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Bharti airte1

  1. 1. Bharti AirtelBharti Infratel’s business model promotes tower sharing which helps bring down the carbon footprint for telecomnetworks and works towards a sustainable economy. Further, Bharti Infratel continues to deploy people, ideas andcapital to find effective solutions to address environmental challenges. In this direction, Bharti Infratel has initiatedGreen Towers P7 program based on seven innovative ideas aimed at minimising dependency on diesel and thereby,carbon footprint reduction. This program promotes (a) improving energy efficiency of tower infrastructureequipments, (b) use of renewable energy resources, and (c) reduction of equipment load on tower infrastructureequipments.As part of the Green Towers P7 program, Bharti Infratel has commissioned:• 1,255 Solar powered towers with a total installed capacity of more than 6MW• Variable speed DC powered DG sets• Integrated Power Management Systems (IPMS), and• Free Cooling Units (FCU)• Green sites eliminating use of DG setsHigher EducationBharti Foundation has partnered with premier institutes like the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi in 2000 to setup the Bharti School of Telecommunication Technology and Management, IIT Delhi. 200 students aresupported every year to pursue courses in the field of telecommunications. Bharti Foundation has also set upthe Bharti Centre for Communication, Bombay in partnership with IIT, Bombay.The Bharti Scholarship and Mentorship program has also been instituted to support academically brilliantstudents from financially weak backgrounds. Under this program Bharti Foundation has also partnered with UdayanCare to support the Udayan Shalini Fellowship Program. Currently 232 scholars are being supported under the BhartiScholarship and Mentorship Program.The Bharti Centre for Entrepreneurial Initiatives, set up in a joint initiative with the EntrepreneurshipDevelopment Institute of India (EDI) promotes, develops and facilitates entrepreneurship and works towardsencouraging entrepreneurship among young individuals. The Bharti Entrepreneur Award honours first generationentrepreneurs and emphasizes the importance of structured training in the area of entrepreneurship.Our energy conservation initiatives Bharti Airtel, hes launched a number of initiatives with an aim to reduce energy consumption in lighting and airconditioning areas. The company has installed Solar Hot Water Generator at its main campus in Gurgaon for fulfillingthe hot water requirement in the cafeteria. Majority of its facilities across NCR region are now equipped with LES(Lighting Energy Savers), which have reduced energy consumption in the lighting system to the tune of 10-25%.Variable Frequency Drives installed in AHU (Air Handling Unit) at its campus have helped in enhancing the efficiencyof cooling system by 10%. These measures have resulted in a total saving of 8.5 lakh units of electricity per year.