thanks to the yogurt commercials .. Read Nutrition and You
  • Story of the French Paradox . France is the only country that has a diet as horrible as Americans . They love desserts, choc., cream, anything …high fat, high carbohydrate diet. BUT it has stumped scientists that we in America have all these health issues & in France they don’t . They have always joked that it must be in the wine they drink ! They figured it out…it is in the wine , not the alcohol! but it is part of the grape, called Resveratrol! This is Shaklee’s Resverotrol product. Buffalo study : They got a lot of people together. Divided them into 2 groups . Both groups were fed lots of junk food ….Fries, hamburgers, etc. Group #1, In the blood work the numbers sky-rocketed . Group #2, finished the meal, took Resverotrol , had their blood work done and nothing had changed . Their blood results were normal! --- Isn’t Resveratrol unbelievable?
  • Top group shows studies that are already completed . Bottom group are studies that are ongoing--of things that it will help with. The reason it works, is that it slows down cellular aging, so your cells stay healthier, and it helps in all these different areas…..
  • Cinch came about as Shaklee weight loss program because of the epidemic of overweight people in the US! Our meal replacement product is the Best Breakfast you can have . Builds muscle while burning FAT . ` Part of what makes it work is the Leucine. Tons of good flavors….. But bottom line it is a soy product, based on INCREASED ENERGY!
  • Shaklee has the finest protein made; it has all the essential amino acids . In fact, most other proteins on the Market are chemically washed . Shaklee is a water washed product , and we don’t need all those chemicals . Remember when we were talking about all the chemicals added to our food today? Realize all those chemicals are not part of Shaklee’s protein; it is beyond organic. Cinch, being a soy protein, is tied to Weight Management !. These are some of the benefits of protein …(Last 3 in left column & list on right) Protein is so important and at the top of the list, is you won’t believe the energy you will have…. when your body gets the right amount of good vegetable protein.
  • This is our immune building product . 72 or 73 people with allergies… Build up the immune system .
  • I just want to tell you one story . Darlene is a business leader. Her Husband did not use Nutrition products. He agreed to go to the 50 th anniversary convention in S.F. Listening to people talk about Nutriferon, saying how great this prod. Was. So Gary told Darlene that he would try Nutriferon. 2006. Gary had a history of 2—4 sinus infections each winter. A few wks. After he started, he got one, very mild infection, and has never had another sinus infection.
  • These are the 4 products we talked about . Vitalizer is from the Landmark Study. VIVIX is our cellular anti-aging product made from grapes. Protein…gives you energy NutriFeron builds the immune system. Good health comes with a price . You pay to keep it or you pay to get it back .
  • The Gold Ambassador will give you the Rx for Health products, plus Basic H2 . Best way to GET STARTED! Highlight what is important for your prospect from the list in the lower right corner; stress bonus at 250 points and “free” product
  • We have 2 other options : Both of them give you 15% off retail. With both of them you can build a business and are eligible for some of the bonuses. The big difference is the “Free” product with the $39.95 membership Read bottom: “No requirements, No quotas, No obligation.”
  • Obviously, if Money was not an issue, everyone would want the Rx for healthier living . BUT I want this to be realistic for YOUR Budget . I can show you how you can earn the cost of your products or MORE !
  • Would an extra $1,000 to $5,000 make a difference ?
  • Remember.. Lease or purchase. You get to drive what you like . As you move up the ranks in Shaklee. the car gets bigger and better . At the very top you get the keys to the incredible green Mercedes !
  • First trip is to San Francisco , and a day in the Napa Valley. YOU visit the World Headquarters of Shaklee, meet Roger and crew , some Scientists , and people who will help you grow. A whole group of trips are available as you advance.
  • Big trip is Bora Bora …….special significance for Roger. Roger’s parents went there for their 25 th Anniversary, Roger (14 yrs. Old) and his older Brother were with them. He reports that it is the most romantic spot in the whole wide world Who do you know who would like to be on the GUEST LIST next fall?
  • Shaklee has paid out $5 billion dollars to people across the United States; old and young, male and female, schooling doesn’t matter, ethnic background doesn’t matter…all that matters is that they were willing to show Shaklee to enough people. The Group is a microcosm of America . $1 Billion of the $4 billion has been paid out since Roger came aboard in 2004. H e just keeps putting more money into this Marketing Plan .
  • This is not a get rich scheme …….at the beginning rank you will be earning about $900 a month. If you can flip these pages & do it enough, you can have whatever you would like.
  • Phenominal program …. Roger has added one incentive after another to encourage each one of us to grow. The middle column is the income for each of the ranks we showed on the previous slide . When you get to Executive Coordinator (Last rank) is where you make 50,000- 60,0000 --really something you could live on full time . Fast Track is designed to get you there in 15 months . Not only will you be up at the $50,000 - $60,000 annual income , but you will also have the Fast Track Bonuses, shown in the last column.
  • Not only will you have all that cash, but these trips …….plus the car program . The FAST TRACK is geared to get it all.
  • Thanks to Dr. Shaklee , we are the #1 Natural Nutrition company in the U.S.
  • Thanks to Roger Barnett . We have the most lucrative comp. plan in the industry .
  • Al and Carol are one of the highest paid couples in Shaklee; they earn almost $4,000 day. He did this without the marketing plan we have now . He worked the business for less than 15 years, and then retired. They spend their winters on Coronado Island, near San Diego, CA; only returning to Minnesota in the summers. What a phenominal deal is this?
  • READ the page….both Dr. Shaklee’s quote and final sentence. Now 3 new slides. Guide on how to end it or work it.
  • Explain
  • The RX for health is the 4 products we talked about earlier. The cost of the 4 products at member net is $244; but on auto ship you save 10%...or $219. On Auto ship you do not get 10% discount on all Shaklee products. Auto ship does not mean in the dead of nigh, Shaklee slips product under your doormat! You receive an e-mail a week in advance, you can change the order, stop it, or put it out for another month or two. It is a good idea to have do on Auto Ship because of the 10% off certain products. Just watch for the e-mail that comes. Extra thing that is neat benefit-- for $10 you get an extra product . VIVIX is best one…so for $10 your get an $80 product . (This is where I start saying) I don’t know if your budget can take $220 /mo., so I want to show you some of the options . Then work down……go thru some of the options. (Now I’m their friend.) I don’t know what is feasible for you. “ When I got started I bought a bottle of Vita Lea-120, a 2-month supply, so the V.Lea is $12mo. I also bought the protein which was $30. So for under $50 I got my energy back! Let’s figure out where you are. BE Yourself…. do it your way . Your group will know how to do this page. I start at the top & work to the bottom. If they only get a Vita lea, it’s a place to start. The money-Back guarantee says they will feel better. USE THE PROCESS AND YOU WILL GROW!!
  • Schedule SECOND appointment…whether for product information or business. Many will want to know how you make the money! We do that in a Second Appointment !
  • Transcript

    • 1.  
    • 2.  
    • 3.  
    • 4. Creating Healthier Lives Since 1956 Health Is Better Than Wealth What Good is Wealth without Your Health?
    • 5. 100 Years Ago Our food was fresh and organic with a short shelf life.
    • 6. Dinner Today On the Land Air Pollutants, Pesticides, Herbicides, Insecticides, Fungicides, Fertilizers, Toxic Chemicals, 600 Active Ingredients Given to the Animals Growth Regulators, Antibiotics, Hormones, 2000 Active Ingredients Factory Colorings, Preservatives, Waxes, Flavorings, Emulsifiers, Thickening Agents, Fumigants, Pesticides, 3000 Food Additives Packing House Bacteria, Solvents, Resins, 10,000 Processing and Packaging Contaminants You Today’s meals are far from nature. 13,000 to 15,000 chemicals are added to our food; according to the USDA, 9 to12 lbs. per person per year.
    • 7.
      • 1900: Infectious Diseases
        • Pneumonia
        • Tuberculosis
        • Diphtheria
        • Small Pox
      • Attacked from outside
      • Today: 4 Leading Causes of Death are Degenerative Diseases
        • Heart Disease
        • Cancer
        • Diabetes
        • Stroke
      • Decaying from within
      Our Health: A Most Valuable Asset
    • 8. Disease is not caused by medication shortages. Symptoms are the body’s way of telling us that there is something which needs our attention. Whether we like it or not, a symptom is a signal from our body. Symptoms Appear Before the Disease Optimum Health Strong Healthy Cells Whose Responsibility is Your Health? Today: 80% of our food is processed To build strong, healthy cells, our body needs Vitamins, Minerals and Protein Neutral Zone No Complaints Premature Death Too Late Symptoms/Ailments: Abdominal, Muscle Pain, Headaches Illness: High blood pressure, Bladder Infection-UTI, Migraines Disease: Diabetes, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Lupus
    • 9.
      • Eat a well-balanced diet
      • Achieve and maintain an optimal weight
      • Exercise regularly
      • Manage Stress
      • Get sufficient rest and sleep
      • Supplement Wisely with
      • Vitamins, Minerals and Protein
      Shaklee Prevention Program for Optimal Health
    • 10. THE SHAKLEE DIFFERENCE™ Naturally safe, proven effective for more than 50 years
      • In 1960, created one of the first biodegradable, non-toxic cleaners
      • First Climate Neutral™ certified company in the world to offset 100% of greenhouse gas emissions
      • Commended by U.S. President Bill Clinton for leadership in becoming carbon neutral and creating renewable energy in Africa
      • First consumer products company to offset 100% of its greenhouse gas emissions and use 100% green power
      • No animal testing
      ALWAYS GREEN 100% Money Back Guarantee
      • More than 500 million products sold
      • $250 million in R&D
      • More than 70 published, peer-reviewed clinical studies
      • Powered 54 Olympic gold medals
      • 50 patents and patents pending
      • 50 th Anniversary Landmark Study
      • 100% satisfaction guarantee
      • More than 80,000 annual quality tests
      • More than 350 contaminant tests
      • No banned substances
      • No 1,4-dioxane
      • No phthalates
      • No formaldehyde
      • No bisphenol-A (BPA)
      • No parabens
    • 11. Shaklee’s Landmark Study
      • Why: Roger Barnett wanted scientific data proving Shaklee
      • supplements were superior to other brands & got results.
      • What: Three groups each over 1000 people were compared; non
      • vitamin users; people taking other brands; those taking Shaklee
      • Who: Dr. Gladys Block and her team of researchers from
      • the University of California at Berkeley. She is one of
      • the top epidemiologists in the USA
      • How: Dr. Block had full control. The study would be
      • published even if not beneficial to Shaklee
      • Where: All premiere studies are peer reviewed when published.
      • Thus, UC-Berkeley’s results on the Landmark Study were
      • corroborated by 3 rd party scientists
      Go to for more information
    • 12. Results of Landmark Study 43% less chance of heart attack 65% less chance of diabetes 60% less 1.62 2.9 117.4 0.94 1.4 74.9 0.66 1.1 101.7 Lab Tests Vitamin C – higher is better Vitamin E – higher is better Total Iron Levels Women (over 100) 121.0 1.9 6.1 145.3 3.2 9.1 180.1 4.6 9.6 Key Biomarkers Triglycerides mg/dL (below 150) C-Reactive Protein mg/L (below 3.0) Homocysteine mg/L (below 10) 2.5% 1.4% 2.9% 7.6% 2.8% 11.1% 4.4% 3.5% 8.5% Incidents of Disease Heart Attack Congestive Heart Failure Type 2 Diabetes Shaklee Other Brands No Supplements
    • 14. STEP 1: VITALIZER Most common supplements taken by those on Landmark Study 4 Brain Health Heart Health Breast Health Bone Health Vision Health Colon Health Digestive Health Lung Health Once Daily with a Meal 80 EXCLUSIVE 12 PATENTS EFFECTIVE 12 STUDIES POWERFUL Enhanced with BIO-OPTIMIZED NUTRIENTS DELIVERY SYSTEMS
    • 15.
      • Two Multi-vitamins
      • Vita Lea - 29 balanced, well absorbed nutrients
      • One B + C complex, sustained gel release
      • 31% to 198% better absorption of B1, B2 and B6,
      • 8% better absorption of B12, blood levels maintained 12 hrs
      • Two Fish oil * Vita E * Carotenoids
      • 7 naturally occurring omega-3 fatty acids
      • 8 naturally occurring forms of Vitamin E
      • 6 major carotenoids (natural form of Vitamin A)
      • One Probiotic – Optiflora
      • 500 million good flora in your intestinal tract
      Vitalizer … What’s in It? My son had about 17 warts on his hands, lips, feet and arms. We had tried Compound W, freezing (at home and at a Dr.), duct tape, creams, wart sticks, scraping treatments, injections into the warts and laser treatments. All of these treatments had been going on for about a year and the warts only seemed to grow larger and spread. We started using the Optiflora Prebiotic Complex powder and Probiotic pills from Shaklee the beginning of July 2010. Within 2 weeks the warts started to shrink. Within 2 months they were almost all the way gone. Now it is September 2010 and he has not had any new warts. It was almost like we could look at them every day and watch them shrink back into his skin. My son loved taking the powder and pill every day. He was especially happy about this treatment since all of the other routes we had tried were very painful. We will continue taking Optiflora to keep our bodies virus free. Brandi
    • 16. STEP 2: VIVIX Cellular Anti-Aging Tonic
      • Buffalo Study: people who took Vivix
      • after junk food meal had no adverse
      • affect in blood work
      *This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
      • The world’s best anti-aging supplement
      • Vivix ingredients impact 4 key
      • mechanisms of cellular aging*
      • Patent pending; exclusive to Shaklee
      University of New York - Buffalo
    • 17. Resveratrol Benefits * Slows Cellular Aging
      • Studies show:
        • Supports joint health
        • Enhances immunity
        • Repairs alcohol damaged liver
        • Reverses or delays cardiovascular problems
        • Improves insulin and blood sugar levels
        • Fights cancer… Anti-tumor properties
        • Powerful antioxidant protection
        • Studies being done on:
        • Diabetes
        • Cancer
        • Osteoporosis
        • High LDL cholesterol
        • Low HDL cholesterol
        • Macular Degeneration
        • Degenerative Diseases
        • Heart Disease
        • Arthritis
        • Alzheimer's
        • Hair Loss
      Super Grape Used in Shaklee’s Vivix Means Extra Health Benefits
    • 18. STEP 3: CINCH Builds Muscle while Burning Fat Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Cafe Latte, Whey Protein Blend-Vanilla
      • Best Breakfast on the Planet
      • Hunger fighting protein
      • Leucine helps you keep muscle
      • Fiber for digestive health
      • Low Glycemic Index
      • Increased energy
      2 out of every 3 people need to lose weight All of us need to maintain a healthy weight
    • 19. Shaklee Protein is a Whole Protein Contains all 9 of the essential amino acids Low Fat No cholesterol Natural health enhancement Organically grown Free of agricultural chemicals Lowers risk of heart disease Lowers risk of cancer Lowers cholesterol Are You Getting Enough Protein?
      • Additional benefits…
        • Antioxidant
        • Helps with PMS
        • Boosts immunity
        • Helps with menopause
        • Lower risk of gallstones
        • Reduces risk of diabetes
        • Lowers risk of osteoporosis
        • Lower risk of kidney stones
      Shaklee uses only non-GMO soy protein, certified through the PDCAAS. Energizing Soy Protein has a score of 1, the highest quality score . Vanilla or Cocoa Increases Energy Low Glycemic
    • 20. STEP 4: NUTRIFERON Powerful breakthrough in immune system science Created by Dr. Kojima, the discoverer of interferon Naturally boosts interferon production Clinical Results 72 out of 73 people with allergies found great improvement After 1 month, the symptoms of 50 patients with Hepatitis C dropped by one third PSA was reduced in 83 year old man with Prostate Cancer
    • 21.
      • Compromised immunity
      • Colds and flu
      • Allergies
      • Asthma
      • Hepatitis C
      • Surgery
      • Cancer
      WHO WOULD BENEFIT FROM NUTRIFERON My husband has been plagued with sinus infections his entire adult life, 3 - 4 each winter. Even though I have been a big believer in Shaklee supplements and have taken them for years with great results, I could not convince him to give them a try. Then, we attended Shaklee’s 50th anniversary celebration in San Francisco and he heard about NutriFeron. When we got home, he started with this one product: NutriFeron. A few weeks after starting on NutriFeron, he got a slight sinus infection. Since then, he has not had a single sinus infection. Hooray!! Darlene
    • 22. Shaklee Vitalizer 80 bio-optimized nutrients clinically proven to create a longer, healthier life Vivix A revolutionary breakthrough in the fight against anti-aging Cinch/Protein Specifically formulated to help you break the diet cycle. NutriFeron A powerful breakthrough in immune system science. ADDRESSES POOR DIET/ LACK OF ENERGY AGING INCREASE ENERGY IMMUNE CHALLENGES EVERYDAY Rx for a Healthier Life
    • 23.
      • Rx for a Healthier Life Products
          • Vitalizer
          • Vivix
          • Cinch Soy Protein, 15 servings
          • NutriFeron
          • Plus: Basic H 2 & two 16 oz. spray bottles
      Best Way to Get Started $500 value for $299
      • Everything you need to start, own and operate your business
      • 15% off retail
      • Free product with 100 PV order
      • 250 PV means bonus eligible
      • 3 months of personal web site
      • Allows you to build & earn globally
      • Eligible for All Shaklee bonuses
      • Shaklee will plant 5 trees to offset
      • carbon emissions in shipping
    • 24.
      • Save 15% off retail
      • Eligible for some bonuses
      • Free Product with 100 PV Order
      No requirements * No quotas * No obligation No Product with these memberships
      • Save 15% off retail
      • Eligible for some bonuses
    • 25. You Can Have It All
    • 26.  
    • 27. Prius Infinity Jeep Mustang Ram Truck Cadillac
    • 28.  
    • 29.  
    • 30.  
    • 31.  
    • 32. Plus Fast Track Bonus Annual Income Every 3 Months Advance a Rank $56,700 $39,000 $21,700 $14,000 $10,600 $25,000 Executive Coordinator $5000 Senior Coordinator $3000 Coordinator $1000 Senior Director Convention in DC Director
    • 33. Washington, DC Atlantis, Bahamas San Francisco, CA Bora, Bora Car credit on lease or purchase
    • 34.  
    • 35. Shaklee has the most lucrative compensation plan in the industry
    • 36. What is possible for you …
    • 37. Share with others as if their life depended on it, because … it does .
    • 38. What To Do Next * Sponsor
      • Sponsor
      • a. To receive 15% off SRP (Suggested Retail Price)
      • b. Be eligible to receive Shaklee bonuses
      • c. Business rights to build financial independence
      • 3 Options – All have the above 3 benefits
      • a. $19.95: basic membership
      • b. $39.95: no product, but coupon for “free” product with 100 PV order
      • If ordering 100 PV to receive free product, wait 24 hours after sponsoring.
      • c. $299 Gold; Rx products, Basic H 2 , “free” product with 100 PV order
      • Ways to Sponsor – Need to know sponsor’s ID
      • a. Call 1-800-shaklee (800-742-5533)
      • b. Online; go sponsor’s web site and follow prompts
      • c. Fax membership application to 1-888-745-4329
    • 39. AMERICA’S ORIGINAL WELLNESS COMPANY Product Member Price AutoShip Price ___ Rx for a Healthier Life $244.05 $219.64 ___ Vitalizer Wellness Pack $159.05 $143.15 ___ Vitalizer + Vivix $164.25 $147.82 ___ Vitalizer $79.25 $71.32 ___ Vivix $85.00 $76.50 ___ NutriFeron $39.00 $35.10 + Pick a product for $10 every Month on AutoShip + Pick favorite Cinch Protein for $10 every Month on AutoShip ___ Cinch Soy Protein $40.80 15 servings ___ Energizing Soy Protein $35.90 30 servings ___ Vita Lea 120 tabs $23.05 240 tabs $40.95 Ordering Healthier Life Nutritional Options
    • 40. Schedule 2 nd Appointment
      • Learn how to maximize membership
      • Learn how to access product information
      • See if the benefits of a Shaklee business are something you want to pursue
        • Most people want what we have but
        • are they willing to do what we do?
        • Learn what we do.