Amelia Ahmad                                                                               ID: L20263759Week 4 Assignment:...
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Amelia Ahmad                                                               ID: L20263759The following four parts to the We...
Amelia Ahmad                                                                                ID: L20263759Week 4 Assignment...
Amelia Ahmad                                                                        ID: L20263759Keller ISD Technology Pla...
Amelia Ahmad                                                                                                ID: L20263759 ...
Amelia Ahmad Board of Trustees       The school board determines goals and district policies, and ensures Keller ISD      ...
Amelia Ahmad                                                                               ID: L20263759Week 4 Assignment,...
Amelia AhmadImprovement Plan includes the goal of implementing “various modes of curriculum integration”                  ...
Amelia Ahmad                                                                  ID: L20263759         Recommended Profession...
Amelia Ahmad                                                                  ID: L20263759Teachers will collaborate in   ...
Amelia Ahmad                                                              ID: L20263759technology during                  ...
Amelia Ahmad                                                                   ID: L20263759Establish professional       A...
Amelia Ahmad                                                                      ID: L20263759                           ...
Amelia Ahmad                                                                           ID: L20263759References:Basswood El...
Amelia Ahmad                                                                            ID: L20263759   assessment and pro...
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Edld 5352 week04_assignment[1] (autosaved)

  1. 1. Amelia Ahmad ID: L20263759Week 4 Assignment: Due at the end of Week 4.OverviewLast week, you engaged in an analysis and wrote a report describing the use of technology andinformation systems to enrich campus curriculum, enhance teaching and learning, and generallyintegrate technology into our campus improvement plans to effectively integrate technology andinstructional leadership. Your analysis and report should provide the necessary background forthe Week 4 major assignment – developing an action plan for gathering, analyzing, and usingdata from a variety of sources for informed campus decision making focusing on integratingtechnology, instructional leadership, professional development and organizational leadership.As a result of this week’s assignments, you will be able to: • Examine and assess procedures for gathering, analyzing, and using data from a variety of sources for informed decision making regarding the integration of technology, instructional and organizational leadership (SBEC Principal Competency 7 indicator); • Design and apply skills for monitoring and evaluating change and making needed adjustments to achieve the campus vision and goals, including the integration of technology as described above (SBEC Principal Competency 7 indicator).Both of these outcomes are elements of Domain II, Instructional Leadership.In writing your Week 4 action plan, use your interviews, your readings, including campus anddistrict improvement plans as well as any technology plans, and your Week 3 report to makesure the action plan: • Identifies data gathering sources; • Provides a description of an organizational chart describing decision making responsibilities regarding the integration of technology from central office personnel to campus leadership and staff; • Describes comprehensive professional development activities to achieve your action plan (this may utilize information from the previous three weeks of readings and activities); • Includes an evaluation plan to assess the progress and success of the action plan.Students will be asked to post their action plan on the Discussion Board and each student mustreview and comment on at least one other action plan focusing on organizational leadershipdesigned to maximize the use of technology in data gathering and decision making.Submit your assignment by 11:59 PM on the seventh day of Week 4.Page 1 – Revised October 2009
  2. 2. Amelia Ahmad ID: L20263759 Rubric Use the following Rubric to guide your work on the Week 4 Assignment. Tasks Not Meeting Accomplished Proficient Progressing  ExpectationsAction plan Student completes the Student completes Student provides a Student does notincludes an organizational flow the organizational partial organizational complete theorganizational chart identifying key chart with some chart that does not organizational chart orchart identifying personnel from the identification of include all key description of roles andkey stakeholders in district administration district and stakeholders, and responsibilities.integrating through campus campus does not describe the (0 points)technology and implementation personnel, but roles anddistrict and responsible for does not address responsibilities of keycampus integrating technology the roles and personnel.organizational and instructional and responsibilities of (16 point)eleadership organizational personnel in leadership. Chart must integrating and identify personnel titles implementing responsible for this technology, integration and instructional and implementation, and a organizational brief description of the leadership. role and responsibilities (18 points) of all personnel. (Maximum 20 points)Comprehensive Student describes a Student provides a Student provides a Student fails to developprofessional professional professional professional a professionaldevelopment development plan or development development plan(s) development plan(s).plan(s) designed to activities designed to plan(s) that that addresses only one of the three (0 points)achieve the action achieve the action plan address two of theplan of integrating of integrating three bulleted bulleted items from thetechnology with technology with items from the Accomplished column.instructional and instructional and Accomplishedorganizational organizational column. (16 points)leadership. leadership. To achieve (18 points) maximum credit, the professional development plan(s) must: • Reference analysis and lessons learned about the technology needs from the Week 3 report • Addresses Page 2 – Revised October 2009
  3. 3. Amelia Ahmad ID: L20263759 professional development designed to improve the gathering, analysis and use of data from a variety of sources • Includes professional development to improve decision making in the integration of technology with instructional and organizational leadership. (Maximum 20 points)Evaluation plan to The action plan must Student provides Student provides an Student fails to includeassess the also include an an evaluation plan evaluation plan that an evaluation plan inprogress and evaluation plan that that addresses addresses only one of the Week 4 actionsuccess of the provides measurable two of the bulleted the bulleted items from plan.action plan. outcomes designed to items from the the Accomplished (0 points) address the following: Accomplished column. column. • Uses data and (16 point) other analysis from (18 points) the Week 3 report, including using the campus and district improvement plans, and local or state technology plans; • Provides assessments and/or monitoring reports measuring professional development designed to use technology to improve the gathering, analysis and use of data from a variety of sources Page 3 – Revised October 2009
  4. 4. Amelia Ahmad ID: L20263759 • Provides assessments and/or monitoring evaluating professional development to improve decision making in the integration of technology with instructional and organizational leadership. . (Maximum 20 points)Posting action plan Student posts their Student posts their Student posts their Student does not poston the Discussion action plan on the action plan on the action plan on the on the DiscussionBoard and on their Discussion Board and Discussion Board Discussion Board and Board or on their, and provides on their blog and and on their blog on their blog but doesevidence of provides evidence, and provides not provide anyreviewing and through written evidence, through comments or (0 points)commenting on comments, of reviewing written comments, reflections on theaction plans of and reflecting on at of reviewing and action plans of otherother students. least two other reflecting on one students. student’s action plan. other student’s (Maximum 20 points) action plan. (16 point) (18 points)Assignment Responses are relevant Responses are Responses are Responses do notMechanics to course content; relevant to course relevant to course reflect knowledge of student uses correct content; one or content; more than course content, lack APA writing mechanics; two errors in three errors in clarity and depth, no errors in grammar, grammar, spelling, grammar, spelling, or and/or include multiple spelling, or punctuation. or punctuation, punctuation including errors in grammar, including APA APA writing spelling, and (Maximum 10 points) mechanics Needs writing mechanics. punctuation, including (8 points) (6 APA errors. point)Improvement (0 points) Page 4 – Revised October 2009
  5. 5. Amelia Ahmad ID: L20263759The following four parts to the Week 4 assignments should help you complete anaction plan that incorporates all four elements of the assignment, includingposting your action plan and commenting and reflecting on the action plansshared by fellow students.Page 5 – Revised October 2009
  6. 6. Amelia Ahmad ID: L20263759Week 4 Assignment, Part 1: Development of an organization chart integratingtechnologyUsing the campus and district improvement plans, and any suggested technologyimprovements, develop an organization chart that includes the following: • Identify by title or job description all personnel/stakeholders responsible for integrating technology and instructional and organization leadership from the district office to the campus and classroom; • Provide a brief description of the role and responsibilities of all identified personnel in your organizational chart; • Discuss the role of the principal in making sure the organizational chart is implemented and monitored. Technology Action Plan Action Process Owner OutcomeKeller ISD Technology • Executive Director of Increase implementation ofPlan Goal: 1 Technology technology in all subject areasDevelop and implement a • Assistant to increase academicTechnology Implementation Superintendent of achievement while providingCurriculum Committee to align Curriculum and innovative environment toTechnology Applications Instruction engage learners and createTEKS and post to KISD • Director of authentic learning collaboration site. Instructional Technology • Executive Director of Administration • Campus Instructional Technology FacilitatorsKeller ISD Technology Plan • Campus Principals Increase in teacher facilitatedGoal: 1 • Director of instruction using technology inBasswood Elementary CIP Instructional all content subject areas.Goal 3.4 TechnologyProvide professional • Campus Instructionaldevelopment that better Technologyincorporates technology and Facilitatorscurriculum integration that canbe delivered in various modesBasswood Elementary CIP • Administrators Increase the use of availableGoal 3.4 • Teachers resources in gathering studentEstablish professional data and collaboration withlearning communities with colleagues in determiningadministrators and grade level areas needing improvement.teachers incorporating “datatalks” with entire grade level.Page 6 – Revised October 2009
  7. 7. Amelia Ahmad ID: L20263759Keller ISD Technology Plan • Executive Director of Increase computer to studentGoal: 3 Technology ration from 4:1 to at 1:1.Basswood Elementary CIP • Director ofGoal 3.4 InstructionalSeek funding for additional Technologytechnology integration in the • Campus Instructionalclassrooms. Technology FacilitatorsKeller ISD Technology Plan • Campus Basswood Elementary staffGoal: 1 and 2 Administrators will strive toward achievingBasswood Elementary • Campus Instructional Long Range Plan foradministrators, faculty and Facilitators Technology and Keller ISDstaff will analyze technology • Teachers Technology Plan.goals and data reports.Basswood Elementary CIP • Superintendent Progress mad on BasswoodGoal 3.4 • Assistant Elementary CampusTechnology integration will be Superintendent of Improvement Plan 2010-2011evaluated and monitored as Curriculum and will reflect accomplishedrecommended by the No Child Instruction goals and implementationLeft Behind Act, STaR Chart • Director of strategies regardingguideline for "Target" Instructional technology. Campus STaRtechnology, and KISD Technology Chart data will increase fromcurriculum guidelines. • Campus Principals “Developing Tech” to • Teachers “Target."Page 7 – Revised October 2009
  8. 8. Amelia Ahmad ID: L20263759 Board of Trustees Superintendent Assistant Superintendent of Executive Director of Curriculum and Technology Instruction Director of Executive Director of Instructional Administration Technology Certified Instructional Technology Campus Principals Facilitators Supervisor of Campus Teachers Computer Technicians Campus Technicians StudentsPage 8 – Revised October 2009
  9. 9. Amelia Ahmad Board of Trustees The school board determines goals and district policies, and ensures Keller ISD ID: L20263759 abides by national and state educational standards. Strives to uphold the district vision and ensures adequate funds are allocated for district to implement technology goals. Superintendent This individual acts as the educational leader and chief executive officer of Keller ISD and is responsible for the effective execution of policies and goals in the area of technology, along with all other district policies and goals. In addition, this individual is responsible for planning, operation, supervision, and evaluation of the education programs, services, and facilities. Assistant This individual directs, plans, evaluates, and provides leadership for the overall Superintendent of curriculum and instruction and staff development programs for the district Curriculum and including technology implementation and integration. InstructionExecutive Director of This individual efficiently plans, directs, and evaluates the operational, financial, Technology and personnel activities associated with technology. Director of This individual directs and facilitates the effective use of computers and other Instructional technologies in the instructional programs throughout the district. Assists in Technology developing the plans for integrations of technology into the instructional program. In addition, this individual coordinates and implements the technology staff development and training program. Campus Principal Models the appropriate use of technology and ensures the Technology Applications are taught and being mastered by all students and teachers. Collaborates with Instructional Technology Facilitators to ensure appropriate staff development is offered as evidenced by teacher and student achievement data. Certified Certified Instructional Technology Facilitators among Keller ISD serve as Instructional liaisons between district and campuses among each feeder pattern. These Technology individuals provide campus level training to staff in order to facilitate the Facilitators effective use of technology during instruction. In addition, they provide technical support in the use of hardware and software. Supervisor of This individual supervises the daily activities of campus based technical staff inCampus Computer resolving computer and communications related services problems. This The Role of the Principal: Technicians individual distributes technology related work orders through the Eduphoria work order system.Campus Technician This individual respondsworking toward district and campusby Supervisor of The principal must lead his/her campus in to campus work orders as directed technology goals Campus Computer Technicians. by appropriately modeling the daily use of technology and collaborating with district and campus Teachers Teachers must participate in staff development training and collaborate among individuals regarding progress toward these goals. Additionally, principals must ensure all staff colleagues in order to increase knowledge regarding strategies for implementating and integrating technology into the curriculum and classroom members demonstrate proficiency in using available technology resources. Furthermore, it is instruction. Students Students must be engaged and motivated in learning by actively participating in necessary for all staff to be knowledgeable regarding the process of attaining support or necessary activities and utilizing available technology in the classroom. Students must master grade level Technology Application TEKS. professional development for the implementation of technology. It is the principal’s responsibility to inform campus staff on the appropriate communication system and personnel in order to attain technological support. In addition, principals must monitor teacher’s use of available resources and Page 9 – Revised October 2009 integration of technology into the curriculum and instruction in efforts to attain campus technology goals.
  10. 10. Amelia Ahmad ID: L20263759Week 4 Assignment, Part 2: Professional Development PlanningUsing the campus and district improvement plans, and any suggested technologyimprovements, develop professional development activities that include the following:• Reference analysis and lessons learned about the technology needs from the Week 3 report;• Addresses professional development designed to improve the gathering, analysis and use of data from a variety of sources;• Includes professional development to improve decision making in the integration of technology with instructional and organizational leadership. After reviewing and analyzing Keller Independent School District data from sources such as theBasswood Elementary School Texas Campus STaR Chart results 2008-2010, Keller ISDImprovement Plan 2010-2011, Keller ISD Technology Plan 2006-2011, and Basswood ElementarySchool Improvement Plan 2010-2011, it is evident planning professional development activities inorder to improve the use of available technology resources and the integration of technology intoinstruction at Basswood Elementary School is necessary. The Keller DistrictPage 10 – Revised October 2009
  11. 11. Amelia AhmadImprovement Plan includes the goal of implementing “various modes of curriculum integration” ID: L20263759(2010-2011). Furthermore, the Basswood Elementary Improvement Plan 2010-2011 includes the goalof using new methods for implementing technology integration. I recommend planning professionaldevelopment activities that include reviewing these documents and additional data reports to establishawareness of technology needs among campus faculty members. In addition, I recommendprofessional development activities in which teachers are actively participating in attaining newmethods of implementing technology into instruction using available technology resources. Lastly, Irecommend establishing professional learning communities among grade level teams and 00administrative staff by following the procedures for Basswood Elementary “data talks. As a result,effective learning communities will be established among all grade level teachers. Teachers will beinvolved in these discussions in order for all team members to gain awareness of grade levelinstructional needs. Week 4 Assignment, Part 3: Evaluation Planning for Action Plan The technology action plan integrating instructional an organizational leadership must include evaluation components that provide measurable outcomes designed to address the following: • Uses data and other analysis from the Week 3 report, including using the campus and district improvement plans, and local or state technology plans; • Provides assessments and/or monitoring reports measuring professional development designed to use technology to improve the gathering, analysis and use of data from a variety of sources; • Provides assessments and/or monitoring evaluating professional development to improve decision making in the integration of technology with instructional and organizational leadership. Page 11 – Revised October 2009
  12. 12. Amelia Ahmad ID: L20263759 Recommended Professional Development Activities In order for faculty and staff at Basswood Elementary to increase awarenessregarding the current use of technology on campus, it may be necessary forteachers to be involved in analyzing Keller Independent School District andCampus Improvement Plan technology goals and AEIS and STaR Chart datareports. Collaboration among colleagues regarding technology goals and currentuse of technology at Basswood Elementary School may increase motivation forstaff to seek and attend additional professional development in this area. Time, Materials, Activity Persons and Evaluation Responsible LocationEach teacher at Basswood Campus 3:30-4:15 All teachers will beElementary School will be Instructional knowledgeablerandomly divided into four Facilitator Teacher regarding thesmall groups/teams. Team Laptops district andmembers will actively Administrators campus Projectionparticipate by establishing technology goals Teachers Screena Team Leader, Time and expectations.Keeper, Reporter, and Task Library Teachers attendManager in the group. three technologyTeachers will use laptops to professionalaccess the Keller District developmentImprovement Plan, sessions andBasswood Elementary implement the useCampus Improvement Plan, of technology intoAEIS data, or Campus STaR instruction.Chart data on the Keller ISD Administrators andwebsite. The Campus SBDM will monitorInstructional Facilitator will progress of districtprovide each group the and campusspecific internet location for improvement goalsaccessing one of four by performing anddocuments for analysis and documentingreview. Each group will School Viewseek out and note observation walkimprovement goals related throughs, PDASto technology and/or areas evaluations, andof strengths and weakness studentdocumented in the data achievement data.reports.Page 12 – Revised October 2009
  13. 13. Amelia Ahmad ID: L20263759Teachers will collaborate in Teachers 3:30-4:15 Each grade levelplanning a 5-10 minute team will createPowerPoint presentation on Campus Teacher and present onetheir assigned document. Instructional Laptops lesson planThe campus instructional Facilitator integrating the use Projectionfacilitator will guide each of new methods of Screenteam in attaining relevant technology forinformation regarding using Library specific contenttechnology at Basswood area objectives.Elementary. After gathering Eduphoriaand discussing informationon the District ImprovementPlan, Campus ImprovementPlan, AEIS data, and STaRChart data report, eachgroup will presentPowerPoint presentation tothe entire faculty and staff.Each grade level team will Campus Time: Grade Each grade levelmeet with the Campus Technology level team collaborates inTechnology Facilitator Facilitator planning creating a lessonduring his/her planning period plan integratingperiod to address the need and utilizing a newof integrating new methods method Teachersof using technology into technology. Each Teacherinstruction and curriculum. grade level team laptopsTechnology Facilitator will membercontribute ideas for participates inpreparing a grade level delivering thelesson plan according to Eduphoria: created lesson tospecific district objectives District colleagues. Allusing a new mode of learning Basswoodtechnology such as objectives ElementarySmartboards, blogging, or teachers willutilizing student clickers. Teacher demonstrate theEach team will establish a lesson plans use of newTask Manager, Time methods ofKeeper, and a Reporter in technologyorder for all participants to utilizing at leastbe engaged in learning. one newEach grade level will create technologya lesson plan using method learned inEdupohoria grade level staff meeting/objectives and integrating professionalthe new mode of developmentPage 13 – Revised October 2009
  14. 14. Amelia Ahmad ID: L20263759technology during session.instruction. Each team willpresent the created lessonto colleagues. All teacherswill have an opportunity toshare and learn this newmethod of using technologyby participating in each newlesson.Each grade level team will Teachers Time: Weekly Every teacher willpresent a new method of scheduled attain newintegrating technology into staff meeting technology skillsinstruction to Basswood forElementary faculty. Each 3:30-4:30 implementation offaculty member will attain technology inadditional strategies of instruction byintegrating new methods of Library attending weeklytechnology by participating staff the lessons presented by Successfuleach grade level team. implementation of Teacher these new laptops methods will be Technology evidenced by resources: monitoring weekly Blog sites, lesson plans and Smartboards, documenting and clickers progress on district and campus improvement plans on campus collaboration site, School View observation data, PDAS evaluation data, district and campus Texas STaR Charts and AEIS data 2010-2011.Page 14 – Revised October 2009
  15. 15. Amelia Ahmad ID: L20263759Establish professional Administrators Time: Grade Weekly PLClearning communities level team meetings withamong grade level teams in Grade level planning administratorsorder to increase teams period and grade levelcollaboration among team memberscolleagues and improve Teacher will occur. As astudent achievement data. laptops result ofIn addition to meeting collaboration Eduphoriasolely with administrators amongfor Data Talks, this meeting AIMS Web link colleagues towill include all grade level improve teachingteam members. Each strategies,teacher will present his/her studentclassroom achievement achievementdata and charts available should increaseusing Eduphoria, AIMS in all contentWeb, and benchmark areas. Basswoodtesting. Using this data, Elementaryteachers and administrators studentwill collaborate in planning achievement datastrategies to increase will improve asstudent achievement. evidenced by 2010-2011 AEIS report, campus benchmark testing, and student grades.Keller Independent School Executive Time: In Committee willDistrict will establish a Director of Progress hold monthlyTechnology Implementation Technology meetings duringCurriculum Committee Materials: the 2011-2012 Assistant LRPT, Keller school year. Superintendent ISD of Curriculum Technology and Instruction Plan, STaR Chart, Director of Instructional Technology Technology Applications TEKS, Keller Executive ISD Director of Curriculum- Administration Eduphoria Campus Instructional TechnologyPage 15 – Revised October 2009
  16. 16. Amelia Ahmad ID: L20263759 FacilitatorsKeller ISD administrators Superintendent Texas LRPT Keller ISDwill secure additional student tofunding for implementation Executive Keller ISD computer ratioof LRPT, Keller ISD Director of Technology will increase to Technology PlanTechnology Plan, and 1:1 by the end ofCampus Improvement 2011-2012 school Assistant Keller ISDPlans Superintendent year. Improvement of Curriculum Plan Documentation and Instruction on Keller ISD Campus Director of STaR Chart, Improvement Instructional progress on Plan Technology District Yearly District Improvement Executive Budget Plan, progress on Director of Campus Administration State Improvement Technology Plan, increased Campus Allotment student Principals achievement as Title II Part D evidenced on Federal AEIS reports, and Programs benchmark testing. Grants Donations Board Approved Local FundingPage 16 – Revised October 2009
  17. 17. Amelia Ahmad ID: L20263759References:Basswood Elementary Campus Improvement Plan. (2010-2011). Keller, TX: KellerIndependent School District.Keller Independent School District Improvement Plan. (2010-2011). Keller, TX: KellerIndependent School District.Keller Independent School District Technology Plan (2009-2011). Keller, TX: KellerIndependent School District.Long-Range Plan for Technology, 2006-2020. (2006). Austin, TX: Texas EducationAgency.Texas STaR chart: School technology and readiness: The campus chart. (2006). Austin, TX:Texas Education Agency.Week 4 Assignment, Part 4: Posting your Action Report and Responding to OtherStudents’ action plans Using the discussion board and the blog that you have developed, please write and post your action plan, and be sure to: • Read and review at least two other action plans • Respond to other action plans by posting your comments and reflections The purpose of the action report is to provide you with recommended procedures for gathering, analyzing, and using data from a variety of sources for informed campus decision making focusing on the effective integration of technology in curriculum, instruction,Page 17 – Revised October 2009
  18. 18. Amelia Ahmad ID: L20263759 assessment and professional development. Students may wish to use this action plan as one of your school improvement projects for your Electronic Portfolio. You may also use the Week 3 and Week 4 assignments as campus supervised hours for your internship logs. As indicated these two weeks fall under Domain II, Instructional Leadership, and address elements of Competencies 4, 5 and 7.Page 18 – Revised October 2009