Proto II : the final 23 startups


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A quick walkthrough the 22 startups that were showcased at Proto II; this took place on 21st-22nd July at Chennai. Proto is an event for showcasing the best technology startups in India

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Proto II : the final 23 startups

  1. Chennai, 21 st -22 nd July, 2007
  2. Mobile
  3. This Bangalore based VC backed startup demoed their mobile search platform called It is already being used by some clients.
  4. This Bangalore based startup showed off a very interesting product. You can use Mocodile to send document in any format from your PC to your GPRS enabled mobile. They undoubtedly had the best (and the most hilarious as well) pitch amongst all the participants. This looks very promising indeed.
  5. This startup showed off Mobistream, a mobile application for streaming live stock market data on the mobile/PDA and for secure stock trading.
  6. This startup showed off Bolo, a voice search engine on the mobile for searching local facilities. The technology looks promising, although their demo became a victim of the Murphy’s Law.
  7. Demo of another mobile search application called Lukup. Aumega is a returning startup, having participated in the first edition of Proto as well.
  8. Internet
  9. A funded startup that is incubated out of IIT Kharagpur and has an office in Delhi. Minekey is a recommendation widget for embedding in blogs, websites etc. Their business model is (surprisingly) very similar to that of a PPC based advertising network.
  10. Demo of a local portal that includes local search, classifieds, reviews, maps etc. The startup is based out of Hyderabad
  11. A concept pitch from one of India’s biggest online ad-networks. The startup has recently roped in Yahoo as a strategic investor. This startup looks quite promising this space!
  12. This was a concept pitch from a Delhi based GIS/online mapping startup that provides routes & driving directions, that are tailor made for Indian conditions. Interesting product…routeguru declared that they have received an acquisition offer from a big Indian media house. Any takers…who this could be? I have a hunch, but nothing to back it up.
  13. This pitch was about Inasra, an online hotel booking site which focuses on the the lower end of the market. Most of these hotels don’t have websites of their own and Inasra makes these reachable on the web.
  14. Demo of a voice mail and messaging platform called Voiee from a Bangalore based company.
  15. This is a cricket centric gaming platform and social network.
  16. Enterprise
  17. A Malaysian startup that has created a dramatically cost efficient solution for the RFID market. This market has not taken off due to prohibitive costs of RFID readers and tags and MDT thinks it has an answer to that problem.
  18. Based out of Malaysia, TISS made a pitch for their security hardware product called T3 SecurityKey. This is just a Flash drive that provides protection & control for desktops, laptops etc.
  19. This is a Hyderabad based software startup that demoed a webapp called AuthMe, which secures online financial & banking transactions from phising, keyloggers, trojans etc.
  20. This was a demo from a Chennai based enterprise software startup. They showed off their business performance management suite called ALTRON. The product looks very promising.
  21. Software
  22. Pramati, the enterprise software company has recently launched Dekoh Desktop, the platform that integrates the web & desktop. Very interesting product, has been reported on TechCrunch earlier. Kinda similar to Apollo from Adobe.
  23. This was a pitch for TekMedia, a video publishing & management platform from Tekriti, a Gurgaon based startup.
  24. This startup was from Malaysia; they showed off a platform called BriteWorks, a rapid application development tool that reduces (or eliminates) coding, thus reducing development time dramatically.
  25. New Frontiers
  26. Cool startup- they are a Bangalore based animation studio specializing in clay animations only. First animation company to debut at Proto…I think we are going to see many more of these in future editions
  27. This startup operates in the semi-conductor design & automation industry. They are building a product that offers a 10X improvement over existing quality & productivity verifications systems.
  28. This startup showed off a product called NDT Muulam, a software solution for the non destructive testing market.