What Technology Can Do For You - The Nonprofit Edition


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Nonprofits have one of the largest uphill climbs when choosing technology. They are rarely permitted to spend for it, they have to make do with what is free, they use different terminology so everything feels like a stretch to fit, they tend to have a not very tech savvy staff, constituency or service base. Here's some tips on what to focus on and how and when.

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What Technology Can Do For You - The Nonprofit Edition

  1. 1. What Technology Can Do For You? The Nonprofit Edition amylarrimore.com @AmyAllStar
  2. 2. Internal External amylarrimore.com @AmyAllStar
  3. 3. Show Me The Light… @AmyAllStar amylarrimore.com
  4. 4. Nonprofits Get Stuck★Nobody Understands Us! Custom is the Only Way! ★Overspending to Undersave But It Was Free! ★Micromanagement by Committee 3 of us NEED a purple border… @AmyAllStar
  5. 5. First, Get Unstuck @AmyAllStar amylarrimore.com
  6. 6. The Luxury of the Custom Built Homes Technology @AmyAllStar amylarrimore.com
  7. 7. Configuration is Key amylarrimore.com @AmyAllStar
  8. 8. Stay in the Stack Microsoft Dynamics CRM MO 365 Sharepoint Salesforce Salesforce Force.com GApps Google Docs Web tools amylarrimore.com @AmyAllStar
  9. 9. Platform v. Code ★ Carpenters use hammers. Developers write code. ★ Platforms are Wordpress – Sharepoint – Force.com ★ Standardization is cheaper and easier to upgrade ★ Code does exactly what you need amylarrimore.com @AmyAllStar
  10. 10. Choose Your Advice Carefully★ Ask a wordpress developer how to solve your problem – guess the answer? ★ Ask a PHP developer how to solve your problem – guess the answer? ★ Ask a SAGE ACT consultant how to solve your problem – guess the answer? amylarrimore.com @AmyAllStar
  11. 11. It is incredible how many dollars get spent to save a penny… @AmyAllStar amylarrimore.com
  12. 12. Total Cost of Ownership Contact Manager Track Leads and Prospects Import from Quickbooks Have Custom Apps Integrate with Quickbooks $60/yr/user $300/yr/user $780/yr/user Salesforce Pricing Levels $1500/yr/user + $3K $2700/yr/user + $5K When do most people discover this? After their 90 day trial is up and their info is already in there. Salesforce is FREE for NonProfits!
  13. 13. Know Data Flow amylarrimore.com @AmyAllStar Who are our most profitable customers? Customer Info What they’ve bought What it costs you to sell it What does it cost to close?
  14. 14. “Integration” vs. Import ★ Nothing “integrates” with linkedin – or mailchimp either ★ If a CSV is involved, it isn’t an integration ★ Constant Contact and Sugar are the best value for integrative products amylarrimore.com @AmyAllStar
  15. 15. @AmyAllStar Think Experts are Expensive? Try Hiring an Amateur. amylarrimore.com
  16. 16. I don’t do brain surgery in my free time.Why do brain surgeons try to build technology? @AmyAllStar amylarrimore.com
  17. 17. What are you trying to DO?★ Everyone saying you need facebook as a marketing tool doesn’t make it true. ★ The same goes with salesforce and quickbooks. ★ It always ends in dollars. What’s the business reason? Most of the wacky brain surgery stories don’t end in dollars. amylarrimore.com @AmyAllStar
  18. 18. When the best marketing wins, you lose. If your graphic designer picked your business technology, you’re in trouble. amylarrimore.com @AmyAllStar
  19. 19. The striped pillows are a no go. If we’re going to spend, it should be PERFECT. @AmyAllStar amylarrimore.com
  20. 20. Throw me a doozy. @AmyAllStar amylarrimore.com
  21. 21. Return to Sanity ★ Exchange “Customer” for “Donor” and you can use 90% of the off the shelf items in the market. ★ PLAN technology spend into your budget and USE it to reduce your operating costs. ★ 80-10-10 Rule @AmyAllStar
  22. 22. It’s Not a Train. @AmyAllStar amylarrimore.com
  23. 23. Internal External amylarrimore.com @AmyAllStar
  24. 24. Manage Events @AmyAllStar
  25. 25. Manage Events Event Registration ★ Constant Contact ★ Ticketleap ★ Eventbrite ★ RegOne ★ Meetup.com ★ Plancast Logistics – Tables, Tags, Rooms ★ Social Tables ★ Cvent ★ Etouches ★ Certain Software Event Promotion @AmyAllStar
  26. 26. Organize Information (Easy to Train Volunteers) @AmyAllStar
  27. 27. Organize Information Contact Information ★ www.insightly.com: super snazzy, cheap and cheerful little CRM that will work for nonprofits that don’t object to striped pillows ★ Office.Microsoft.com: get grownup email, shared calendars, address books and the security your donors deserve. Plus, get office products at pay as you go rates! @AmyAllStar
  28. 28. Stack of Business Cards, NAH! @AmyAllStar amylarrimore.com
  29. 29. Information Management Train Volunteers Be A Resource ★ www.slideshare.net: Shares presentations and protects IP ★ www.payloadz.com : Sell downloads ★ www.lulu.com: Sell self published books, ebooks, workbooks, CDs ★ www.delicious.com: Organize and share bookmarks Workspaces & Collaboration ★ www.evernote.com: Web based intranet that captures information from files, the web, users ★ www.mindmeister.com: mind mapping ★ www.huddle.com: project management + collaboration @AmyAllStar
  30. 30. Simplied Operations Does Serve Your Constituents
  31. 31. Simplify Operations Manage Calls ★ www.google.com/voice: virtual number with automatic call handling ★ www.freeconferencecall.com: well, free conference calls, free voicebox (one way conference calls), simple blast calls ★ www.grasshopper.com: professional phone system with transfer ability but it rings to cell phones and computers Scheduling ★ www.plancast.com: Event aggregation and management ★ www.google.com/calendar: Show free and busy time on your website ★ www.bookfresh.com or schedulicity.com allow people to book specific services with specific volunteers
  32. 32. Serve Constituents Customer Service ★ www.olark.com or liveperson.com customer service chat ★ www.zendesk.com: helpdesk support tickets @AmyAllStar
  33. 33. Get the Word Out It’s Not Just About Sending Email @AmyAllStar amylarrimore.com
  34. 34. See It Through! FAIL Point @AmyAllStar amylarrimore.com
  35. 35. How many clicks does it take? Your Web Site Social Media Site World Wide Web $$$$$$$$$$ @AmyAllStar amylarrimore.com
  36. 36. Twitter is CAUSAL Twitter is Causal
  37. 37. Make Other People’s Friends 100 New Friends/ Month Your Networks Donor Networks Volunteer Networks @AmyAllStar
  38. 38. Don’t move too much cheese“It must be remembered that there is nothing more difficult to plan, more doubtful of success, nor more dangerous to manage than a new system. For the initiator has the enmity of all who would profit by the preservation of the old institution and merely lukewarm defenders in those who gain by the new ones. ” ― Niccolò Machiavelli amylarrimore.com @AmyAllStar
  39. 39. Ask Me Questions Chief Strategist amylarrimore.com Managing Partner empirebuilders.com amylarrimore.com @AmyAllStar Amy H. Larrimore ★ me@amylarrimore.com ★ delicious.com/AmyAllStar ★ slideshare.com/amyallstar ★ 267-825-7311