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Today Is Going To Rain!
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Today Is Going To Rain!

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  • 1. My honeymoon!
  • 2. My husband and I decided to go to Paris in us honeymoon!
  • 3. That travel was fantastic because we had a tour around Paris. We knew beautiful places like Torre Eiffel made by Gustave Eiffel for the aspect universal in 1899.
  • 4. For this time was the tallest building in the world.
  • 5. The Torre Eiffel is fantastic and beautiful. After we were in the “Le Pouce” here is the monument really cool and funny it is a big finger.
  • 6. That was made in 1965 by César Baldaccini for one exposition about hands. That monument is the attractive tourist most funny in Paris in my opinion. This is a great street.
  • 7. My husband was very excited for the tour so when I called my mom just told when you visit the place, you fall in love with it! And you need to be here mom the next summer!
  • 8. When we arrived us suit we were very tired for the beautiful tour but we lost the key the suit! And we couldn’t were in us suit.
  • 9. We were very confused because we didn’t remember where put the key! That was terrible.
  • 10. While we were in the backyard that was fantastic and we toke a drink here but I couldn’t stop asked me where we put the key?
  • 11. Finally we were very happy and when we arrived to Mexico us family were very excited for us! I would like to go in another occasion to Paris!
  • 12. That travel was incredible but I need to replace my passport.I’m so happy in my new life!