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  • 1. My new apartment
  • 2. Hello I’m looking for an apartment and I want to pay maximum $600 a month but I need to search in a newspaper.
  • 3. -Excuse me could you tell me where can I buy a newspaper?-Oh yes! You have to walk only two streets and you find a newspaper station.
  • 4. In this moment every day, I’m going to read the newspaper ads to find a new place to live. I’d visit different apartments and I’d meet lots of landlords. It would be interesting to visit nice apartments in big buildings.
  • 5. I’d spend my life moving from one apartment building to the next.Finally I found a new apartment with this characteristics: 2 rooms, 1 bathroom, a little garage, a Kitchen and a sitting room.
  • 6. I’d like in my new room have to a bed, my laptop, plants because I love the nature, a stereo and some pictures because I’m a great photographer and I like my job.
  • 7. I really like the new place but I have to buy my own furniture. However I have a little problem in this moment I don’t have enough money so I’d have to ask my parents If their could give me some money?
  • 8. -Hi parents how are you today?-Hi Darling we’re ok? What do you want? Are you ok?-Yes, mom… I just was wondering if you could give me some money for tomorrow?
  • 9. - Yes, I don’t have any problem with them.- How much?-Around five hundred pesos.- ok, no problem. See you tomorrow.
  • 10. In my new building we have an elevator and security service. That’s really nice because this is a great place for live quiet.
  • 11. I’m very happy and I would like to see my friends in my neighborhood and I’d see my sis because she’s very friendly and I love her.
  • 12. In my neighborhood I have a great friends. I think they’ll be very happy for me and my new life!I’d like go to the party with them maybe we’re going to the dance.
  • 13. That’s really nice finally I’m going to live alone with my own things.