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26652157 Serqual For Quality

  1. 1. [Redefined] Measures service quality on five dimension: RATER Model Reliability Ability to perform the promised service dependably and accurately Q) Is service performed on time? Assurance knowledge and courtesy of employees and their ability to convey trust and confidence Q) Does the organization guarantee its services?
  2. 2. Tangibles Appearance of physical facilities, equipment, personnel, and communication materials Q) Are staff dressed appropriately?
  3. 3. Empathy The caring, individualized attention the firm provides its customers Responsiveness Willingness to help customers and provide prompt service Q) Are staff willing to answer client questions?
  4. 4. A country consisting of thirteen states and three federal territories in Southeast Asia with a total landmass of 329,847 square kilometers (127,355 sq mi) with a total population of 27.7 Mn
  5. 5. Gross domestic product for 2007 was estimated to be $357.9 billion with a growth rate of 6.3% (2007) Agriculture: 8.6%, Industry: 47.8%, Services: 43.6% (2007 est.)
  6. 6. Travel & Tourism Sector ? Travel & Tourism Sector is a major contributor of Malaysian Economy after Manufacturing and Agriculture (Department of Statistics, 2006) Travel & Tourism Sector is growing by a phenomenal rate of 23.9% in recent years (http://www.businessmonitor.com) Tourism Is expected to grow and out perform the Manufacturing sector (Journal of Service marketing, Vol-5 2007) During Seventh Malaysian Plan, International investors poured RM18.2 bn (Economic planning unit, 2006) (www.epu.jpm.my )
  7. 7. Hotel Guest Satisfaction: A study in Sibu
  8. 8. Hotel Guest Satisfaction: A study in Sibu Presently Five-Star rated, seven medium class and 15 budget hotels in total 27 An effective Gateway of some of the most lush and mystical Borneo and Central Sarawak With the presence of various indigenous tribes and Scenic attractions along the mighty Rejang river, Longest in Malaysia Hosting of some important calendar events as Closing Ceremony of the National Pesta Air 2005 in May and Borneo Cultural festival in July 2005,which is gaining popularity (Sibu municipal Council,2005)
  9. 9. Objective Of the Study Study is primarily focused on the “Examining the level of satisfaction from the hotel Guests in terms of Service Quality associated with star rated hotels In Order to survive in this growing Industry, Hotel must be able to deliver service that will result in customer’s satisfaction. It Must be of a quality that is higher than the expected; Otherwise result will be probably dissatisfied customers
  10. 10. Bibliography Journal of Service marketing, Vol-5 2007 http://www.businessmonitor.com By: 1. SHINDE AMEET NARAYAN 2. AMRESH MISHRA