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Slides steve jobs

Slides steve jobs






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    Slides steve jobs Slides steve jobs Presentation Transcript

    • We Present You The Life of“Steve Jobs”
      Presented By :
      Manita Shrestha
      Krishna Karki
      Devraj Paudel
      Deepesh Paudel
    • Early Years
      Born in San Francisco on February 24, 1955 to Joanne Carole Schieble and Abdulfattah John Jandali.
      Adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs of Mountain View, California
      They gave him the name “Steven Paul Jobs”
    • Educational Career.
      Attended Cupertino Middle School and Homestead High School.
      lecture at the Hewlett-Packard Company, where he was later hired as a summer employee.
      After high school, he attended Reed College in Portland, Oregon for one semester, and then dropped out.
      Two years later, in 1974, he started going to meetings for the “Homebrew Computer Club.
      Jobs took a job at Atari, a popular video game company, as a technician, hoping to save enough money for a spiritual retreat to India.
      At Atari, he was given the job of designing economic circuit board for the game “Breakout”. He couldn’t and gave this responsibility to his friend Wozniakand who designed so economically.
    • Early Career
      On April 1, 1976, the Apple Computer Co. was formed.
      Their first PC, the Apple I, sold for $666.66, and was released in 1976
      The Apple II, which was released the next year, was a huge success
      In May of 1980, they released the Apple III. It wasn’t as popular, but that same year, Apple became a publicly traded corporation, greatly expanding Jobs’ company
    • Steve’s Accomplishments
      Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Apple Inc and Pixar.
      Guinness Book of World Records as the "Lowest Paid Chief Executive Officer”.
      Pixar Company bought Oscar Winning Awards Films such as “Toy Story”, “Finding Nemo”, and “The Incredible”.
      Largest single shareholder of the Walt Disney Company, with 7% of the stock.
    • Personal & Business Facts
      Annual income is $1million. Even though he holds 5.426 million Apple shares as well as 138 million shares in Disney Pixar.
      Forbes estimated his net wealth to be $5.1 billion in 2009 which made him 43rd wealthiest American.
      Is married to Laurence Powell on 1991. Have a son and two daughters
      Great Fan of The Beatles. He even compared his business model to Beatles.
    • Personal & Business Facts…..
      Not widely known for Philanthropic causes. After resuming control of Apple in 1997, eliminated all corporate philanthropy programs.
      Known for aggressive and demanding personality. Fortune has mentioned him as one of Silicon Valley’s leading egomaniacs.
      He has also made into the fortune’s list of America’s toughest bosses.
      One of his colleague once said Jobs would have made an excellent King of France. This was because of his compelling to work and his larger than life persona.
    • Personal & Business Facts…..
      He has always aspired to position Apple and its products at the forefront of the information technology industry by foreseeing and setting trends.
      He was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his pancreas in mid 2004. He also had a liver transplant in April 2009.
      Currently he has been granted a medical leave of absence from Jan 7, 2011.
      Despite the leave, he made appearances at the iPad 2 launch event, the WWDC keynote introducing iCloud, etc which shows that he is always dedicated to his work.
    • Jobs Gets Fired : The Global News
      The Global media was all over Jobs exit from Apple.
    • The Downfall of Jobs
      In 1984, Steve Jobs hired John Sculley, the president of Pepsi Cola as the CEO of Apple.
      The working methods of Sculley did not match to the expectations of Jobs.
      Steve planned to send Sculley to China as a business tour just in order to play a decisive role in his absence.
      The clash between the Board members and Jobs actually heated during the project LISA in 1982.
    • The Downfall of Jobs…..
      In May 1985, Jobs was fired from Apple by the CEO and the board.
      The 12 years without Steve Jobs is considered as the worst period for Apple.
      Apple faced many financial crisis and lacked the vision and leadership of Jobs.
    • The Rise of Jobs
      After getting fired in 1985, Jobs, along with his former employees started a new computer company named “NEXT”.
      Initial investment of $ 7 million of his own money.
      However, It was too costly, had a black-and-white screen, and couldn't be linked to other computers or run common software.
      In 1986, Jobs paid filmmaker George Lucas $10 million for a small firm called Pixar that specialized in computer animation.
      Later, It set out to make the first-ever computer-animated feature film, “Toy Story”- a massive box office hit.
    • The Rise of Jobs…..
      In December of 1996, Apple announced that it was purchasing Next Software for over $400 million. Jobs returned to Apple as a part-time consultant to CEO Gilbert Amelio.
      The following year, in August, Apple entered into a partnership with archrival Microsoft, in which the two companies agreed to cooperate on several sales and technological fronts.
      In September of 1997, Jobs was named interim CEO of Apple while a replacement for the ousted Amelio was sought.
    • What can we learn from this life?
    • Connecting the dots.
      Stay Hungry , Stay Foolish.
      Love and Loss.
      Don’t be trapped by dogma.
    • Thank You !!!
      Have a Good Evening Ahead !!!