A big list of link building strategies


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A big list of link building strategies

  1. 1. A BIG List Of Link Building StrategiesLinks matter right? All my blogger friends would agree to this and I believe that there is no debate on thisat topic that links brings quality searched and a higher Page Rank.So tell me friends, do you know all about links and link building strategies?I have a big, I mean it! A BIG list of link building strategies and I challenge that you cannot find a singlestrategy missing in my list.Link building strategies on the web are as diverse as they are scattered. Also, some of the best linkbuilding strategies listed are outdated. Thus, it is imperative to have a comprehensive and exhaustive listof strategies for link building.Here I have compiled a long list of best link building strategies on the web. They may not be fullyexhaustive but these definitely cover a wide spectrum.
  2. 2. For the sake of convenience the strategies are divided into several categories like:1. Basic2. Submission based3. Content based4. Link attraction5. Helping webmasters6. Social7. Create useful things8. Paid strategies9. College/Educational links10. Community strategies11. Leverage accessible opportunities12. Give13. Develop relationships14. Traffic drivers15. Community projects16. Local17. Linking out18. Getting people to browse through your content19. MiscellaneousBasic -The following are the basic link building strategies which anybody can follow to establish link on the web,irrespective of the type of industry he is in.
  3. 3. Create a blog : A blog is absolutely essential these days to survive in the world of internet. Links areinternally built when you create a content on the blog regularly. As a strategy for link building a blog isvital. The quality of the blog depends on content, development, design and legality. It takes about 8 to 12weeks to establish such links.Creating an RSS Feed : Running the blog on a widely accepted content management system will giveyou a RSS feed even if you have not created one. If you have, you can get a statistics of the subscribers byburning at Feedburner.com. There are sites which will steal your content. In such an eventuality you canget a link either by including the links to pages in your site or by providing the RSS footer plugin. It takesabout 1 to 2 weeks for execution. The RSS feed depends upon design and development.Interlink : Interlinks are very useful for link building as you can control the pages and the posts on yourwebsite from the location to the text. Though this has in general been ignored by most one should directthe content towards other pages or posts for linking them. The quality of interlink depends upondevelopment. Time for execution is 4 to 8 weeks.Resources/Link pages : Many webmasters have created resource pages or links. These can be yourlegitimate source for getting links if they are relevant to you. There are definite strategies by which youcan endear yourself to the webmaster so that chances of your getting links are enhanced. The executiontime - 2 to 4 weeks and dependencies are design, development and marketing.Profile Links : In the event of your becoming the member of a site your profile can be given a link. Ofcourse, not all sites offer quality links. Again some sites do not give any links at all.Enquire from your known people for a link : Within your circle of relatives, friends, colleagues,employees, business partners or clients someone may have a blog or a website, so you can take help fromthem. Execution time : 1 to 2 weeks.Make the process of linking to you easier : Making it easy for them will be one way to encouragepeople to link to you. For this, HTML-ready snippets should be created so people can link to you byplugging into their content. Alternatively, you can create a “Link to us” page or generate HTML at thebottom of each post by using JavaScript. This strategy depends upon the background of the people wholink to you. Execution time : 12+ weeks and ongoing.Research competitors : By going through your competitors’ link profiles also links can be found. Whilesome links might not be obtained you can strike a gold with others. You can go through all profiles of allyour competitors and put all the links in one place. Later you can sort them by using link metrics.Execution time – 3 to 4 weeks.Link out : Do not go on storing links. Use your contents to gain favor from other people. Execution time– 4 to 8 weeks.Encourage people to go through your content : Not all people who see your content will be apotential linker, again people will not link until they see your content. Content marketing, brand
  4. 4. awareness and social media actually come into play in this situation. Getting others to know about yourcontent and brand is a very vital strategy for link building. Execution time : 12+ weeks and ongoing.Building relationship : Perhaps the top most strategy for link building is to know people. Establish asort of relationship with them and you will be rewarded with links as a result. Execution time – 12+ weeksand ongoing.Submission Based -In the web you will find many places where links can be built through submissions of a content, a site orsome such thing.Article Directories : There are article syndication sites where you can post your blog or articles. Youmight land with a couple of links thereby in your profile. Execution time – 12+ weeks and ongoing.Web 2.0 submissions : In the web 2.0 sites you can add video, images or other interactive featuresalong with the content. Generally these are more appealing than the article directories. But again yourchances of getting links depend upon the owner of the site. Execution time – 2 to 4 weeks.Press release submissions : By posting a press release in certain syndication sites or distribution sitesyou can also build links. Execution time – 12+ weeks and ongoing.Infographic submissions : Creating an infographic you can submit it to infographic blogs ordirectories. Execution time – 12+ weeks and ongoing.Company directory submissions : Just like the web directories you can also present your site tocompany directories. For this you need not own a company, actually you need a website. Execution time –1 to 2 weeks.Video submissions : You can also upload your video content for getting links. There is onesite OneLoad where you can submit many videos. Though this costs you it is worthwhile as you can saveyour time and energy. Execution time – 12+ weeks and ongoing.Niche specific directories : In contrast to the web directories niche specific directories are topic-basedand will accept sites which deal with only certain topics. Some of these directories are free and some arepaid. Execution time – 1 to 2 weeks.User rating reviews : By submitting user ratings one can build links simultaneously. Execution time – 1to 2 weeks.Web cam directories : Setting up a webcam you can get some good quality links. You can set up thewebcam at some convenient place where it is likely to attract links on its own. Execution time – 1 to 2weeks.
  5. 5. Logo design directories : Few links also could be secured in exchange for the logos of your company oryour site. Execution time - 1 to 2 weeks.Free web directories : You can submit your website to a vast number of free web directories, the onlycriterion being that your site must be active. Even though the links may not be very useful they are easy toget. Execution time – 1 to 2 weeks.Non-English directories : If you website is created in different languages you can also get links fromthem,.RSS directories : Your RSS feed can be submitted directly to the hundreds of RSS directories.Execution time – 1 to 2 weeks.1-800 directories : Having a toll-free number 1-800 can fetch you come links. In case you don’t haveone you can get it at $10 per month. Execution time – 1 to 2 weeks.Blog directories : You can also submit your blog to a number of blog directories, thereby getting somelinks. Some may be useful, most are crap. Execution time - 1 to 2 weeks.Podcast directories : You can get some easy and free links by submitting your podcast to podcastdirectories. Execution time – 1 to 2 weeks.iPhone app directories : Having an iPhone app can get you some links. The easiest way is to create anapp acting like a mobile RSS reader. Execution time – 1 to 2 weeks.EBook directories : If you write eBooks or are starting to write one you can get links from a goodnumber of eBook directories. Execution time – 1 to 2 weeks.Web app directories : From online application or tools links can be got. It can also be used as a linkbait to attract other links. Execution time - 1 to 2 weeks.Widget directories : Mostly widget directories don’t give you a link but if you are sure that there issome link in your widget you can display them before large audiences with the help of these directoriesand in the process you may ear some links. Execution time – 1 to 2 weeks.Paid directories : Some directories levy charges to accept you in their listings. But all of them may notbe of much value to you. Execution time – 1 to 2 weeks.Multimedia/Document submissions : There are some sites where you can submit your PowerPointpresentations, word documents, PDFs or other documents and thus you can earn some links but you haveto put links in some place within your document. Execution time – 3 to 4 weeksCSS/HTML5 galleries : In case you have done a super job in designing your blog or website you cansubmit the same to a host of CSS galleries. Also, you can get links from some HTML5 showcases.Execution time – 3 to 4 weeks.
  6. 6. Theme/Template directories : You can catch some superior links by beautiful designs of websitetemplates or WordPress themes. But it is always advisable to add the credit links in the themes or thetemplates. Execution time – 3 to 4 weeks.Content Based -In case your content is good it can attract some links.Guest Posting : Bloggers sometimes cannot contribute on a regular basis. During these period a guestblogger can be invited from whose posts some links can be got. Execution time – 12+ weeks and ongoing.Trade Articles : You can trade contents, visitors and links with other community. Thereby you can alsoearn a few links. Execution time – 12+ weeks and ongoing.Educational content : You can create content which target the college-going student community andcan also earn some links from colleges. You can write such articles which will make the collegewebmasters interested. Execution time – 12+ weeks and ongoing.Green content : You can also create something specific to a community, say environmentalists. Theycan favor with you with some very useful links. Just try to make your content available to the greenbloggers. Execution time – 2 to 4 weeks.Images : Use of images for building links has always been underrated. Adding relevant image to thecontent will fetch attribution link. A great idea may be to shoot randomly at any industry event and usethe pictures on your site. Execution time – 12+ weeks and ongoing.Free charts/graphs : Like images use of various data in the form of charts and graphs can get youattribution links. Execution time – 12+ weeks and ongoing.Writing testimonials : This is a big link building strategy for getting links. When you buy some productor services you stand a fair chance of earning some links in exchange of testimonials if those products arenot from a large outlet like Walmart. Execution time – 3 to 4 weeks.Entering contests & giveaways : The online contests and giveaways not only provide opportunity forearning some prizes or cash they can also give you some quality links. The guest blogging contests aremost popular. Execution time – 3 to 4 weeks.Get interviewed : Even if you get interviewed before a small audience which may take 500 to 600 wordsor 15 to 20 minutes you can be benefitted with some quality contextual links. Execution time – 12+ weeksand ongoing.Contributing to crowd-sourced posts : Like interviews it is better to take part in a crowd-sourcedpost and to contribute. While only a little of your time is spent you are likely to get some decent links.Link Attraction -
  7. 7. Submissions or outreaching notwithstanding, your content alone should be able attract links. When thecontent draws out links your manual labor I getting them is saved. Also, you are engaged more on yourblog. Thus there is a meeting point between content and strategies for link building.Egobait : It’s a fact of life that by featuring someone as one of the top personalities in his domain he cando wonders by spreading the word. If appeals are made to egos of people, communities or companies theywill advertise about your content. Execution time – 1 to 2 weeks.Contrary hook : Controversies are there everywhere. So, if you find a controversy in your position withsomebody having a different view on a certain topic fear not to write the opposing view in your post. If youdo it readily and the majority swings in favor of you links will start pouring in from your supporters.Execution time – 1 to 2 weeks.Live Blogging : When you are in an industry event, blog about all the happenings there. In case you arethe sole blogger you earn lots of links. Even if you are not, at least you get much attention. Execution time– 1 to 2 weeks.Tutorials : Whether it’s a Do It Yourself project, a tool or something else, it is very helpful to show topeople how to do things in a proper manner. Execution time - 2 to 4 weeks.Glossary of terms : The new entrants in your industry might not be conversant with the jargons you orother bloggers have been using. So you can show favor to them by preparing a glossary of the terms andacronyms being used in the industry. Execution time – 2 to 4 weeks.White papers : White papers and research are not the same as some are wont to believe. During aresearch the outcome is not known while writing the paper but in case of white paper the objectives areunderstood and the desired results are known from the beginning. You can generate a lot of links in thisway. Execution time – 2 to 4 weeks.Tests & quizzes : Conducting quizzes and tests about the readers’ knowledge and letting them discussthe results with friends is always a good idea. Execution time – 2 to 4 weeks.Research papers : Researching very deeply and thoroughly in any subject can put you in the position ofan industry leader. Thus you can attract many links also in the process. In the event of any discoveriesmade by you, you stand to gain some citation from scholarly websites. Execution time – 4 to 8 weeks.Timely or seasonal content : Creating proper content at the proper time will bring you a lot ofattention. As for seasonal content, if you write some content on holiday theme like Christmas orValentine’s Day or Halloween you can within a short time gain much attention. Execution time – 8 to 12weeks.Case studies : Case studies offer you real-time situations with real results which catch people’s attentionreadily. Execution time – 8 to 12 weeks.
  8. 8. Humor : People always love a laugh or two. So, if you compose some spoof, parody or funny jokes theywill unwind you readers. People love sharing such humorous articles. Execution time – 1 to 2 weeks.Printable resources : People like to see the useful guides in hard copies. A printable resource withsome beautiful design is sure to guarantee you with some links. Execution time – 2 to 4 weeks.Creating contests : Creating contests is a better option for link building that entering contests. Becauseas the participants enter the contests from their blogs and link them to your site you earn a lot of linksthat way. Also, these posts add more exposure to your contest resulting in increasing number ofparticipants. Execution time – 2 to 4 weeks.Complete guides and resources : Evergreen resources should be created which will then act ascomplete guides on a subject topic. Execution time – 8 to 12 weeks.Stories : Stories have always fascinated people over the ages. So, a funny, sad or crazy story can touchthe readers’ emotions readily and help you immensely in link building. Execution time – 1 to 2 weeks.First coverage of news : Covering some developing story which has not seen the light of the day willalways give you an edge over others. The best way to do this is by ensuring that your RSS feed readercontains all the news resources. Execution time – 1 to 2 weeks.Infographics : Sometimes data cannot be understood easily. Creation of infographics will make thempopular. This naturally will attract links. Also other bloggers will embed it creating more links. Executiontime 4 to 8 weeks and ongoing.Web tools : Links can also be attracted by providing free online tools like calculator. People will like touse them as they will save their time. Execution time – 8 to 12 weeks.Interactive : Interactive content is a vital thing in linkbait. Execution time – 8 to 12 weeks.Infoanimations : If a video displays the information which an infographic gives it can change yourimpression completely. Though it works almost the same way as infographics the video being embeddedcan act as post itself.Review new and first : If you are the first person to review something and it’s really good you can get alot of attention. This sometimes result in your gaining favor with the persons who have created theproduct or service. Execution time - 1 to 2 weeks.National days & events : National day or week or events could be utilized for building links. Executiontime – 1 to 2 weeks.Drawings : Drawings which strike the right chord also can appeal to human emotions and help ingenerating links. Execution time – 2 to 4 weeks.
  9. 9. Webinars : Another great idea is to do a webinar spending only about two hours in a month. You candedicate a separate page on your website for webinars only. With the creation of new pages links will startflowing. Execution time – 3 to 4 weeks.Games : You can create exciting and novel games so that the visitors to your website are happy . In casethose games are made embeddable others may incorporate them in their sites resulting in more links.Execution time – 3 to 4 weeks.Surveys : Surveys for attracting links are normally done in two steps. In the first step, people arerequested to participate in an interesting topic. The news sites, bloggers and experts are contacted tospread the word on the social media sites or blogs, thus generating links in the process. In the second step,results are announced with, if possible, some visual graphics. This will act as a terrific linkbait. Executiontime – 1 to 2 weeks.Microsites : Creating unusual, funny and odd micro sites can also attract links. Though people mightvisit your main site for their comments they will definitely link with the microsite which should also havea back link to your main page. Execution time – 8 to 12 weeks.Use of Google maps : Google maps can be very conveniently used to attract links if it is catered to theright people. For instance, all the events related to an industry could be paced on the map. Execution time– 1 to 2 weeks.Creating rankings or scores : Creating ranking or scores of companies, people or other things canearn you a few links if they are decent ones. These scores or rankings need not be that accurate also.Execution time – 12+ weeks and ongoing.Crowd-sourcing : Getting responses from industry bigwigs and experts is also a nice way to attractlinks. If your questionnaires are good and you have good influences this can get you loads of links.Execution time – 2 to 4 weeks.Petition : Being passionate and earnest on a certain issue you can make a petition. If any industry newssite favors you with referral you can gain links exponentially. Execution time – 2 to 4 weeks.Lists : You can approach people from different backgrounds, ask them about their passion, love, desiresand make a list of them. If it’s done properly you can generate a lot of links this way also. Execution time –2 to 4 weeks.Debunking myths : If there prevails a general myth or misconception about a particular thing youshould let all know about that boldly. You can gain a lot of attention that way. Execution time – 3 to 4weeks.Data/research : With a wide collection of data you can gain links. People love data as they can drawtheir own conclusions from them to confirm their belief. If the data released by you support one side of anargument then you must approach those people who support as they would then readily accept them totell others that they are right in their belief. Execution time – 4 to 8 weeks and ongoing.
  10. 10. Create controversy : By creating controversy also you can attract links. You can start supporting someincident or happening which may result in controversy and then again you may oppose it creating morecontroversy. Execution time – 1 to 2 weeks.Interviews : Another way of attracting links is to interview reputed and knowledgeable people fromdifferent domains. But one must prepare oneself thoroughly before deciding on the questionnaire to beput. For this, help from the bloggers’ community can be sought to decide on the questions which theaudience and the readers would like to pose. Execution time – 2 to 4 weeks.Helping Webmasters -This is a very good strategy for link building. By helping or doing something for the webmasters inducethem to give you some valuable links. Here is listed some of the ways the webmasters could be helped.Correcting grammar/spelling : Just search for the grammar or spelling mistakes in the text andaccordingly inform the webmaster. In exchange you can ask for a link. Execution time – 2 to 4 weeks.Content filling : If certain information on any topic appears to be missing whether it is an entire articleor a part of it you can take permission from the webmaster for filling the gap. Execution time – 2 to 4weeks.Updating old content : In case of outdated information you can show favors to the webmasters byupdating the same. In fast moving industry like SEO you have to search for posts and articles which are afew years old but still draw heavy traffic. Because if a lot of visitors do not see the content webmasters willbe inclined not to take care to update the information. While updating do not forget to furnish a link toyou in the content. Execution time – 2 to 4 weeks.Creation of dead content : Dead contents found in the URLs can be recreated by taking the brokenlinks. These can then be outreached to either some specific linking site or also to sites which are linked tothe broken URLs. Execution time – 2 to 4 weeks.Graphic/Logo/Web design : Normally a good website contains some graphics, web designs or logos. Ifyou are adept in such things you can volunteer your services for such jobs to the webmasters free of cost.Even if you are not an expert in design you can get some logos from the market at nominal cost which maybe suitable for your job. Execution time : 8 to 12 weeks.Hosting : Webmasters have to shell out some money every month for hosting. You can provide themwith hosting even at your own cost. For persons having a server this will be totally free. In exchange youcan request them for a link in their blog. Execution time – 1 to 2 weeks.Broken links : While searching for broken links you can find pages which provide link to you. You canask for permission from the webmaster to replace the broken links by another link to you. Execution time– 1 to 2 weeks.
  11. 11. Finding malware : From the ScrapeBox you can find malware sites. Inform the webmasters about thisand request fro a link from them. Execution time – 1 to 2 weeks.Identify Viagra Hackers : Many hackers are these days trying to penetrate college sites, blogs ornormal HTML websites for getting links. Webmasters mostly are unaware of this going-on. You can gainlinks by making them aware of these facts. Execution time – 2 to 4 weeks.Social -As a part of strategy for web marketing social media is not disconnected with link building. We havediscussed two ways of building links with the social media sites.Twitter : Having a twitter account can get you easy links. Execution time – 1 to 2 weeks and ongoing.Social bookmarking : Certain social bookmarking sites like Diggs, Delicious etc. can also give you links.Execution time - 1 to 2 weeks and ongoing.Creating Useful Things -There are a multitude of things which you can create and the webmasters can embed these things in theirsites. In exchange you get links. Also, some of the things you create may attract links naturally to youroffered page. Thus you stand to gain both ways.Icon sets : Icon sets are easy to create and once accepted they bring you loads of links. Even if you areunable to design them, you can always hire somebody to create a set for you. You can then give away thesefree on your blog post for those who want them. But advertise these free giveaways in the design blogs.Execution time – 2 to 4 weeks.Badges : You can also create badges for giving out during award functions. But ensure that the badgesfollow some vital links for you. Execution time – 3 to 4 weeks.WordPress themes : Only designing WordPress themes for building of links does not carry much value.To get valuable links the themes should be properly used with relevant content. Execution time : 4 to 8weeks.Drupal themes : Like WordPress themes, Drupal themes also could be used to develop links. Actually,most people concentrate on WordPress themes during theme development. So, developing a Drupaltheme you are likely to face much less competition. Execution time – 4 to 8 weeks.Widgets : Webmasters can post the embeddable widgets on their sites. So, if you have created suchwidgets and coded them correctly they can fetch you lots of links. Execution time – 4 to 8 weeks.Extensions & Plugins : Extensions and CMS Plugins also could give you some links like WordPress.Execution time – 2 to 4 weeks.
  12. 12. Toolbars : You can also create a toolbar which will enable the webmasters to put on their sites with alink. Execution time – 2to 4 weeks.Paid Strategies -If you have some money to spare then you can go for some of the paid strategies listed below.Paid reviews : In order to get a review on the blog for a service or a product you can use some siteslike sponsoredreviews.com etc. and pay for blogger reviews which will provide in the review a link to you.Execution time : 2 to 6 weeks.Paying for embedding badges : This is a paid link and is undetectable though it will enhance trust andbrand awareness. Moreover, you can get natural embeds from it. Execution time – 2 to 4 weeks.Sponsor contests : You may also arrange for blogging contests by spending $50 to 100. Also, make surethat the bloggers write about the contest in their blogs with a link to all the sponsors. Execution time – 2to 4 weeks.Sponsor clubs : There are various clubs in most of the colleges. You can sponsor one such club inexchange for a link by spending $50, probably the clubs will not mind. Execution time – 2 to 4 weeks.Sponsor events : In the group events like a local meet or an industry conference or some seminarsponsorship is asked for. By spending $100 to 200 for sponsoring such an event you can get a link inexchange. Execution time – 2 to 4 weeks.Donation to charities, NGOs etc. : Non-profiting organizations and charities usually maintain adonators’ page. You can get a link by donating $50 to 100. Execution time – 2 to 4 weeks.Theme sponsorship : You can build links by sponsoring WordPress themes. The cost of a sponsorshipmay vary from $25 to 50. It’s better to check out well before theme sponsorship. Execution time – 2 to 4weeks.Crowdfunding : You can invest small amounts in a number of businesses through the manycrowdfunding opportunities. Also, you can approach the individual business houses to get a link inexchange for sponsoring their projects. Execution time – 2 to 4 weeks.Don’t Miss: Need Urgent Money? Try Crowdfunding PlatformSponsoring animal shelters : With a meager $10 you can sponsor any local animal shelter. Executiontime – 2 to 4 weeks.Buying StumbleUpon traffic : You can ask webmasters for some link on your page as an exchange forStumbleUpon PD traffic worth $10 to 20. At times they might relent and you earn some valuable links.Execution time – 1 to 2 weeks.
  13. 13. Hiring industry veterans : Relationship building can lead to link building. You can hire people fromindustry who will explore their contacts they have developed to give you links. Execution time – 12+weeks and ongoing.Hiring veteran link builders : Like the industry veterans, most of the experienced and veteran linkbuilders too have their own books of contacts. In the past they might have had dealings with thosepersons. In such a case you can hire them to get those contacts. Execution time – 12+ weeks and ongoing.Content acquisition : If you find that there are a number of links in a content in a site which remainsneglected you can ask the webmaster whether in exchange for $100 to 200 he will transfer that page toyour site. As the webmaster no longer bothers for the site he may be quite willing to do it. Execution time– 2 to 6 weeks.College/Educational Links -Though .Edu links are some top links they are very difficult to earn. A few strategies discussed belowmight work in favor.Write curriculum : You can approach the universities and let them know about your domain ofexpertise. You can write some curriculum for the courses conducted there and thereby earn some citationlinks. Execution time – 4 to 8 weeks.Intern/job postings : If you are in an internship or a job you can expect to get a few .edu links.Execution time – 8 to 12 weeks.Offer discounts : By offering discounts to the students, teachers and the faculty you can earn some linkseasily. Execution time -1 to 2 weeks.Speakers at universities : Most universities announce the list of speakers in their websites. Make surethat a link is included to your site. Execution time -1 to 2 weeks.Scholarships : If you can spare some amount from you budget you can arrange for some decentscholarship, say $500 to 1000 in various high schools and colleges. This is a bread and butter strategy forearning .edu links. Alternatively, you can also call for a contest in which the finalists are required to writeposts on your blog about reasons for their deserving it. Execution time – 4 to 8 weeks.Alumni directories : Websites of most colleges have a niche for their alumni. Some of them also linkout to the websites of the alumni. You can get some valuable links from this. Execution time – 1 to 2weeks.Student blogs : Students write blogs in their college websites. Building relationship with them throughbuying them lunch or some other way you can get some links. Moreover, they are much easier to handlethan the college webmaster. Execution time - 3 to 4 weeks.Community Strategies -
  14. 14. You can build strong relationship by continuous interaction in communities and this way you buildvaluable links too.Community newspapers : There are many online newspapers which are run by people. By regularcontribution or addition of your comments and insights you can have a constant source of links. Some ofthese newspaper sites are :  http://www.nowpublic.com  http://www.demotix.com  http://www.allvoices.comExecution time – 3 to 4 weeks.Blog commenting : You can derive some value from offering your comments on blogs. Through regularcomments you build a rapport with the bloggers which might eventually lead you to some link building.Execution time – 1 to 2 weeks and ongoing.Don’t Miss: How I Get 300 Unique Visitors Everyday by Blog CommentingForum posting : Forum posting opens the gate to establish contacts with people in your domain.Provided you choose the proper forum you can find a veritable source of links from this. Execution time –1 to 2 weeks and ongoing.Q & A : You can use sites like Yahoo! Answers to build some links which may also see some inflow oftraffic. For ensuring a link cite pages in your site while responding to the questions. Execution time – 1 to2 weeks and ongoing.Leverage Accessible Opportunities -At times it may happen that there are links which are yours but you haven’t actually got them. Forinstance, someone might have used your content and so you should get a link in exchange. Some of theseopportunities are discussed below.Asking customers : If you have sold some product or service to someone you can ask from them for alink. You can also ask him to write a review for the service or the product. Execution time – 1 to 2 weeks.Your commentators : By going back to the URLs of your commentators you can find personscommenting on your blogs. Just like in Twitter, avail of this opportunity to build relations with them toget links in future. Execution time – 1 to 2 weeks and ongoing.Scraped content links : In the eventuality of your content being scraped and if the scraped contentdoesn’t leave a link back you should make it a point to contact the webmaster for getting one. Since it fallsunder copyright infringement he cannot decline your request. Execution time – 1 to 2 weeks.
  15. 15. Take advantage of copy & pasting : In the event of your content being copy and pasted the site givesyou a link by using JavaScript. When a blogger attempts to copy a paragraph from you recent post addingit to his own a link is automatically added. Execution time – 1 to 2 weeks.Contact people for using your infographics/images : With the help of reverse image searching byGoogle You can ascertain if other websites have been using your infographics or images. Approach thempolitely for a link in return. In cases where they refuse you can always threaten them with copyrightinfringement. Execution time – 1 to 2 weeks.Brand mentions : In case of your brand being mentioned you can ask for a link in return so that thereader would know where in the web your brand is located. Execution time – 1 to 2 weeks.Associations/organizations : If you are associated with some organizations or associations it could bethat they maintain a website in which case you can ask if they link to members. If they do get yourselfincluded. Execution time – 1 to 2 weeks.Link re-purposing : When you have many links with branded or generic anchor texts ask thewebmasters if they could change the text to match exactly or partially. Some persons have got a lot ofsuccess in this way. Execution time – 1 to 2 weeks.Reclaiming Twitter links : At times people do link to Twitter account. In such a case, go to Twitterwidget page and ask the webmasters to link to the website Twitter page of yours rather than to Twitterdirectly. Execution time – 1 to 2 weeks and ongoing.Previous linkers : Some people who had linked with you previously might again do so in the future. So,nurture them well and make sure that they are well aware of your content as this way you may earn hugelinks. Execution time – 1 to 2 weeks and ongoing.Your influence : Using your influence you can definitely build links. Actually you can use your influencewith the strategies we have spoken of above with a very high rate of success. But you must see that youmake yourself known to the person you are contacting. Execution time – 12+ weeks and ongoing.Reclaim broken links : Links to the websites may break over time. It could be because the webmasterdamaged your URL or your page had been moved. You can find out which are the pages with 404 errorsby going to the Google Webmaster Tools. Then these pages can be redirected to either the intended pageor the home page. Execution time – 2 to 4 weeks.Your Twitter followers : It is but natural that people who follow you on Twitter will more probablylink to you So, scrape the followers, identify the influencers and set up relationships with them. This wayin future you can earn many links. Execution time – 3 to 4 weeks and ongoing.Give -You might be having things which people want. So give them away to earn links.
  16. 16. Products to bloggers : You can connect with the bloggers by giving them your service or product andasking them for a review in exchange. There are many such mid-level bloggers in industries who willwillingly oblige you. Execution time – 2 to 4 weeks.Discounts. : You can get some serious mention by giving coupons or discounts. There are writers whowrite posts dedicated to coupons and discounts. You can also get yourself included in their list. Executiontime – 2 to 4 weeks.Contest giveaways : If a blogging contest is going on you can approach the blogger in charge of runningthe show and ask if you could present your relevant service or product to the winner of the contest. Theywill be very happy and, if asked, may reward you with a link. Execution time – 3 to 4 weeks.Develop Relationships -As discussed earlier relationships and links are directly connected with each other. The more number ofwebmasters and bloggers you know your chances of getting links are more. Some great ways to buildrelationships are discussed here.Random show of kindness : Just by being nice to people or helping them in times of their needs canbe great for link building as you can develop lasting relationships this way. Execution time – 1 to 2 weeksand ongoing.Care for people : Just show your concern, your care for people. Show others that you are also humanand share in their small joys and sorrows if they happen to inform such events on Twitter. You neverknow ; these may be the stepping stones to building a steady relationship in future. Execution time – 1 to2 weeks and ongoing.Participate : Through participation in any survey or such other things you get to know a lot of newpeople. Execution time – 1 to 2 weeks and ongoing.Local meetups : Local meetups are one of the best ways to know people living in the neighborhood. Thisis more true in the case of big metropolitan cities. Execution time – 3 to 4 weeks and ongoing.User group meetings : You can meet like-minded people by searching who use the same services orproducts as you. Execution time – 3 to 4 weeks and ongoing.Conferences : You should attend conferences as much as possible as you get to know a lot of new peoplein these venues and your chances of building relationships grow. Execution time – 12+ weeks andongoing.Call them : Establish telephonic conversation with people so that at least they could hear your voice.Execution time – 1 to 2 weeks and ongoing.G+ hangouts/Skype : Through Google+ or Skype you get to see someone’s face without physicallymeeting him. Execution time – 1 to 2 weeks and ongoing.
  17. 17. Twitters, responses etc. : In order to connect people on Twitter you can re-tweet them several times.As their tweets appear you should respond to a few of them. Then you can start conversation with them indirect messages. Finally, you can mutually send e-mails to keep the ball rolling. Execution time – 1 to 2weeks and ongoing.Answer questions : Answer questions on the social network sites like Twitter, Facebook etc. People doask questions in these forums. So, this is a great opportunity to get yourself known to others. Executiontime – 1 to 2 weeks and ongoing.Traffic Drivers -Some of the links we build are for traffic. We have more traffic as we get high rankings. Here we aresupplying some links for traffic.Newsletters : You can get a lot of traffic by incorporating the links within your site in the newsletters.You can also find some influential newsletters in your domain for getting a link included. Execution time– 3 to 4 weeks and ongoing.Craigslist : There are some classified sites like Craigslist which can drive some traffic. But your contentmust be relevant and spam-free. Execution time – 1 to 2 weeks.Email signatures : Sending out a everyday a considerable number of emails with an email signaturewhich has a link back you can get a lot of people to your website per day. Execution time – 1 to 2 weeks.Scoop .it : Scoop .it is a great way in driving traffic with some nofollow links being built simultaneously.Execution time – 1 to 2 weeks.Community Projects -Yu can build your trust and authority with new projects in you domain, at the same time you can get somelinks.New online community : You can create it in a Q&A site, niche forum or social network. Executiontime – 12+ weeks and ongoing.Wiki : Wikis can do wonders for building links but people must be involved. Approaching the influencersin the beginning to contribute and announcing incentives for the contributions you can build up yourauthority. Make sure that there is a link to yourself. Execution time – 1 to 2 weeks.Industry specific directory : You can create a quality niche directory which is not available in theindustry. If you introduce only quality sites in it chances are that it will frequently be referred on resourcelist. Of course, there will be links to your own site. Execution time – 1 to 2 weeks.Local -
  18. 18. Depending upon your location you can some links from the local websites. In the following ways you canuse your location to generate links.Better Business Bureau : The Better Business Bureau is an individual site which generates more trustthan other links. The price varies in different cities/regions/states and depends upon the no. ofemployees. You should get a link out of all this. But at times you must check to see if in the directorylisting your link is a live link or not. For any complaint you can call the local BBB representative.Execution time – 1 to 2 weeks.Chamber of commerce : If your Chamber of Commerce can give you a link it will be a guaranteed link.But, of course, you must know the right people to contact for this. Execution time – 1 to 2 weeks.Local listings : You can also build links by submitting your site to the local listings. Execution time – 1to 2 weeks.Library : Most of the local libraries have their websites with a link profile. You can contact the peoplethere and get some links. These links will be from the best sites. Execution time – 3 to 12 weeks.Linking Out -This is a decent way to earn links. When the bloggers see that they have been linked by your blog they willdefinitely check the content. People like to help those who have helped them.Getting trackbacks : You can find blogs which give you trackback links. Execution time – 1 to 2 weeksand ongoing.Link roundups : By regularly doing a roundup of the posts in your domain on a weekly, monthly or evendaily basis you can get yourself noticed by mid-level or high-level bloggers. Execution time – 1 to 2 weeksand ongoing.Giving trackbacks : You can reward people by giving trackback links. In future, people might be linkingout to you when they see these backlinks. Execution time – 1 to 2 weeks and ongoing.Reach out to mid-level bloggers : Middle level bloggers are the most suitable targets as they feel veryhappy when they are linked to. Actually this group gives you the best natural links from their blogs.Execution time – 1 to 2 weeks and ongoing.Mention names of people : It’s a very good strategy to mention names of people whenever possible bylinking out to them . Since people generally love to be mentioned they will surely share posts with you ifthey find out. Execution time – 1 to 2 weeks and ongoing.Sparking conversation : Reserve your comments allowing other bloggers to converse on any topic intheir blog. Tell them if they link to you, you will also do the same at the end. People will almost certainlylink back. Execution time – 1 to 2 weeks.
  19. 19. Getting People To Browse Through Your Content -Your content will not be linked to by people if they do not find any. In other case, they might even skipwithout actually going through it. So, you must endeavor to reach out your content to as many people aspossible and also ensure that they actually read it.Segment your content : Make smaller paragraphs in your content with proper lists, headers andbullets wherever applicable. Add proper spacing. Overall your content should appear visually attractiveand readable, thus building links in turn. Execution time – 1 to 2 weeks.No grammar or spelling errors : Any content with a lot of grammar and spelling errors makesreading a tedious task. To earn links make the content free from such aberrations. Execution time – 1 to 2weeks and ongoing.Evergreen content : Contents which have perennial value have the capacity to be rediscovered andhence the probability of being linked to the second time. Execution time – 3 to 4 weeks.Offer content in multiple languages : Not all potential linkers are English-speaking. So, translateyour content in different languages and also submit the same to non-English directories. Execution time –2 to 4 weeks.High readability score : Your content should not only be readable but it should be understandable too.If people do not understand what you have written there is no reason why they will link to it. Executiontime – 1 to 2 weeks.Social platform optimization : Contents may be found on entirely different platforms such as Twitter,LinkedIn etc. So, you must get your content in the right platform and before the right people. Executiontime – 1 to 2 weeks.Miscellaneous -Check out the following miscellaneous categories for link building strategies which do not fall under onespecific heading.Setting up free blogs : Others may be happy if you set up free blogs for them as it is not easy for thembut you should ensure that in return you get a link from them. Execution time – 2 to 4 weeks.Get a Wikipedia page : Rather than contributing, it’s better to have a Wikipedia page of your own oryour company. In case you are well-known it will be a great help to build trust. Also, get others to write init to show that it is unbiased. Execution time – 8 to 12 weeks.Reverse engineering assets : You can use assets like Infographics, awards etc. employed by yourcompetitors before and thus steal their success. Execution time – 2 to 6 weeks.
  20. 20. Contribution to Wikipedia : Cite your content on Wikipedia pages. This way you get a link in‘References’ tab. This is a very trustworthy link and can lead to heavy relevant traffic. Execution time – 3to 4 weeks.Non-college job or intern postings : Intern and job postings outside colleges can do wonders for linkbuilding. If a reputed job site happens to choose your postings the same gets spread to many others.Execution time – 1 to 2 weeks.Offline marketing : You have to spread the word away from computer while you are meeting customersor giving a visitor card or even by pasting on your car a sticker showing your URL. This results in traffic,brand awareness and finally links. Execution time – 4 to 8 weeks.Affiliate program : Though this strategy is not that efficacious these days but you can start an affiliateprogram. If you are lucky you can earn links through affiliate links as well as to the program page itself.Execution time – 12+ weeks and ongoing.Video embeds : Links can be included in the embed code for the videos. By asking bloggers to host thesevideos you gain link for each embed. Execution time – 2 to 6 weeks.By crashing cars : An insane strategy to be in the news indeed, if ever there was one. But the main pointbehind is creativity. For getting new link opportunities you have to show creativity. Execution time – 12+weeks and ongoing.Guest books : Guest books are still offered in some dated sites. If you happen to see one include a linkwhile signing in. Execution time – 1 to 2 weeks.Expired Blogspot blogs : People are allowed to register in some expired blogspot blogs. You can findsome links in these blogs. Putting some content there you can link this back to your main site. Just checkbroken links in pages which are linked out to hundreds of blogs. In case of a blogspot blog, if there is abroken link you can register. Execution time – 1 to 2 weeks.Linker outreach : On social sharing sites you may find people who have similar content as yours.Approach them with your content. They might share or link to it. Execution time – 1 to 2 weeks.Relevant reciprocal links : You can reciprocate links with a website but be sure that they are relevant,trustworthy and contemporary websites. Execution time – 1 to 2 weeks.Two tier link building : You can build links to pages which link to you. This is awesome as you canutilize it for your authority and reputation and also to spur sales. But you should do it only for trustworthysites. Execution time – 1 to 2 weeks.Google Alerts : This is one of the most reputed and free prospecting tools. Surely, there cannot be abetter method of finding prospects. Execution time – 1 to 2 weeks.
  21. 21. Abandoned domains : You can also find and take over the abandoned domains and use their expiredcontents elsewhere. It is better to find some such domains which have link equity, then you canrepopulate the content on pages which have maximum links. Needless to say, some links back to you areto be included in the content. Execution time – 2 to 4 weeks.Buying existing domains : For building up link assets you can even buy existing domains which are onsale. Though this process is costly it is a strategy. Execution time – 2 to 4 weeks.Joining associations or organizations : Links can also be gained from the members of organizations,groups and associations, whether they are local or niche specific. Execution time – 2 to 4 weeks.Networking : You can create a network of non-competing blogs by using the relationships you havebuilt. Ask them to link out to you as you do to them. Once in a month or in a week everyone must link outto other blogs in the network. This is much akin to reciprocal linking but only better as links arecontextual, relevant and natural. Execution time - 8 to 12 weeks.Help a reporter out (HARO) : Industry experts and bloggers are connected with the journalists byHARO. You can become a source and get a lot of links from the news sites. Execution time – 1 to 2 weeks.PR Outreach : By researching properly regarding the person whom you are approaching for publicrelations you can create a long-term relationship and link building. Execution time – 3 to 4 weeks.Top commentators widget : Some blogs provide a top commentators widget which displays the list oftop commentators in a sidebar. You can send your comments regularly to such blogs to earn a sitewidelink. Execution time – 8 to 12 weeks.Coin a new term : You can also try coining some new terms which might catch on with people so thatpeople start talking about them. Execution time – 8 to 12 weeks.Sighhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!Finally I am done with my big, (sorry) BIG list of Link Building...To get more such incredible and elaborated list, CLICK HERE to subscribe, and I’ll send them to you byemail, free of charge. This Email newsletter is not our general update, I share some of my personal“Blogging Strategies“, which you might or might not find on this blog.Lastly, Please share this post if you enjoyed reading it. I am counting everyone.Happy Link Building!Got any more tips about Link Building Strategies? please visithttp://www.monetizeblogging.com