Amplexor Drupal for the Enterprise seminar - evaluating Drupal for the Enterprise
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Amplexor Drupal for the Enterprise seminar - evaluating Drupal for the Enterprise



Amplexor Drupal for the Enterprise seminar - evaluating Drupal for the Enterprise by Jan Lemmens

Amplexor Drupal for the Enterprise seminar - evaluating Drupal for the Enterprise by Jan Lemmens



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Amplexor Drupal for the Enterprise seminar - evaluating Drupal for the Enterprise Amplexor Drupal for the Enterprise seminar - evaluating Drupal for the Enterprise Presentation Transcript

  • Drupal in the Enterprise
  • 1.  functional features 2.  technical features 3.  knowledge & support 4.  product life cycle 5.  future
  • introduction
  • open source free of licensing costs public scrutiny of code no vendor lock-in
  • made in Belgium created by Dries Buytaert
  • since 2001 7 stable releases
  • organic no central roadmap 1,003,094 people in 228 countries speaking 181 languages power Drupal
  • community maintains the ecosystem Drupal core contributed modules documentation ...
  • Drupal is user- and content-centric build for user-generated content
  • Drupal is not a full-fledged “product” flexible & extendible framework engagement content publishing social commerce community Drupal !
  • Drupal is lightweight basic CMS functionality + APIs
  • Drupal is lightweight most functionality is added by modules
  • theme! core module! contrib module! contrib module! Drupal API! custom module!
  • theme! core module! contrib module! contrib module! custom module! Drupal API! database!
  • Drupal has no separate back-end system visitor! webserver! editor!
  • software stack recommended Drupal! PHP! Apache! MySQL! Linux!
  • key points of attention when deploying Drupal in an Enterprise environment
  • 1.  functional features
  • core vs. contrib quality security code quality test coverage UI interoperability
  • core vs. contrib selecting contributed modules maintenance status development status # reported installs stability # active comitters # open bugs security background
  • publishing workflows can be added (contrib) Workbench module
  • multi-language core contains basic localisation features synchronous/asynchronous RTL support > 100 languages supported Internationalization module suite
  • asset management core only provides a file upload field Media module
  • mailing mailing from the webserver is a bad idea performance no tracking, batch sending, segmentation, ... risk for black-listing
  • personalisation Drupal is very user-centric user APIs modules (e.g. WEM module)
  • search integration with e.g. Acquia Search (Solr)
  • commerce Drupal Commerce suite of modules well documented and maintained commercial support available
  • 2.  technical features
  • multisite website 1! website 2! website 3! website 4! codebase" core + modules! db1! db2! db3! db4!
  • multisite creates a strong dependency between sites perfect for a “family” of related websites not that feasible for separate projects
  • security Drupal Security Team (since 2005) Benjamin Jeavons Gregory Knaddison
  • security Security Advisories (SA) Drupal core contributed code limited advance disclosure before public disclosure core and stable contrib modules are conform OWASP top 10
  • security Security Advisories (SA) number of Security Advisories per year (2013 data to date)
  • security cause of vulnerabilities and weaknesess incorrect use of core APIs misconfiguration infrastructure issues
  • security key points of attention use only stable modules developer training to fully grasp core APIs security testing/audit update core and contrib
  • infrastructure Trafic to Drupal & openX Application Firewall (stand-by) Application firewall Trafic for Assets (video & images) Load Balancer + Cache (stand-by) Load Balancer + Cache Assets (Images & Video) OpenX Database Slave Database Master Drupal Search Monitoring (zabbix?) Test & Dev Environment
  • infrastructure PHP, Apache, MySQL, load balancing, reverse proxy, Memcached, Apache Solr, monitoring, firewalling, etc. lots of different technologies expertise is an absolute must
  • infrastructure Acquia Cloud Drupal PaaS
  • 3.  knowledge & support
  • Drupal 7 contains only 1 vendor library (jQuery)
  • Drupal lives on its own island all documentation needs to come from inside hard to find good Drupal talent holds back community growth reduced compatibility Drupal 8 contains 7 vendor libraries
  • 4.  product life cycle
  • product life cycle no backwards compatibility major versions 5 6 7 8 ... minor versions 7.1 7.2 7.3 ... 7.23
  • product life cycle Drupal core release windows st Wednesday of each month: bug fix release 1 rd Wednesday of each month: security release 3
  • project life cycle project finish! D8 upgrade start! project start (D6)! 2010! 2011! Drupal 7 release! D8 upgrade finish! 2012! 2013! 2015! 2014! Drupal 8 release! no support!!
  • project life cycle new community proposal example D6 security updates untill 3 months after D8 LTS release" LTS = last minor version
  • 5.  future
  • Drupal 8 configuration management multi-language and Views in core new back-end UI + inline editing REST webservices built in OO patterns + Symfony integration new templating engine (Twig) support for WAI-ARAI standards
  • Drupal 8 configuration management deployments made easier
  • Drupal 8 new back-end UI
  • Drupal 8 inline editing
  • Drupal 8 multi-language/Views in core two of the most important modules in the ecosystem no waiting for stable version start earlier with new project or migration
  • Drupal 8 web services in core integrating with other systems modules can use core APIs
  • Drupal 8 release expected Q2 2014
  • conclusion
  • conclusion Drupal is a very lightweight framework heavily content- and user-centric extremely flexible and extendable
  • enterprise Drupal = expertise Drupal core + selection of modules + integration with services + professional support
  • Customer Solution! Amplexor Offer Acquia Network Subscription! Acquia Cloud! Drupal specific managed hosted environment! Training Professional Services strategy, creative, design, integration, implementation, migration, go-live, production, incremental, development!