Multi-Channel Experience Design - UPA 2010


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Multi-Channel Experience Design - UPA 2010

  1. 1. Designing for a Multi-C Channel Experience C Amy Cueva - @amycueva Megan Grocki - @megux
  2. 2. ICE BREAKING Let’s talk about… What are multi-channel expe eriences? Collaborating with Stakehold ders Understanding Who and Whe Users Are ere Navigating Political Waters Examples & Brainstorm Takin’ Action
  3. 3. ICE BREAKING How did we get in the game? Mmmm. Tasty and satisfying. Hungry for a challenge, empathetic, and p solution oriented.
  4. 4. ICE BREAKING What is a Multi-Channel Experience? What percentage of Consumers cross at least 2 channels when making a purchase? Web to store Store to Web Web to phone p
  5. 5. ICE BREAKING Customers cross channe els. What are they doing there? Why? Make a purchase Window Shop Seek assistance Did not cross channels Conduct a transaction Gather information Source: Profiling The Multichannel Consumer How Retailers Can Enable Multichannel Consumer Behavior Forrester Report July 29, 2009, By Patti Freeman Evans
  6. 6. ICE BREAKING Multi-Channel Landscape Store Webs site(s) Customer Web Application(s) A Company p y “I want to…” Call C Center “I want to…” Mail Expectations, goals, Inbound & outbound tasks, desired outcomes Mobille communications Word of Mouth Planned and unplanned Handling positive and interactions Social Media negative interactions g Perceptions Adverrtising Internal ownership & Catalo og coordination Email l Produuct
  7. 7. ICE BREAKING Touch points that represe opportunities: ent Website(s)/Applications / Digital Kiosk Di i l Ki k Email Mobile Interface Live chat Print Advertisements Social Media presence Billboards & Signage Catalog / Circulars Point of Sale Point-of-Sale In-Store / In-person Packaging Telesales Channel partners Phone / Call Center Online Community Interactive Voice Response Other?
  8. 8. ICE BREAKING Avoiding negative and facilitating positive episodes
  9. 9. ICE BREAKING What is your brand essence? n Does everyone know your basic brand principles? It’s not about creating identical experiences p Optimize and connect channel interactions to deliver consistent brand experiences
  10. 10. ICE BREAKING If your brand were a person who would they be? s How will they treat you across channels? How will that experience be brought to life across channels?
  11. 11. ICE BREAKING Stakeholder Group Therapy a Include those who own different sites, properties, and channels Include those who will be effected by the design Include those who will build what is designed
  12. 12. ICE BREAKING Build One Cohesive Perspective Provide the same data and user stories to all groups Cross-pollination creating opportunities to share and learn new viewpoints
  13. 13. ICE BREAKING Build One Cohesive Perspective Effective governance is sticky and needs structure Alter organization to be focused on the customer not the channel The customer experience, at every touch point, affects point revenue and profits.
  14. 14. ICE BREAKING A Peek Inside the Organization i Different communication and interaction channels supported by different areas of the organization.
  15. 15. ICE BREAKING A Vision for What Could B Be Cross area representation and coordination
  16. 16. ICE BREAKING Leverage experience des sign to tame the chaos. Process extracts & CUSTOMER synchronizes goals and objectives from various stakeholding groups BRAND & PRODUCT & XD MARKETING BUSINESS Discipline understands how people interact with TECHNOLOGY & technology, other people, OPERATIONS and brands
  17. 17. ICE BREAKING User Research for Multi-Channel - Traditional user research methods applied in new ways: • In-store experiences • Print • Phone Secret shopper
  18. 18. Research Informs Strategy Personas Focus on the customer, regardless of channel Demonstrate customer and user experiences visually Determine cultural and behavioral dynamics to recognize how to integrate channels
  19. 19. ICE BREAKING Research Informs Strategy SHOW stakeholders their customer s customer’s behavior Video Photographs Stories Better yet, get stakeholders et out of the board room
  20. 20. ICE BREAKING Exploring Newer Channe Social Media els: Provides a way to connect wi ith their most ardent fans Keeps customers engaged Encourage loyalty & active evangelism
  21. 21. ICE BREAKING “Good Enough” Is No Longer Good Enough n Exposes highs AND lows Blurry boundaries Experiment, learn & refine p
  22. 22. ICE BREAKING Exploring Newer Channe Mobile els: Still in its infancy, mobile commerce is an increasingly important channel 32% use their mobile devices to research monthly 15% are completing transactions with their mobile devices monthly Source: The Art Technology Group (ATG) Report Cross-Channel Commerce: The Consumer View March 2010
  23. 23. ICE BREAKING Exploring Newer Channe Mobile els: What is the role of Mobile in connecting with users? What is different than more traditional channels? Do you really need it?
  24. 24. ICE BREAKING What Is Channel-Appropriate Interaction? In-person Email Web Print Mobile Social/Public
  25. 25. ICE BREAKING Multi-Channel Experiences c Website: In Store Kiosk Phone Email Chocolate Connoisseur’s Clu Connoisseur s Social Media
  26. 26. ICE BREAKING Multi-Channel Experiences c Website: Phone Email Social Media Mobile Alerts In person In-person In-flight Frequent Flyer Loyalty Program
  27. 27. ICE BREAKING Multi-Channel Experiences c Website: Phone Email Social Media Mobile Alerts In person In-person In-flight Frequent Flyer Loyalty Program
  28. 28. ICE BREAKING Multi-Channel Experiences c Web site: In Store, Signage Circular / Catalog / Phone Ubiquitous Easy Button / Brand Message Contact Us in Many Ways Desktop Gadget
  29. 29. ICE BREAKING Multi-Channel Experiences c Website: Catalog, Phone Email Bridal Registry In-store Technique, Cooking Classes, Product Demos & Food Tasting
  30. 30. ICE BREAKING How to coordinate channels for the brand? Consider & research customer’s experiences across all channels Brainstorm & prioritize Balance business objectives against user objectives Develop a multi-channel experience strategy
  31. 31. ICE BREAKING What can you do? Ask the right questions What, no Go beyond your mandate Share knowledge CXO? Encourage collaboration Don t Milton Don’t be Milton, but don t ge don’t fired
  32. 32. ICE BREAKING We want to learn from yo ou. What Which companies have successfully used different channels to create deeper customer relationships? do you What tools and expertise wil enable richer relationships know? between customers and brands?
  33. 33. ICE BREAKING Questions?
  34. 34. ICE BREAKING Contact Us Amy Cueva Megan Grocki Founder & Chief Experience Officer Senior Experience Designer Twitter @amycueva Twitter: @megUX