Media A2 Research into Ancillary Texts - The Poster


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Media A2 Research into Ancillary Texts - The Poster

  1. 1. Research into A2Coursework Ancillary Texts – The Poster
  2. 2. Poster Idea I have had an idea for the poster forour documentary that we create it to look like a flyer that is promoting a nightclub or club night. Followingare a few examples of real flyers and posters that I have been inspired byand hope to make something similar that stands out amongst conventional short film posters.
  3. 3. I like the simplicity of this poster; it has a range of shades of black, the darkest being the logo of the club night at thetop, then below the name of the event in the lighter shade, and finally the date of the event in the lightest shade at the
  4. 4. I like the colours used on this poster, and the technique of each artist written in white with a coloured outline. Once again, the logo of the club night is at the top, highlighting its importance.
  5. 5. I like the coloured smoke effect used as a background, and that all the writing is white in contrast. The name of the night is at the top and is the largest, boldest font which forces the audience to look at it first.
  6. 6. I like that this poster is only black and white, and it simply has two large images, the name of the event and the date. This implies that the event is quite underground and has a large following i.e. more information is not necessary.
  7. 7. First Poster Draft
  8. 8. First Poster Draft
  9. 9. First Poster Draft Evaluation After looking over my first draft I think that I definitely like the concept of basing the poster on a club flyer, however I must incorporate ideas from posters advertising short films. This isbecause it is important for the poster to be easily distinguishable fromnight club flyers. Following are a fewexamples of real film posters so I can establish some key conventions.
  10. 10. This documentary poster stands out because it has an eye-catching picture and it is clear it is a film as it has quotes from reviews at the top. It also says ‘a film by….’ above the title.
  11. 11. This poster is hard to recognise as a film, until you notice the ‘a film by…’ once again about the title, and the date of the release below the small print.
  12. 12. Final ThoughtAfter doing this research into real media products I am going to draw another draft. I will add some of the conventions of film posters, such as quotes from reviews, into my flyer-style poster to hopefully make it clear what it is advertising while still standing out, and perhaps being unconventional in that it will not have an image like most documentary posters do.