ILDS procedures
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  • 1. ILDS Illinois Library Delivery System All Libraries in Illinois may use the ILDS delivery system. It does not matter if the material is an I-Share owned item or not, just as long as the library owning the material is located within Illinois. The I-Share consortium is one of the largest users of ILDS, but they are not the only users. ILDS drivers pick up and delivers Illinois books to Adler via the large, purple, zippered bags. ONLY library materials are to be delivered via ILDS. Items such as letters are not be placed in the purple envelopes. Because of this, some materials that are requested through ILLiad from Illinois libraries (which are not I-Share members because anything requested through ILLiad must be checked against I-Share first to be sure that an I-Share library does not own the item) may arrive to Adler through ILDS in one of the purple bags. Because of this, it is important to note whether the item has a routing slip attached to it, or another form of paperwork which denotes the patron name and due date of the item. If the item comes with paperwork with patron and due date information printed out, then the item is NOT I-Share library owned. This item was requested through ILLiad and it has already been checked out of the owning library prior to it leaving that library.
  • 2. ILDS continued If the item meets this criteria and was determined to have been requested through ILLiad, please email the patron to let them know their requested item has arrived, then simply place the item in the hold drawer alphabetically by the patron’s last name. If the item arrives with a routing slip without the patron or due date information, then this is an I-Share item. This can be discharged in Voyager and a hold slip (with the Adler patron’s information) will automatically be printed. Fold the hold slip in half and place it on the outside of the book so that the patron’s name is showing on the spine. Highlight the patron’s name and place it alphabetically by the patron’s last name in the hold shelf drawer. When interlibrary loan books are returned, and they are owned by an Illinois library, then the book may be discharged if it is an I-Share book, and a routing slip will automatically be printed. Fold the routing slip in half, and place the top half of the slip on the top of the book cover and the bottom half of the slip should go right inside of the front cover. Place this book on the counter under the large Library window near the entrance to the library. Adler books (we do not lend AV material) that have been requested from I-Share libraries are requested through the call-slip module (see call slip module procedures) will be processed for ILDS delivery along with I-Share library materials that have been returned to Adler.
  • 3. ILDS cont. PROCEDURE FOR OUTGOING ILLINOIS LIBRARY MATERIAL THROUGH ILDS: 1. Sort/Stack material to be sent through ILDS (on counter below large window) according to three letter code delivery location. (for ILLiad materials which do not have a routing slip with the three letter delivery code, go to ) 2. Write down each code and how many items per code. 3. Open ILDS website (, it should be a bookmark on reference desk/circulation computers. 4. From the drop down menu, choose the destination location (the list is alphabetical by code). 5. In the box below the drop down menu, enter how many items are being delivered to that location (how many items will be in each bag). 6. Click “Add” at the bottom of the screen.
  • 4. ILDS cont. 7. When all destination codes have been entered, click “print” at the bottom of the screen (next to “add”). 8. A label window will open. Print the label sheet(s). 9. Once the label sheet has been successfully printed, close the label sheet window and do not save. 10. Return to the ILDS labels website. 11. Click on “Manifests” at the top of the screen in the purple ribbon. 12. Enter ilds as the password to log in. 13. Under “Print Manifests”, make sure the top “Select outgoing manifest” is set to the correct date, today’s date. 14. Click on “Create” (to the immediate right of the date). 15. A manifest sheet will open in a new window. Print TWO copies of this sheet.
  • 5. ILDS cont. 16. Sign both copies of the manifest sheet and place them on the purple ILDS clipboard. 17. Cut up the labels on the label sheet. 18. Place the first label sheet in the label holder on the outside of a purple bag. 19. Place inside the purple bag the corresponding items to go to this location (as designated on the label you just put on the outside of the bag). 20. After each bag is filled, make sure they are securely zipped and tied with a zip tie. 21. Place all of the filled purple bags in a US Postal crate and place the crate on the counter near the entryway to the library.
  • 6. PROCEDURE FOR INCOMING MATERIALS THROUGH ILDS: 1. Unpack all purple bags. 2. Discard delivery labels on the outside pocket of the bags. 3. All I-Share books should be discharged through Voyager. 4. All ILLiad books should be set aside, and the patrons notified (email) of the item’s arrival. 5. The hold slip should be placed on the outside of the book’s cover and placed in alphabetical order by the patron’s last name in the hold drawer. Note: All I-Share materials that arrive here to be used by Adler patrons have an automatically generated email that is delivered very early in the morning of the arrival. Some patrons may come to the library shortly after the library opens saying they received an email that their I-Share materials has arrived, when in reality it will arrive mid-day whenever the ILDS delivery driver drops off the items.