Front cover analysis essay


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Front cover analysis essay

  1. 1. Front Cover Analysis EssayThe heading of the metal hammer magazine uses a large san-serif font which is located in the middleof the page, the colour used for the heading is white, the cover lines of the metal hammer magazineuse the same font style and are also in white however these have been faded as not to drawattention away from the main article. Along the top of the magazine a banner has been advertiseother bands featured within the magazine. The colour scheme of the metal hammer magazine usesdarker colours which give connotations of danger, such as yellow, orange and red, this is due to thedarker connotations of the magazines and the niche articles within also the colours are that of therecently released album by the cover artist, however the use of the colour white stands out from thedarker colours which will draw the audience towards the magazine. The mast head instantlyidentifies the target audience with the word ‘Metal’ referring to the music genre, whilst alsoconjuring up imagery of a hard, cold feel to the magazine , this is combined with ‘Hammer’ which isin adds the imagery of power and medieval battles. Metal hammer have repeated mastheads foreach issue, the masthead is located in the primary optical area of the magazine. The cover artists are
  2. 2. within the primary optical area and the strong fallow area. Due to the magazine being wellestablished the masthead of the metal hammer magazine is slightly covered by the cover artists, theband are show wearing black and follow the stereotypical heavy metal look (the front man is shownwith a ginger beard this could be a link to the orange colouring, this may have been used to create acomedic effect). Several smaller images have also been used to show another article within themagazine and to show the free gifts within the magazine, such as a CD and posters, this has beencombined with a badge which informs the reader of the free gifts. The target audience of the metalhammer magazine would be people who enjoy the more niche genre of Heavy metal and it’s sub-genres, the target age group would be from the age of 16 to a more older audience.The NME magazine is aimed towards a more of an upbeat mainstream audience and uses colourswhich reflect the happier attitudes such as pink and yellow, the font used in the NME is also san-serifwhich goes with the music, the target audience of the NME magazine would be people who preferthe more mainstream music such as pop/indie and are in a relatively younger age range. The nameNME (New Musical Express) gives insight into the genre that the magazine is known for; this meansthe audience looking for newer music will find it easily identifiable. The cover artist is dressed inblack however has a bright blue painted face this makes him stand out from the magazines colourscheme as the cover artist is known for his eccentric style and this has been incorporated into thecover. Along with this the cover is vertically balanced with the artist crouched down beside the text.The text uses the same colour styling as the masthead, with the same font being used repeatedly;however there is a second font used to show a quote from the cover artist. The Along the top of themagazine a banner has been used to show several smaller articles within the magazine, thesebanners both use the reoccurring colour scheme and font of the house style. On the NME cover thecaver artist is found in the strong fallow area.The NME masthead has used the colour white to stand out amongst the other colourful text; this issimilar to that of the metal hammers cover line. Another similarity between the two magazines isthe use of other images to show other artists within the magazine meaning that the cover artist maynot be liked by everybody so the magazine offers alternative stories. Both of the magazines targettheir audience through the use of colours which are strongly related to the genres with the modernpop and indie music being bright and friendly and the darker colours of metal hammer being used tocreate a darker, angrier atmosphere. Another similarity between the two magazines is that theyboth use banners and badges to display lesser articles and small points about what’s within themagazine.