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When a Website Makes Cents for your Craft Business
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When a Website Makes Cents for your Craft Business


Published on

The presentation shown at the Buyers Market of American Craft, February 2011 at the Philadelphia Convention Center

The presentation shown at the Buyers Market of American Craft, February 2011 at the Philadelphia Convention Center

Published in: Education, Technology, Design

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  • Stagnation is Suicide
  • Transcript

    • 1. Making Your Website Make ₵ents For Your Business
      By: Amy Larrimore, Empire Builder
    • 2. Makes¢ents…
      Right Choice
      Makes Money
    • 3. Makes¢ents = Right Choice
    • 4. To Web or Not to Web? CONS
      What’s the Point?
      Websites Take Too Much Time
      Websites are Difficult to Do (technology)
      Websites are Expensive
      Too Advanced for People Like Me
      Too Advanced for Customers Like Mine
    • 5. To Web or Not to Web? PROS
      Millions will see it instantly
      Immediately ring my phone off the hook
      My product is right for all of them
      I’ll never need to advertise or do PR
      I don’t need good content
      It won’t take any time or money
      And I’ll be rich overnight.
    • 6. Website = Real Estate
      Where Else Can You Find Real Estate:
      FREE (or super cheap) to Buy
      Holds Value
      Your Neighbors Have Little Influence
      Location is Not Relevant
      Makes You Money
      FREE (or super cheap ) to Build On
      You can invent your own reputable address
    • 7. WhoDoesn’tNeed a Website?
      Well… Actually…
    • 8. Yep, EvenCriminals Use It……
    • 9. Join the Gold Rush!
      What’s the Point?
      Too Advanced for People Like Me
      Too Advanced for Customers Like Mine
      Websites Take Too Much Time
      Websites are Difficult to Do
      Websites are Expensive
    • 10. The Point? Everybody’sDoing It!
      Based on users 2+. Nielsen State of the Media research for 4Q08.
    • 11.
      Too Advanced for People Like Me…
      Yes, there is a learning curve
      Yes, it’s surmountable
      It can be SIMPLE, not necessarily EASY
    • 12. CustomersLike Mine…
      Yes, Internet Usage IS HigherAmongThese Groups:
      Higher Educated
      Under 49 Years Old
      Higher Income Houses
    • 13. 239 Million US Users Total
      Is it OK that you only appeal to 47 million users? Can you work with that?
    • 14. Your customers are looking for you!
      43%seeking a local merchant to buy something offline
      54%have substituted Internet/search for the phone book
    • 15. Toomuch time, difficult, expensive...
      OneBite at a Time
    • 16. Time Intensive, Difficult and Expensive
      They CAN be.
      Software Companies, SCVNGR, Movitas, HootSuite, have DifficultWebsites
      FashionCompanies, MovieCompanies, Netflix, Amazon have ExpensiveWebsites
      The Humble Gourmand, Revive Africa, Housing Works, Wikipedia are Time Intensive Websites
      But they don’t HAVE to be.
      3 Page Education Type Website
      Built in Tumblr, using GoDaddy, Amazon Associates, Lulu
      Total Cost: $11 (domain name)
      Total Time: 3 hours
      Maintenance: Content Updates Daily
      6 Page Billboard Type Website
      Built in Weebly, using GoDaddy
      Total Cost: $11 (domain name)
      Total Time: 4-6 hours
      Maintenance: Almost None
      10+ Page Gallery Type Website
      Built in Weebly, Using Too Many Tools to Mention
      Total Cost: $11 (domain name)
      Total Time: 12+ hours
      Maintenance: Monthly
    • 17. Easy There, Tiger
      Millions will see it instantly
      My product is right for all of them
      I’ll never need to advertise or do PR
      I don’t need good content
      It won’t take any time or money
      Ring my phone off the hook
      And I’ll be rich overnight.
    • 18. Millions Will SeeitInstantly…
      Google Search: Sam’s Pizza
      Sam’s Pizza pays $300/mo to appear in rotating ad on page 2
      Sam’s Pizza appears 15th down on page 153 of search results
      @SamsPizza, an active Twitter acct appears #3 on the first page.
    • 19. Your Product has a Customer
      Know the Market
    • 20. Find the Market: Ads and PR
      Word of Mouth
      Marketing and PR
    • 21. Content = Audience
      Good Content is the Cornerstone of a Good Website
      Why does your customer want to come look at the website?
      What is the purpose? Secondary purpose, Specialty Purpose? What content matches this?
      What are you an expert in?
      What can you keep moving, up to date, current?
      Think all media: Video, Aggregation, Text, Pics
    • 22.
      Don’t be a Commercial
    • 23. What’s Your Purple Cow?
    • 24. You Don’t Have to Do it Alone!
      Having good content doesn’t mean you have to MAKE the good content.
      Partner with a complementary business – the skin care salon and the organic facewash product developer share a blog on good skin.
      Partner with a non-profit or community organization. SCORE sells affiliate marketing space on our site which is content rich
      Aggregate information already out there. pulls together all entreprenuer events in three states in one display.
      Find a blogger to love you. is one such matchmaking service.
    • 25. Sharing is Caring
      Spread the Word
      Get the App
    • 26. The Stickier the Better!
      Online Game Site
      Super Sticky!
      Not sticky
      Search Engine
      A website is sticky if visitors stay for a long time. The better the content and features, the longer and more often visitors stay.
    • 27. Cross Promotion
      Posts are automatically tweeted, tweets post to the blog page
      Embed content onto your blog
      Posts automatically appear on your profile
      These sites create their own tab on your profile page
      Tweets automatically become your status
    • 28. Back to your Regularly Scheduled Programming…
    • 29. Ringing Phones = Convertibility
      What is your product or service?
      Is it clear how I begin doing business with you?
      How Convertible are You?
      How many steps for me to purchase?
      Can I fan, follow or receive updates from you?
    • 30. How Many Clicks Does it Take?
      World Wide Web
      Your Web
      Social Media Site
    • 31. You won’tberichovernight… but…
      How to stay motivated:
      Determine what success is
      Measure regularly
    • 32. Success has to be MEASURABLE
      Online Orders BEFORE vs. AFTER new campaign
      Number Incentives Returned or Coupons Redeemed
      Integrate some feedback into the order process (How did you hear about us?)
      Number people subscribing to your feed, your mailing list
      Communication Frequency: often, good, regular content and special deals to make a purchase
    • 33. Success has to be MEASURABLE
      How many people visited your website daily/weekly/monthly BEFORE and AFTER?
      How many from ads, facebook, partner sites?
      You can use
      How many friends/fans/followers do you have? Are they relevant to your business? Would they buy from you, are they in your industry?
      Which pieces of content were the most popular (# comments) etc
      Have a goal to increase # comments, # of “likes”
    • 34. Now that we’ve chased away Monster Myths…
      I agree, I need a website
      I know who my customer is and the product/service I want to promote
      I know where they hang out on the web and what they find interesting
      I have an idea of how to promote my site
      I understand how to keep it relevant (convertible)
      I know how to measure if it’s worth my time.
    • 35. Makes¢ents…Sensible
    • 36. Purpose of YourWebsite
    • 37. Purpose of a Website
      Primary: Education
      Secondary: Functional
      3. Specialty: Affiliate
      -Sponsor Pages
      -Link Referrals
    • 38.
      Purpose Drives Content
    • 39. Collect Eyeballs
      Being FOUND depends on KEYWORDS and TAGGING
      What would I enter into Google to arrive at your site?
    • 40. Make a Web Spider
      Primary: Billboard
      Secondary: Functional
      Special: Education
    • 41. Collect Content
      Multimedia Keeps It Interesting
      Plan for Partner Content
      Images – Stock, Clip, Yours
      Well Written – Concise
      Google Appropriate
      Phase Schedule
      Copy/Paste Hyperlinks from Source
    • 42. Use a Wizard
      • WebBased: Weebly/Joomla
      • 43. ComputerBased: iWeb, MS Publisher, Page Builder
      • 44. SocialBased: Tumblr, Wordpress, Facebook
      • 45. Hosted: Network Solutions, GoDaddy
      • 46. OR – Hire a Firm
    • 47. Make the Build!
      You’ll create a few pages for each website
      You’ll create a few elements for each page
      You’ll have one or more pieces of content for each element
    • 48. Add Ons | Widgets | External
      Plug Ins Give You a Piece of HTML Code to Insert or EMBED into your website
      Social Media – Facebook, Twitter
      Planning Tools – Plancast or Google Calendar
      Booking Tools – Bookfresh
      RSS Feeds/Subscriptions – FeedBurner / Constant Contact
      Affiliate Tools – Amazon Bookstores, Sponsored Content
      Google Analytics/Forms/Adwords
    • 49. Going Live
      Once Content Phase 1 is complete – Publish!
      No “COMING SOON” stuff – keep that unpublished until it’s ready. It’s OK to Phase in content as you get it ready.
      • “Forward” or “Redirect” your urlto the website
      • 50. Update all your contact info on the web with new website – linkedin, facebook etc.
      • 51. Print it on business cards and display in real life
      • 52. Send out an eblast announcing the new site.
    • Makes¢ents…Money
    • 53. There’s Money in these Pages…
    • 54. E-Commerce and Retail
      You can set-up your product on another retail site and link to it from your website
      Etsy or Zazzle for artisan items
      Ebay for auction
      Amazon for all retail
      Craigslist for classified
      Lulu for information mediums (books, etc)
    • 55. E-Commerce and Retail
      Many website hosts have shopping cart setup in their packages
      This allows you to build the ecommerce feature in addition to your website
      You’ll need to upload and manage product pictures, descriptions
      You’ll need to fill orders yourself
      Google Shopping Cart is an easy way to start
    • 56. Online Payments
      Many ways of accepting online payments:
      Your merchant provider
      Google Shopping Cart
      Read fee schedules carefully and do some mock-ups.
      Online merchant fees are a huge cost of doing web business
      • Even if you are the creator, you should always sell at retail
      • 58. You must cover costs of:
      • 59. Product itself (Wholesale Cost)
      • 60. Storefront/Webfront
      • 61. Time to operate storefront/webfront
      • 62. Transaction Fees
      • 63. Customer Service and Returns
      • 64. Shipping
      • 65. Taxes
      • 66. Don’t compete with your own retailers by undercutting.
    • 67. TheyClick, You GetPaid?
    • 68. Affiliate Marketing v. Pay-Per-Click
      Your Ad, Their Site
      Their Ad, Your Site
      You Pay
      You Get Paid
    • 69. Affiliate Marketing islikeRent
      You Own the Web Real Estate
      You Rent “Space” to Others
      You Charge by Eyeballs or Purchases
      Thank goodness robots do the counting!
      Works like a partnership (shopping malls/retailers)
    • 70. Amazon Affiliates Program
      Amazon will pay you to sell any product they have on through your website.
      Different than you selling your products on! (Producer)
      This is for when you want to sell other people’s products. (Reseller)
    • 71. Amazon Affiliate Program
    • 72. Amazon Affiliates Program
      Do a book review, use an amazon affiliates link and image to show the book, receive a commission off any purchases of that book via your site.
      • Yoga studio? You blog about being centered, use an amazon product widget in the sidebar to sell yoga gear. You get commission.
      • 73. My site has a business bookstore that we receive a commission from sales.
    • Commission Junction
      If Amazon Affiliates doesn’t offer it, commission junction probably does
      Good for service based affiliate links (run a credit report etc)
      Works exactly the same
      You’ll have to manage both
      Follow – he’s one of the highest paid affilates on the web
    • 74. Advertising Revenue
      A company pays you to run an ad, a banner or content on your site.
      Works a lot like affiliate programs EXCEPT many times you aren’t paid by transaction, you are paid up front or on a regular basis.
      You generally have to show you’re popular to –sell- this advertising.
      Google Adwords most popular syndicate; Some website providers offer them built in
    • 75. Still Counts as Real Money!
      You must apply for resller or affiliate programs
      You must provide tax and SS# info (you’ll get a 1099 if you make enough)
      You must provide accurate payment info (paypal a big help)
      Any revenue you generate from your website still counts as real money
      All legal, recordkeeping, tax and licensure applies
    • 76. Makes Cents?
    • 77. I HAVE ALL THAT!
      I just need the customers now! Where are they?
    • 78. The Secret is in the Sales Process
    • 79. Sales + Technology = Sales
    • 80. Website is only PART of sales
      Human Process
      Human Process
      Web Design
      Web Design
    • 81. The Truth
      If you are in business, your job is to sell.
      If you can’t sell, hire someone to sell.
      If you won’t sell, you won’t be in business.
    • 82. The Truth
      If you are in business, your job is to market (so you can sell).
      If you can’t market, hire someone to market.
      If you won’t market, you won’t be in business.
    • 83. The Truth
      Producing is only half of the equation (the expensive half)
      Selling is the other half (the profitable half)
    • 84. You already know how this works
      • Ask for What You Want
      • 85. Be Findable
      • 86. Be Recommendable
      • 87. Get Out There
    • 88.
      Go On! Google Yourself
      Your facebook account may be personal... but what if we can still see your profile picture?
    • 89. Manage Your Reputation!
      Just because YOU’RE not paying attention, doesn’t mean your customer isn’t.
    • 90. 72
      Secret Weapon: LinkedIn
      Organize your contacts and let THEM keep info up to date - accessible anywhere
      Recommend great people and ask for recommendations from your clients
      Get listed and noticed as an industry leader
      Generate leads, find partners, help out, find suppliers
      • Think of it as an online rolodex - create a map of suppliers, customers, friends, associates, etc.
    • 73
      How To: LinkedIn.Com
      Go to www.linkedin.comand click Join
      Enter First, Last and Email, Password, follow the prompts to build out a profile (keywords)
      Tone: Webby, not Resume-y – Look Human!
      Video, Pictures, Personal Interests Encouraged.
      Connect your other social networks for status updates and to aggregate your contacts
      Join groups associated with your industry, your volunteer organizations and industries you can offer valuable content.
      Get 100% Completion to Rank – includes 3 recommendations (peer, superior, client)
    • 91. You already know how this works
      FAIL Point
      80% Revenue Lost RIGHT HERE
    • 95. Stack of Business Cards, NAH!
    • 96. Not So Secret Weapon: CRMs
      Find a robot to aggregate or record your customer relationship management information
      Who | What | Where | When | Why | How
      Plenty of free and low cost based applications– check out
      Knowing when they make a decision and what they named their kids will bear fruit
      • It doesn't mean you aren’t building a relationship – it just means you’re getting some help in keeping the details straight
      • 97. What if you win the lottery?
    • Underused Weapon: E-Blasts
      FAIL Point
    • 98. Real Life Example: AmyLarrimore.Com
      I came here to give a presentation
      -Usable Content
      -Audience Appropriate
      -Not Much Commercial
    • 99. Real Life Example: AmyLarrimore.Com
      We’ll Keep in Touch
      -Drop a business card in the box
      -Download the Presentation
      -LinkIn or Twitter Follow
      -Join my Email List
    • 100. Real Life Example:
      I’ll find out what you want
      -Incentive to provide detail
      -Targeted Offering or Segmentation
      -Incentive for Referral
    • 101. Book me TODAY and receive the show special!
      Real Life Example:
      Arrive & Book It
      -Book me directly on the website
      -Book me before you leave at my Think Tank on Building a Craft Empire
      -Book links in all correspondence
      Drawing! One person who books me today gets $100 in Google Adwords Credit
    • 102. Wait, Wait, I didn’t get it all down!
      Card Drop: I’ll email you the content
      On the WEB: Presentation at
      DELICIOUS: Every link on my delicious account
      NEED MORE?: Contact me to help!
      I solve technology problems by the hour (starting at $99!)
      I manage technology solutions on retainer (starting at $499!)
      I provide do it yourself products and services on the web (mostly free)
    • 103. Reach me at
      All Ways:
      Twitter: @AmyAllStar
      Amy H. Larrimore