Social media tips from pros: how to attract and engage visitors better


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Advice from leading digital and social media marketers for people at Destination Marketing Organizations. How to attract and engage travellers better.

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Social media tips from pros: how to attract and engage visitors better

  1. 1. Social Media Tips from Pros: In-depth advice from experts and influencers in social media and digital marketing 
 How to Attract and Engage Travellers Better
  2. 2. The conversation around travel on social media is huge. People love posting their photos, sharing their experiences, and of course, looking for their next destination. “How can I use social media to engage more people and attract more visitors?”
  3. 3. That’s why we want to empower travel brands with better ways to use social media to talk to travellers, and inspire them into visiting. We consulted some experts on how brands can power their social strategy, and here’s what they had to say.
  4. 4. “As the online sphere gets more crowded, the brands that go out of their way to personalize content and build one-on-one relationships with their audience are going to ace social media. By creating and posting content that "humanizes" your brand, it gives people the opportunity to build 
 a more solid connection with you.”Brian Peters 
 Social Media Manager @Buffer
  5. 5. “Too many brands focus in on trying to create viral campaigns and one-off videos, but what they miss is that the best content is the type of content that builds relationships over a consistent period of time. Travel is ripe for this type of content as there are endless topics and ideas to talk about in short, regular videos. The bonus here is that video - and especially YouTube video - is incredibly SEO friendly. Videos will propel your content to the first page of any search. And if you are concerned with expense, don't be. You don't need big film crews to shoot compelling content. All you need is a compelling story and the patience to grow your channel one person at a time.” Tara Hunt 
 Digital Marketing Executive
 and Influencer
  6. 6. “Know your brand, know what makes you special and what your audiences engage with more than anything, and embrace it! When it comes to imagery, tell a story about your destination, a story your audience can connect with.” Dave Fluegge 
 Founder @Fluegge Consulting Working with Tourism Colorado
  7. 7. “Use social media in the way it's meant to be used: to engage and inspire. Remember that the social media can be used to cultivate a sense of community, not just as a one-way message platform. Engage with your followers on a regular basis to find out what excites them, makes them come back for more, and what they’re looking for from your pages. Then use what you've learned and apply it to future content. “Whether it's via Twitter chats, InstaMeets (local Instagram community meetups to take photos and videos together) or Snapchat behind-the- scenes videos, your job is to find ways to engage with them more efficiently after identifying what works best.” Stephanie Arbetter 
 Consumer Marketing
 & Social Media
 @Brand USA
  8. 8. “Don't feel like you have to be on every social media platform. Select one or just a couple of social media platforms and put your energy into those rather than spreading yourself too thin across multiple channels. I call that platforming. Platforming is about consciously choosing the platforms/social media channels you will be active in and putting your time and energy into those to ensure they get traction and become effective tools for you.” Holly Gailbraith
 Tourism Marketing Professional 
 & Social Media Strategist
 @Go Future Media
  9. 9. Maya Shoucair 
 Social Media &
 Community Manager 
 @Uberflip “Plan ahead! There's a misconception that social happens in 
 real-time all the time but to do it well, it takes careful planning. I look at my social content on weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis in Trello and then schedule everything out once a week in Buffer, using Feedly and Buzzsumo to curate additional content. This saves me tons of time, helps me better measure my campaigns, and gives me more space for creativity because I can look ahead to develop multiple posts and graphics for different audiences and networks.”
  10. 10. “Be genuine. Talk to people on social media like you would talk to them in real life! Taking the time to personalize your social efforts and respond to users who try to engage with you goes a long way in our highly automated world.” Erin Scott 
 Digital Content Specialist @Visit Albuqurque
  11. 11. Arabella Bowen 
 Travel Authority 
 & Brand Strategist
 Former Editor-in-Chief
 @Fodors Travel At Fodor's Travel, we organically grew our Instagram library to 75,000 inspirational travel images, just by inviting travellers to tag their photos with #fodorsonthego. “While the hashtag should be inviting, it's more important that it's short and easy to type (especially if you want it shared on Twitter). Be sure to socialize it everywhere--including printed marketing materials and advertising--and reward the best posts with a credited feature on your feed(s).”
  12. 12. “Have a measurable strategy that aligns with your business goals and objectives! This point can’t be expressed enough. It’s great to know how to use a social media platform like a pro but if you don’t know how to use it to build your business, 
 it won’t matter.” Eden Spodek 
 @Eden Spodek Inc
  13. 13. “Use visuals! Photos, videos, and gifs are eye- catching, and really improve engagement rates of my posts. 90% of all the social posts I schedule have a visual attached to it now. Even though a tweet might be going out to thousands of followers, craft your social messages as if you’re only talking to one person.”Ritu Ashrafi 
 Marketing Manager
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 10 Examples of DMOs Using Visuals In Creative Ways 
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