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Project report on r & s at a1 selectors with page no.
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Project report on r & s at a1 selectors with page no.


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Chapter-1 (OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY) 1
  • 2. Chapter : 1 OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY The Objective of my study is to study and analyze the RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION PROCESS followed at A1 SELECTORS.  To study the various sources of Recruitment followed by A1 Selectors.  To study the different techniques of Headhunting followed in A1 Selectors.  To identify the probable area of improvement to make Recruitment and Selection Procedures more effective.  To analyze the satisfaction level of clients/companies for which A1 Selectors does the Recruitment & Selection. 2
  • 3. Chapter-2 (INTRODUCTION TO THE TOPIC) 3
  • 4. Chapter : 2 INTRODUCTION RECRUITMENT & SELECTION Human Resource is a basic need of any work to be done. The project report is all about Recruitment and Selection Procedure that is an important part of any organization. Recruitment highlights each applicant’s skills, talents and experience. Their selection involves developing a l i s t o f q u a l i f i e d c a n d i d a t e s , d e f i n i n g a s e l e c t i o n s t r a t e g y , identifying qualified candidates, thoroughly evaluating qualified candidates and selecting the most qualified candidate. It is said that if right person is appointed at right place, then the half work has been done. In this project I have tried to cover all the important points that should be kept in mind while recruitment and selection process and have conducted a research study through a questionnaire that I got it filled with all the Members of A1 Selectors, New Delhi and tried to find out which methods and various other information related to recruitment and selection and try to come to a conclusion at what time mostly the manpower planning is do not , what the various method used for recruiting the candidates and on which basis the selections is done. A1 Selectors has a well-articulated equal opportunity policy, which lays strong emphasis on hiring of individuals irrespective of age, race, caste or gender. As a best practice in recruitment. I started my summer internship training as a HR Trainee . My job profile was to handle RECRUITMENT & SELECTION PREOCEDURE in my project. The HR Executive Ms. Nidhi Ahuja & Mr. Anand Prakash Gupta, HR Head narrated me the whole procedure of Recruitment & Selection. My job profile was to generate resumes from the various job sites such as,, etc. according to 4
  • 5. the requirements of the company. After generating the resumes from the job sites, the next step is to shortlist the resume which best suite the requirements of the company.. Now the short-listed candidates have to be given a phone call in order to find out their interests and schedule them for interview. There are 2 forms of interview that a candidate can appear for: 1. Personal Interview 2. Telephonic Interview PERSONAL INTERVIEW This is regarded to be the BEST FORM of interview. In such form of an interview the candidate personally appears in front of the interviewer and gives his interview. This is regarded to be the best form of interview as the interviewee has the best chances of making his points clear in front of the interviewer. TELEPHONIC INTERVIEW Sometimes an interview is taken on the phone. A telephonic conversation is done between the interviewer and the interviewee where the interviewer calls up the candidate via phone and conducts the interview. Job Profile The Job profiles which are related to IT or NON IT etc. 5
  • 6. Chapter-3 (COMPANY PROFILE) 6
  • 7. Chapter : 3 COMPANY PROFILE A1 SELECTORS A1 Selectors is emerging as a leader in the next phase of HR consultancy services, promoted by young, dynamic and dedicated professionals, A1 Selectors brings you a comprehensive service for all your Human Resource needs, starting from services like HR Outsourcing, Placement, and Compensation Benchmarking to Soft Skills Training and Psychometric Evaluation. A1 Selectors consciously thrives to reach major milestones by providing its clients quality services that meet their demands by having a strong and transparent professional relationship, built on trust and well being. Our services are unique in that we continuously incorporate the latest research and developments pertaining to HR management for the benefit of our clients. Thus our clients gain a competitive edge in the industry. And our ultimate objective is to position A1 Selectors as the most efficient, flexible and affordable HR consulting company in the industry. The race, however, belongs not only to the swift but also to the selective. Creating the proper fit between a company's HR needs and addressing these needs with appropriate strategy is critical. THE PROGRESS In a short span of time A1 Selectors has grown exponentially and has evolved as an integrated human resource services company with a commitment to provide people and people related services and enhance the net-worth of human capital of the organization. A1 Selectors provide talent management solutions across a number of verticals and cater to a range of clients from young dynamic companies. 7
  • 8. A1 Selectors has a diverse portfolio of human resource services which delivers a more balanced revenue stream in a cyclic industry and also makes A1 Selectors attractive partner for local, regional, national and international corporate. The increasing scale of its activities and the company’s extensive geographic coverage A1 Selectors, an attractive partner for large clients offering them a wide range of staffing services and enhancing flexibility, productivity and quality. Such services include permanent recruitment, outsourcing, training and payroll management. To reach its ambitious objectives A1 Selectors relies on the commitment and talent of its employees both internal and external because they are the ones who guarantee the quality and continuity of its services. A1 Selectors offers its employees a stimulating environment, where the development of skills, creativity and self-responsibility are the main focus. As a value and a process driven organization, we place great emphasis on working with our clients as business partners with the highest standards of professional ethics and confidentiality. JOURNEY AHEAD With a constantly expanding strong clientage, A1 Selectors aims to expand its national and global network and invest in people, technology, systems and quality to meet the ever- increasing requirements of its clients. VISION & MISSION Vision To be a leading integrated human resource service provider by creating value for people through delightful and innovative high-quality services. The foundation of our business philosophy is to render excellent recruitment services to our clients. 8
  • 9. Mission 1. To continuously exceed our customers' increasing expectations. 2. To provide the best Human Resource Services to our clients, to build up their best Human Resource. 3. Create a fulfilling workplace for our employees built on trust, mutual respect, and appreciation of their diversity. 4. Value the role in our communities, as a socially and environmentally committed organization. Generate economic value through superior growth and profitability. APPROACH Plus HRMS, we adopt a systematic and structured approach to meet the HR needs of our clients, combined with a very effective form of matrix evaluation process. The result is effective services that are On Plan, On Time, and On Budget. And our psychometric evaluation processes make sure our candidates and services are the best. 1. High caliber consulting staff 2. Professionally qualified consultants. 3. Strong technical competencies. 4. Recruiters trained functionally to serve organization needs. SERVICES 1. Payroll Processing Solutions 2. Recruitment Solutions 3. Background Check & Verification 4. Permanent Staffing Solutions SERVING INDUSTRIES A1 Selectors is specialized in the following verticals : Agriculture  Banking & Finance  Engineering/Heavy Equipments  Garments/Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) 9
  • 10.  Information Technology (IT)/Call Centre/Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)  Marine/Shipping  Media/Advertisement/Communication  Oil & Gas  Printing/Publishing  Telecom  Automobile Industry  Construction  Education/Training  Hospitality  Law/Consultancy  Medical/Pharmaceuticals  Office Administration  Operation & Maintenance  Retail Let A1 Selectors dedicated team of recruiters work together to your advantage. Our executive search and professional recruiters seek out talented, contract or full-time, professionals for you with the right skills set, and beyond. 10
  • 11. COMPETITORS OF A1 SELECTORS  Mafoi Management  ABC Consultant  PMS Consulting  TeamLease  Jobline Consultant  Zito India  Bright Consultant  Beacon Resource Solutions  Galaxy India Consultant  Rubiks Cube Consultant 11
  • 12. Chapter-4 (LITERATURE REVIEW) 12
  • 13. Chapter : 4 LITERATURE REVIEW OF RECRUITMENT & SELECTION Most employers recognize the fact that their staff is their greatest assets, and the right recruitment and selection processes are vital or essential or important in ensuring that the new employee becomes effective in the shortest time. The success of an organization depends on having the right number of staff, with the right skills and abilities. Organizations’ may have a dedicated personnel (employed staff)/human resource function overseeing this process, or they have devolved these responsibilities to line managers and supervisors. Many people may be involved, and all should be aware of the principles of good practice. Even it is essential or vital or important to involve others in the task of recruitment and selection. Ms. Ambika Verma (2009) in their survey research on the use of technologies in recruiting, screening, and selection processes for job candidates conducted in A1 Selectors found that most organizations implemented technology based recruitment and selection tools to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and expand the applicant pool. The meta-analysis of the research conducted by Chapman, Uggersler, Carroll, Piasentin and Jones (2005) conducted that timely responses from HR Managers were linked to greater applicant attraction to a job with an organization. According to Robins, in his study revealed or disclosed that, “ The ideal recruitment effort will attract a large number of qualified applicants who will take the job if it is offered. So, Recruiting is a process of discovering the potential candidates for actual organizational vacancies”. Robert (2005), in his study titled, “Strategic HR Review, 2004, states that successful recruitment and selection can improve organization performance”. 13
  • 14. Bowen, et al (1991), in his study examined that, “Integrated or Combined recruitment and selection procedure helps recruiters to choose the candidates to fit the characteristics of an organization culture”. Beardwell, et al (2003), in his syudy examined that, “Selection is carried out by organizations as a means of candidates potential and actual performance and the intake of employees will make the most appropriate contribution to organization-now and in future”. Numerous studies that have been conducted/held in the past on recruitment and selection, have pointed out the discrepancies between literature review on recruitment and selection and its practice. One such study commissioned by IPD’s Recruitment Forum (Kilibarda and Fonda, 1997) identified significant discrepancies between what was recommended in the literature and what was operating in practice. They highlighted a number of common failings in the recruitment and selection process in practice, some of which are listed below :  No previous links with HR strategy, resourcing strategy and broader business and organizational goals;  A lack of job analysis and, therefore, possible inappropriate use of job descriptions and personal criteria;  Little use of biodata;  Use of references for shortlisting;  Unclear use of structured interview design and application;  Insufficient or inadequate use of occupational psychologists where psychometric testing is employed;  Little verification that training in psycho-metrics conformed to British Psychological Society standards, and insufficient or inadequate test piloting and validation;  Increasing use of invalid prediction methods;  Lack of widespread monitoring and lack of remedial action in those organizations 14
  • 15. that did monitor recruitment;  Lack of validation of situation-specific selection procedures. In conjunction with these findings, Wood (1986), indicates that sophistication in selection is the exception rather than the norm. Others have argued that the typical practice has been to treat resourcing in a very ad hoc i.e. temporary and peremptory fashion or vogue or trend and that in many organizations, recruitment and selection are apparently or clearly conducted/held in a ‘haphazard and informal fashion’ (Scholarios and Lockyer, 1996). Smith and Robertson (1993) cf. Heraty and Morley (1998) argue for greater precision in recruitment and selection and caution that a company can be dragged to its knees by the weight of ineffective staff which decades (a period of ten years) of ineffectual selection methods have allowed to accumulate or collect. Consistent with the literature review on best practices in recruitment and selection outlined above, the following chapters will attempt to generate evidence on practices followed in A1 Selectors in this area of Human Resource Management (HRM), and analyze the extent of adoption of best practices in these Consultancies. Case Study – Recruitment Company : Insurance Company Business Requirements The Company operated a manual recruitment process and was heavily dependent on employment agencies and with a number of process variations across the business. As a result, concerns were expressed about the reactive nature of the process, robustness, time efficiency, costs, and the absence of tracking measurement. At the same time, a number of new HR and business drivers for recruitment were emerging including : • Increasing complexity in the market requiring greater levels of professionalism and customer service, as well as compliance with FSA regulations 15
  • 16. • The need to re-engineer the recruitment process to improve service levels to the business, e.g. reduce time taken to recruit, improve the quality of hires and drive cultural change • Making the company an ‘Employer of Choice’ and improving the value of the employer brand to attract and retain the right people. As a result of the above, the company commissioned a project to review and improve its recruitment approach. Action The review followed by presentation of conclusions, planning of solutions and phased implementation of enhancements. The review itself was carried out in collaboration with internal HR resources and with input from Profiles Resource Management. This involved: • Mapping of the existing processes • Desktop review of recruitment documentation and process data • Manager and candidate interviews • Identification of business drivers and objectives , best practice and success measures for recruitment • Evaluation of review data, gap analysis and production of recommendations. Recommendations from the review encompassed the need for resource planning, centralization of the recruitment function, restructuring and automation of the recruitment process, and potential outsourcing. A prioritized and phased improvement plan was agreed and implemented that recognised the initial business priority to have in place a robust, consistent and compliant recruitment process, followed by implementation of an on-line recruitment and applicant tracking solution and improvements to employer brand, talent management processes and resource planning. Conclusion Deliverables from the initial project phases included the following: Phase 1 16
  • 17. • Implementation of a standardized and capability linked recruitment process that met legal and regulatory demands and best practice • Revised recruitment policy, recruitment documentation and guidelines • Management training program to achieve ‘accredited recruiter’ status • Controlled recruitment and staff costs through improved recruitment governance and sign-off process • Single centrally located recruitment team. Phase 2 • Implementation of on-line recruitment and applicant tracking system providing access to low cost parent company web based sourcing channels and resulting in improved candidate experience (based on candidate charter), speed of hiring, tracking and record keeping. • Reduced recruitment costs achieved through: ⇒ Use of direct web based sourcing channel provided via parent company career sites ⇒ Appointment of preferred agency suppliers based on tender, standardized terms and conditions and tired sourcing process. ⇒ Implementation of competitively priced managed services arrangement for all temporary roles. 17
  • 18. Chapter-5 (RESEARCH METHODOLOGY) 18
  • 19. Chapter : 5 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY A Research Methodology defines the purpose of the research, how it proceeds, how to measure progress and what constitute success with respect to the objectives determined for carrying out the research study. The appropriate research methodology formulated is detailed below.  RESEARCH DESIGN : Both Exploratory Research & Descriptive Research  SAMPLE SIZE : 50 people  SOURCES OF DATA : Both Internal Data & External Data i.e. both Primary Data (Questionnaire or Survey) & Secondary Data (Books, Newspapers, Journals & Internet Websites)  RESEARCH INSTRUMENT : Structured Questionnaire  SAMPLE PROCEDURE/SAMPLING METHOD : Random Sampling  SAMPLING TECHNIQUE : Judgmental & Convenient  SAMPLING UNIT : HR Executives of A1 Selectors, HR Managers of Companies which are the clients of A1 Selectors, Other Office Members of A1 Selectors, Candidates who appeared for the interview at A1 Selectors etc.  SAMPLE AREA : Delhi Office  TYPES OF DATA ANALYSIS : Pie-Charts 19
  • 20. LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY As nothing is perfect, I also faced some difficulties during preparing the summer training project report. However, I have tried to complete my project report. The project has certain limitations which are as following :  Lack of time : The time period for this study was very short. I got short time to prepare my report i.e. 8 weeks is too short to give shape to a new idea in an old set up like escorts.  Insufficient data : Some desired information could not be collected due to confidentially of business. Sometimes the management teams were not comfortable to give the information as they consider it as confidential.  Lack of Supervision : Few officials sometimes felt disturbed, as they were busy with their tasks. Sometimes, they didn’t want to supervise due to pressure of work load. 20
  • 22. Chapter : 6 DATA ANALYSIS & INTERPRETATION DATA INTERPRETATION A Questionnaire was prepared for the purpose of getting feedback from the HR Executives of A1 Selectors, HR Managers of Companies which are the clients of A1 Selectors, Other Office Members of A1 Selectors, Candidates who appeared for the interview at A1 Selectors regarding Recruitment and Selection Procedure in A1 Selectors. 50 people are selected and were distributed the questionnaire from the purpose of the study. ANALYSIS OF THE DATA The analysis of the data is done as per the survey finding. The data is represented graphically in percentage (%). The percentage (%) of the people opinion were analyzed and expressed or told in the form of charts. 22
  • 23.  Sources for Recruitment and Selection Internal 9% External 18% Both 73% INTERPRETATION :• About 73% of the HR Managers & HR Executives say that they prefer both internal as well as external source for recruitment and selection. • Only 9% of Other Office Members go for internal sources for recruitment & selection. • And 18% of Candidates go for external sources for recruitment & selection. 23
  • 24.  Preferred way of Recruitment and Selection Third party 3% Indirect 32% Direct 65% INTERPRETATION :• About 65% of the HR Managers & HR Executives go for direct recruitment. • 32% of Candidates go for indirect recruitment & selection. • And only 3% of Other Office Members go for third party recruitment & selection way. 24
  • 25.  Preference for going Manpower/HR Planning 20% 30% Y early Quarterl y No fixed T ime 50% INTERPRETATION :• Around 50% of Candidates go for Quarterly manpower planning. • 30% o f O t h e r O f f i c e m e m b e r s do not follow any pattern they don’t have any fixed time. • And 20% of the H R Managers & HR Executives go for yearly. 25
  • 26.  Preference for External Source of Recruitment. 25% 34% Campus interviews Placeme nt agencies Data bank Casual applicants 33% 8% INTERPRETATION :• 34% of HR Executives go for campus interviews. • 33% of HR Managers go for data bank. • 25% of Candidates from the casual application that are received. • And only 8% of Other Office Members go for any placement agencies.
  • 27. Personal Interviews  Preference for form of Interviews. 10% Telephonic interview Video Conferenci 20% ng Other 40% 30% INTERPRETATION :• Most of the HR Managers Prefer Personal interviews. • 30% of HR Executives prefer to take telephonic interviews. • Only 20% of Candidates go for video conferencing. • 10% of Other Office Members adopt some other means of interviews.
  • 28.  Rating of the HR practices of the company Bad 10% Average 20% Very Good 30% Good 50% INTERPRETATION :• 50% of HR Managers feel that HR department is good • 30% of HR Executives say that its very good • 20% of Candidates says its average • And only 10% of Other Office Members feel it’s bad.
  • 29. Chapter-7 (FINDINGS & CONCLUSION)
  • 30. Chapter : 7 FINDINGS  In A1 S electors , Most of the HR Managers feel that the HR department is good. Majority of the HR Managers of the Company & HR Executives of A1 Selectors say that they prefer both internal as well as external source for recruitment and selection.  Most of the HR Mangers & HR Executives go for direct recruitment and selection and less number for Candidates & Other Office members prefer indirect or third party.  Mostly the manpower planning is done Quarterly and rest of the part do not follow any pattern they don’t have any fixed time.  A1 Selectors prefers to go for campus interviews and even casual application that are received for recruitment and Data Bank but they hardly prefer placement agencies.  Most of the HR Managers prefer Personal interviews, 30% of HR Executives prefer to take telephonic interviews where as only 20% of Other Office Members go for video conferencing and rest 10% adopt some other means of interviews  The rating of HR Practices in A1 Selectors are 50% of the HR Managers feel that HR department is good where as 30% of HR Executives say that its very good where as 20% of Candidates say its average and only 10% of Other Office Members feel it’s bad.
  • 32. CONCLUSION  This presents the summary of the study and survey done in relation to the Recruitment and Selection procedure in A1 Selectors. The conclusion is drawn from the study and survey of the company regarding the Recruitment and Selection procedure carried out there.  The recruitment procedure at A1 Selectors to some extent is not done objectively and therefore, a lot of bias hampers the future of the employees i.e., why the search or headhunt of people should be of those whose skill fits into the company’s values.  Most of the employees were satisfied but changes are required according to the changing scenario as recruitment procedure has a great impact on the working of the company as a fresh blood, new idea enters in the company.  Selection procedure is good but it should also be modified according to the requirements and should selecting the candidate could be achieved. job profile so that main objective of
  • 34. Chapter : 8 RECOMMENDATIONS & SUGGESTIONS SUGGESTIONS FOR THE IMPROVEMENT OF THE SYSTEM AND PRACTICES OF RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION PROCEDURE The following are the suggestions & recommendations received from the respondents of the questionnaire. These suggestions & recommendations are based on their awareness regarding the Recruitment and Selection procedure. • Manpower requirement in A1 Selectors should be identified well in advance. • Selection process should be less time consuming. • The recruitment and selection procedure should not too lengthy and time consuming. • The candidates called for interview should be allotted timings and it should not overlap with each other. The dead CVs should be destroyed. • Manpower planning should be followed before recruiting. • Proper enquiry should be done regarding previous employment of a candidate before recruitment to avoid industrial disputes. • The Telephonic interview should be necessary. It should be made interesting and candidate possibility to come Face to Face (F2F) interview. There must be proper communication regarding job profile, salary, location etc. between the Interviewer & the Interviewee at the time of interview. 34