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Kitchen Planner Details from HomeTown.

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Kitchen planner from HomeTown

  1. 1. From just individual storage units to a complete modular kitchen, HomeTown offers complete kitchen Welcome to solutions for you to make the kitchen of your dreams. This guide will help you put together your dream HomeTown Kitchens. kitchen in just 6 easy steps: determine your need, choose the optimal mix of storage cabinets , choose the material and finish, plan the basic layout according to our 3-C principle, use our 3-D modeling tool for a feel of what your finished kitchen will look like and finally select the services you would need. Your dream kitchen is really closer than you think! Check out our range of cabinet modules that come with accessories to optimize space usage. Also showcasing countertops made out of granite, marble, & acrylic to facilitate various kitchen tasks, as well as, to keep appliances. The wall units are designed for storage and you can also have tall storage units to suit your requirements. So go ahead, plan your kitchen now. BRAND PARTNERS DECLARATION: HomeTown reserves the right to make any necessary changes, even substantial ones, without prior notice.
  2. 2. ASPIRE FOR A DREAM KITCHEN Just imagine cooking in a well-planned, modern kitchen. Where everything has been carefully thought out and designed for maximum ease of use, where everyday cooking is a pleasure, not a chore. At HomeTown, we offer you a range of well-planned kitchen solutions in various forms and styles. Making it easy for you to build your dream kitchen in no time, whether you are creating a completely new kitchen from scratch or upgrading an existing kitchen. So no more struggling with those tough drawers or looking for storage for your monthly requirement; Our kitchen drawers come with international brand hinges that ensure noiseless soft closing and tall boy storage units specially designed for Indian homes for storing your monthly requirements. Not forgetting the various corner units that make optimum utilisation of the space in your kitchen. So good-bye to those tough days in your conventional kitchen as our kitchens will ensure every comfort possible for you. WHAT STYLE ARE YOU LOOKING FOR? Contemporary Fusion 4 Contemporary Kitchen with a touch of classic look Absolute Contemporary Sleek, straight line with minimalistic look
  3. 3. CHECKLIST TO PLAN YOUR KITCHEN Location Designer Date Kitchen Checklist No. 1) Site Status and Details : (i) Is it a new flat or a renovation? (ii) Is it an open kitchen? Yes No (iii) Is the platform existing? Yes No (iv) Is electrical and plumbing work complete? Yes No (v) Do you have a loft in the kitchen? If yes, would you like to enclose it with shutters? Yes No (ii) Would you like to have a breakfast table in the kitchen? Yes No (iii) Would you like to have storage for spice bottles? Yes No (iv) Would you like to have cornice (molding) over and pelmet below your wall cabinets? Yes No (vi) Is the decor of the house classical or contemporary? 2) Kitchen Preferences : (I) What kitchen option would you like to go with? (Explain the different options with material description Also suggest on basis of site status and the décor of the house) (v) What colour skirting would you like to have in your kitchen - Black or Silver? (vi) How would you prefer having your handles fitted in the kitchen - horizontal or vertical? 3) Storage Details and Requirements : (i) Do you have cylinder or Gas pipeline? (ii) Would you like to have storage for grain containers? If yes, how many and of what capacity? (iii) Would you like to have storage for spice bottles? Yes No Yes No (iv) Would you like to have following cabinets in your kitchen? Tall unit Medium tall unit Tambore unit Built-in oven unit Console/Magnet Plate/glass and drip tray unit Veterina unit Cutlery/cup-saucer/thali unit (v) Would you like to have more of drawers or shelves in the kitchen? (vi) What kind of corner arrangement would you prefer? ( ) Blind corner with shelf / Blind corner with dee tray / Blind corner with Le Mams / Corner unit with shelf / Corner unit with carousel / Corner unit with twin drawers 21
  4. 4. SITE VISIT CHECKLIST Location Designer Date Site Visit Checklist No. Name : Corresponding Kitchen Checklist Number : 1) Is the measurement of the following taken? Yes 3) Are the walls at right angle? Walls No Yes No 4) Are all these positions marked in the drawing explicitly? Windows Doors Nhani T rap Columns Plumbing points & fixtures Beams Electrical points & fixtures Loft Gas pipeline & meter box Niche (if any) 5) Appliances' Dimensions : 2) What is the site status? (i) Is the site under construction? Yes No If yes, what is the status on below mentioned jobs? Demolition of existing structure (If the appliances are not available on site, please take the dimensions of the same from the client before you design) Flooring Hob Water Filter Ceiling Chimney Geyser Doors Oven Wahing Machine Windows Microwave Dryer Tiling Refrigerator Dishwasher Plumbing Small Appliances : Electrical Mixer Flooring Ceiling Blender Food processor Wet grinder 5) Is the design to be made according to vastu? (If yes, please mark the required sink, hob, refrigerator , heavy storage and other appliances positions on the drawing.) Doors Windows Tiling Plumbing Additional information if any : Electrical (iii) Is the civil work complete? If yes, do we have to design keeping in mind the existing plumbing and electrical points or can we change? Juicer Coffee maker No Toaster Rice cooker (ii) Will the site undergo renovation Yes completely or partially? If yes, what of the following will be changed? Yes No 23