Using Blogs With Students

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A show to describe the basics of using blogs with students, as well as pros and cons of doing so.

A show to describe the basics of using blogs with students, as well as pros and cons of doing so.

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  • 1. Using Blogs with Students
    Moving Beyond Traditional Communication
    By Amy Bere, March 2010
  • 2. “Web log”
    Web publishing tool
    Similar to diary or journal
    Frequently updated
    Reverse chronological order
    Can be easily archived
    What is a Blog?
  • 3. Creates a classroom environment outside boundaries of school
    Students can access via home or library
    Can be motivating to students who may shy away from participating in class
    Provide opportunities for students to read and write
    Allows for collaboration and discussion between students
    Why Use with Students?
  • 4. Classroom Management
    Share assignments
    Post notes/presentations
    Question and Answer board
    Share Classroom Expectations
    Students share ideas on a given topic
    Students can reflect on ideas and own learning
    Students and teachers can work together to improve writing, or other skills
    Students benefit from peer review and more immediate feedback
    Classroom Functions of a Blog
  • 5. Easy to create and update
    Fosters a community of learners
    Make online mentoring possible
    Provide equal opportunities for students to share ideas
  • 6. Blogs are public, like any other website
    Students have to be careful to not share too much personal information in a response
    Train students on how to maintain internet safety
    Secure parent permission
    Student shared work, etc, could be governed by district’s Acceptable Use Policies
    Must be sure you are aware of guidelines
    Students without internet access could be left out of process
    Be sure to teach how to access content anywhere
    Risks in Blogging with Students
  • 7. Use online tool such as Blogger
    Fast, easy, step-by-step process
    Create name for your blog
    Post and leave open for student comment
    Be sure to use “tags” or “labels” for each blog
    Enables students to search archived posts
    Reap the rewards of more sophisticated communication!
    Setting Up a Classroom Blog
  • 8.