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Red panda spa

  1. 1. Welcome to the Red Panda Medi Spa Up for a FREE Treatment on Red Panda Spa (Health Care Products/Services)Nearly everyone will agree that the key to a healthy and happy life can be summarized in oneword:Achieving and maintaining a state of balance is imperative to one’s physical mental and evenspiritual well-being. The concept of healing the whole person has made many recent strides.At the Red Panda Medi Spa, one of the leading spas in Toronto, we believe in providing anintegrative approach to physical complaints and disorders, with the best of Western and Easterninnovative therapies and treatments. All of this combines into one of the most advanced de-stressing programs available in any of the surrounding Toronto spas. Our unique combination ofmedical-grade spa and health treatments will aid you in restoring systemic balance, health and aradiant sense of well-being that is more than skin-deep.
  2. 2. The integration of the best traditional and alternative medicines into a relaxing spa environmentprovides an ideal setting for the restoration of beauty and health.What We OfferBecause we are a medical spa, we are able to accept extended healthcare coverage. We canincorporate your extended healthcare benefits into many of our spa treatments. Find out moreabout this on our Extended Healthcare coverage page.The Red Panda Medi Spa, one of the most advanced spas in Toronto, specializes in combiningthe latest medical advances and non-surgical techniques to help you feel your best and look yourbest. Depending on your individual situation, we supplement our spa treatments with fullycertified acupuncture, massage and other holistic treatments, with the goal of healing thesystemic imbalance that brought about the unwanted condition in the first place.We are passionate about our services and about our patients, and this translates into a sanctuaryof top-quality care for you. The Red Panda Medi Spa enjoys a stellar reputation as a state-of-the-art medical health Toronto spa, and we make every effort to ensure that your experience with usexceeds your expectations.At the Red Panda Medi Spa, it is our implicit belief that when you look better, you feel better –and that when you feel better, you also look better. Unlike most other Toronto spas, the emphasisin our practice is to focus on you as an individual, and to customize your treatments byaddressing not only the symptoms, but also the actual source. By ensuring that you not only lookbetter but also feel better, you can count on a rejuvenating experience every time you visit theRed Panda Medi Spa.
  3. 3. Our Product www.redpandaspa.comWe use only the finest, time-tested natural products from Thalgo®, Dermalogica®, Rhonda Allison®and SkinCeuticals®.Like our Facebook page get a chance to win exiting Gifts and much much more ...............................Thalgo®Thalgo® laboratories have long been at the forefront of marine scientific research. Their uniqueexpertise in harnessing the effectiveness of marine active ingredients, such as algae and otheringredients that are most adapted to the human body, have established Thalgo® as a leader in all-natural, effective and safe products with exceptional skin tolerance.
  4. 4. Dermalogica®Dermatologica® has become synonymous with the science of skin care. As the number onechoice of skin care professionals worldwide, Dermalogica®’s focus is not on cosmetic skin-caresolutions but rather on truly effective ones. By removing “traditional” skin care ingredientsknown to cause irritation or inflammation and replacing them with skin-friendly ingredients,Dermalogica®’s product line offers a variety of proven skin-care remedies dedicated todelivering skin health results.Rhonda Allison®Rhonda Allison has gained world-wide recognition for her innovative advances in acids andchemical peels. Her skin care line is derived from years of research, personal observation and aresults-driven approach to skin care. The Rhonda Allison® skin-care line of products uses onlypure, fresh, quality ingredients: a guaranteed treat for your skin.
  5. 5. SkinCeuticals®The philosophy of SkinCeuticals® is a three-pronged approach to advanced skin care,summarized by three words: Prevent, Protect and Correct. By offering skin-care solutions thatprevent future damage while protecting healthy skin and also correcting previous damage,SkinCeuticals® provides advanced skin-care products that not only rejuvenate the skin but alsohelp prevent serious skin conditions, such as skin cancer.Our Procedure and ServicesFor detail information about all these procedures and services visit  Ganban-yoku Bedrock Bathing  Laser for the Skin  Dermatological Care  Toronto Massage Spa Procedures and Services  Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation  Spa Facial  Red Panda Spa for Men: Toronto’s Finest  Laser Hair Removal  Red Panda Medispa Bedrock Yoga
  6. 6. How to contactSend us a message with information about when is best for you and which service(s)you are interested in, and we’ll contact you in no time. CLICK TO GET YOUR GIFTVisit our site and Signup free for detail (Spa • Medi Spa • Acupuncture •Naturopathic • Call us directly: (416) 551-1707)Our Facebook page on Twitter!/red_panda_spaWatch our Product and Services on Youtube Please contact Dr.Esco at 416-551-1707 for the initial consultation Thanks for our visit