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Goldfish casestudies july2013

  1. 1. Amy Duncan | Chief Marketing Consultant | | 858.254.7009 | July 2013 PORTFOLIO Life Science Marketing Case Studies
  2. 2. 2 Goldfish Consulting, Inc. was founded in 2008 by three professionals with the goal to help small businesses and entrepreneurs grow their businesses by sharing our expertise in strategic marketing, website design, and outsourced IT. Goldfish is an excellent resource for start-up and fast growing businesses. We provide an immediate qualified alternative for companies lacking suitable resources, or who are short on time or staff. About Goldfish Consulting ©Goldfish Consulting, Inc. 2
  3. 3. 3 Goldfish Marketing specializes in helping biotechnology companies and scientific founders create branding and messaging that resonates with like-minded customers and partners. We develop strategies based on VOC, internal audits, and detailed competitive analysis. This provides a foundation for developing value proposition and customer-centric messaging that we translate into marketing activities and sales tools. About Goldfish Marketing ©Goldfish Consulting, Inc. 3
  4. 4. 4 Amy Duncan, Chief Marketing Consultant, has over 15 years experience designing and executing successful marketing programs for start-up, mid-size, and large global life science corporations. She’s led product management and managed corporate branding initiatives at Invitrogen; developed sales and marketing strategies at Applied Biosystems; and directed product marketing programs at Stemgent, an entrepreneurial start up. As a professional consultant Amy helps companies and scientific founders improve their strategic positioning to expand awareness and grow sales. She specializes in marketing strategy and launching new brands into the market. She’s recognized for her responsiveness, creativity, and professionalism. Amy has a BS in biochemistry from UC Davis and an MBA from San Diego State University. Goldfish Marketing & Design Team Jad Duncan, Design Chief, specializes in web and graphic design. Originally a stock broker and investment banker, he spent 10 years at General Atomics managing government contracts and purchasing. In 2000, he co-founded a software engineering government contracting business. Jad managed contracting, accounting, payroll, and human resources, growing the company to over 50 employees and $15M in under seven years. In 2008, Jad co-founded Goldfish Consulting having completed his web design certification at UCSD, where he’s designed over 30 web sites and counting. Jad has a BA in mathematical economics from UC Berkeley, an MBA from San Diego State University, and is a graduate of the UC San Diego Digital Arts Center (DAC). ©Goldfish Consulting, Inc. 4
  5. 5. Many Satisfied Customers ©Goldfish Consulting, Inc. 5
  6. 6. Analysis Design InternalAudit Market Assessment Market Research(VOC) Competitive Audit Messagingand Positioning CreativeBrief BrandPlatform Content  How strong is our brand?  Are there market opportunities for this idea?  What do customers think of this product?  What’s important to our customers?  Make our website attract and engage customers.  Make our newsletter more inviting to read.  Create an exhibit booth to match our brand. Content  Capture why customers use our product.  Improve our web copy/SEO. Strategy SocialMedia  Help me hone my message to a specific market.  How do we approach social media? WebCopy/SEO Brochures/ Newsletters Websites BrandIdentity Collateral BannerAds ExhibitBooths Goldfish Marketing Services ©Goldfish Consulting, Inc. 6
  7. 7. Featured Life Science Case Studies ©Goldfish Consulting, Inc. 7
  8. 8. Challenge Design new brand identity to present a more contemporary company. Solution Updated brand identity — New website — New logo and business cards — New exhibit booth and collateral Tetimonial “I think the end-result looks very nice indeed: it symbolizes the transition the company is in, and has been making, over the past 6 months.” Heikki Lanckriet, CEO Expedeon Website Before After 8
  9. 9. 9 SeqWright Challenge Update brand to create a professional image with the goal to attract more pharma business. Solution Design new website, update content; design new print brochures and exhibit booth. Result  SeqWright’s Partnership with Eragen Biosciences Contributes to FDA Market Clearance Success  Eli Lilly Taps SeqWright to Use Roche NimbleGen and 454 Tools in Psychiatric Diseases Study  Roche and SeqWright Collaborate to Elucidate the Underlying Genetic Causes of Heart Disease  GE Healthcare Acquires SeqWright to Add NGS Capabilities to Cancer Dx Business (April 2012) Testimonial “Amy was excellent to work with when we decided to overhaul our website and printed materials. She easily understood what we were trying to accomplish and how to tie all of our materials from web site to brochures and tech sheets together to enhance our image and message. She was always on time and worked within our budget constraints. I highly recommend Amy and Goldfish to anyone that needs web design and graphic work.” Cal Froburg, Director of Marketing Before After
  10. 10. Tahoe Informatics Challenge Brand a consultancy into a company, in preparation for partnering with existing client. Solution  Develop brand and messaging platform  Design logo, business cards, and website  Design banner ad and postcard to communicate new partnership and service Result Launched at PAG in 2013 Testimonial “The messaging / branding looks great- thanks!” Martin Gollery, PhD, Founder Tahoe Informatics 10 Before After
  11. 11. 11 TissueNetix Brand Identity Projects  Logo design  Website design & SEO  Business cards  Copywriting and messaging  Market analysis  Press release Testimonial “It was a pleasure working with the Goldfish team to design and implement the TissueNetix website. I am very pleased with the result and I am looking forward to working with Goldfish on future projects for my company.” David A. Giegel, President
  12. 12. Pure Effect Environmental Challenge Update website and branding to give a stronger, cohesive brand image, in preparation for marketing campaign. Solution  Refine logo  Design website  Design brochure and flyers Testimonial “I like this look much better. Thank you, this is looking really good.” Robert Robinson , Owner Pure Effect 12 Before After
  13. 13. 13 Laragen Challenge Update logo and brand image to improve professionalism. Solution  Design new logo  Update website design and content  Design and print business cards and letterhead  Design service fliers Before After
  14. 14. Orphagen Challenge Update website to portray a professional company, and to improve scores on NIH grants. Solution  Refine logo  Design website Result Website design Testimonial “Thank you both so much - the site looks great and we are very happy with how it turned out.” Cate Challen, PhD, Director of Business Development 14 Before After ORPHAGEN PHARMACEUTICALS
  15. 15. Aldevron’s Challenge Design and create website to showcase new mail-in plasmid prep service. Solution  Design new logo  Create brand identity  Design graphical elements  Create and populate website 15
  16. 16. 16 Solulink Update Messaging & Graphics Challenge Products were lacking descriptions, mechanisms, and had inconsistent layout on website. Solution  Write benefit-driven product descriptions, describe results, and competitive advantages for website.  Tie products to proprietary technology company was founded on.  Updated 71 web pages. Published new print catalog. Testimonial “The CEO had mentioned you are doing a terrific job at Solulink. Really appreciate what you are doing for them.” – Martin Latterich, Board Member Before After
  17. 17. Jazzed About Our Kids Challenge  Plan a school fundraiser to raise money to fund ESC teachers.  Develop event branding and marketing communications eight weeks before the event.  Ensure wide-spread communications to attract 200- 300 attendees to the event. Solution  Developed a communications calendar outlining weekly activities.  Created an event brand image.  Designed web site, auction book, flyer, banner, and postcard mailer. Result 348 people attended the event, raising over $85,000 Testimonial  "You really added such a professional element that I know it got off on the right foot.“  “You and Jad have done such a terrific job!!”  “The website is stellar! You are amazing.” 17
  18. 18. Challenge Create a website that has a modern image that reflects the brand and is easy to find on search engines. Solution  Updated brand image  Integrated SEO Testimonial “The web site it looking good. I like the progress you’ve made so far.” Dale Cook, Sea Point Townhomes Property Manager Sea Point Townhomes 18 Before After, in progress
  19. 19. 19 Testimonials ©Goldfish Consulting, Inc. 19 “Amy was an invaluable resource in developing marketing strategies and creative ideas for our product launch into the US market. Through customer insights she obtained honest feedback from scientists about our products and provided excellent recommendations. She developed competitive positioning and messaging, coupled to an interactive tradeshow theme and contest that built awareness and trial. Amy produces high- quality work, even with tight deadlines. It was a pleasure working with her.” - John Manusu, Chairman, NuSep "Amy has been a great asset in helping Solulink gather VOC about new products and ideas. She has helped us better position products on our website, improving web metrics. We can confidently rely on her and expect quick turn-around times. It has been a pleasure working with Amy.“ – Steve De Graw, President, Solulink “Our experience in developing a brand platform with Amy was great. Amy has deep expertise in the biotech industry and was able to frame and execute on an extremely effective consulting program with results that were thoroughly researched and documented. I highly recommend Amy for her work in branding and message development for our business.” – Merrilyn Data, Head of Global Services, Life Technologies “Amy was excellent to work with when we decided to overhaul our website and printed materials. She easily understood what we were trying to accomplish and how to tie all of our materials from web site to brochures and tech sheets together to enhance our image and message. She was always on time and worked within our budget constraints. I highly recommend Amy and Goldfish to anyone that needs web design and graphic work.” - Cal Froburg, Marketing Director, SeqWright
  20. 20. 20 Testimonials ©Goldfish Consulting, Inc. 20 “Amy is a very savvy business professional who was able to help me achieve VOC goals, quickly and easily with minimal time and input on my part. She was very responsive and able to get great interviews from several of our key customers. She wrote up the interviews in a concise, easy-to-read manner that passed through the approval process, both in house and from researchers, with minimal changes. Always pleasant to work with and happy to take on new projects. I would recommend Amy for any Marketing/VOC project you have.” - Robyn Leung, Manager, Scientific Writing, Illumina “Amy has been an outstanding resource when I have needed expert assistance with communications and branding strategies. She has keen insight and high-level corporate experience dealing with demanding marketing executives. She created solid brand integration plans for me while at two major companies in the Life Science industry (Invitrogen and Affymetrix). In my current role as Sr. Director of Integrated Communications at Affymetrix, I have used her work as the foundation that guides all new brand integrations. She also developed a corporate product brochure that has been the dominate communication vehicle used at sales events and major corporate functions such as investor conferences and press events. Amy provides superb service and I will not hesitate to use her in the future should an opportunity arise. She has my highest recommendation and I am happy to speak with anyone seeking her consulting services.” – Annette Summers, Sr. Director, Integrated Communications, Affymetrix “We are all very impressed with the work you’ve done and think you are a great fit with the team here. We have more projects for you coming.” - Meredith Manning, Vice President Marketing, Sally Ride Science “It was a pleasure working with the Goldfish team to design and implement the TissueNetix website. I am very pleased with the result and I am looking forward to working with Goldfish on future projects for my company.” - David A. Giegel, President, TissueNetix
  21. 21. 21 Testimonials ©Goldfish Consulting, Inc. 21 “Amy and I recently served as consultants to the same client, where I had a great opportunity to observe (as well as to rely upon) her marketing expertise. Her Voice of Customer interviews and analysis were exceptionally well done -- through her networking skills she recruited exactly the right participants, asked exactly the right questions, and analyzed the results without prejudice or assumptions. The result was a VoC report which was insightful and actionable, and which I found myself going back to again and again because it was so information-rich. Similarly, her market analysis was precisely to the point, highly strategic, and carefully crafted -- infinitely more valuable than the one-size-fits-all 'canned' analyses too many of my other clients rely upon. Technology- and product-development projects rise or fall on the quality of the marketing expertise which guides them. My work was made so much easier -- and better -- due to Amy's superb efforts. It was a great pleasure working with her, and I look forward to doing so again.” - William Busa, PhD, Principal, Busa Consulting “Amy was both flexible and professional as we continued to define what our specific needs were. Ultimately, she delivered a concise and clear breakdown of the market segment we were trying to develop. She helped us to define entry points as well as the language to use to appeal to our target customers. Amy and her company, Goldfish Consulting, provided an excellent value to us and she gets my enthusiastic recommendation.” - Dan Kline, Founder, NOVO Engineering “Amy has in-depth knowledge of the life science industry and is highly experienced at selling and marketing to life scientists. Amy quickly came up to speed on the stem cell biology market and worked rigorously to build our new product introduction and product marketing processes. She is a creative thinker and a natural problem solver, a great addition to any team.” - Tom Klenke, COO, Stemgent
  22. 22. 22 Testimonials ©Goldfish Consulting, Inc. 22 “We have been using Goldfish Consulting for the past couple of years to assist our TimeLogic business with a variety of marketing related projects from strategic planning to execution of marketing and advertising tactics. We plan on continue to use her and her team moving forward. She is essentially part of our team.” - Ted DeFrank, President, Active Motif / Time Logic “Amy's group built my website, designed and printed flyers, created a company logo, and made the best business cards that I have ever had! I found that she is personable, creative, reliable and a person of high integrity. I highly recommend Amy Duncan for your next project.” - Martin Gollery, Founder, Tahoe Informatics “I recently hired Goldfish Consulting to rework my website and brochures at Pure Effect, Inc. I worked with Jad and Amy directly with all of my content and design for the website and brochures, and was very pleased with the results. I now use Goldfish for various other marketing tools, and will continue to do so in the future.” - Robert Robinson, President at Pure Effect, Inc. Environmental Solutions “When Orphagen was looking to re-work its company website we engaged Amy’s company Goldfish following a personal recommendation. Amy and Jad were very professional and offered a number of insightful options to suit our business, our target audience and the innovative vibe that Orphagen was looking to portray. On top of that, they were a delight to work with and I would highly recommend them.” - Cate Challen, Director of Business Development at Orphagen Pharmaceuticals “Amy's company, Goldfish Consulting Inc., helped us to re-design the look and feel of our marketing collateral, as well as re-design our website. They were truly a pleasure to work with and provided valuable insight and advice. Their work was of the highest caliber and the cost was very affordable. I highly recommend Amy and Goldfish Consulting, and will continue to use them for our business needs.” - Ed Marsh, General Manager at Expedeon, Inc
  23. 23. 23 Contact us through email or a phone call. From there we’ll set up time to talk about what you need and how we can help. After our meeting, Goldfish will draft up a proposal and upon agreement, work will begin. Getting Started with Goldfish To get started, please contact Goldfish at:  +1-858-254-7009  ©Goldfish Consulting, Inc. 23