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  • 1. APAC Healthcare Competency Center – SingaporeLeveraging platform-based services on the journey toconnected Health.Development of healthcare solutions as combination of several platform-basedservicesUsage areas SI enables End-to-Enddata privacy and datasecuritywithin different usageareas.OfficePublicMobile HomeHeart insufficiencySolution TelemedicineeHealth-Tool Tumor-Board Future Sol.: Wound Mgmt.,Tele Stroke-Care, Multi morbidityeHealth @ HomeIntelligent Emergency Call / Daily navigatoreHealth EntertainMultimedia patient & assistance systemSupport BYOD & standardsbased integration of healthcare IT1SAP ISH Patient Management and ISH m.e.dClinical Solutions
  • 2. T-Systems As Systems Integrator for Tele Health/Telemedicine.TeleemergencyrealtimecommunicationbtwallcareprovidersEmergencydoctor(electronicdiagnosis)Hospital(mobileePH)TelemedicineCenterAtHomeheart attackPlatform-eHealthConnect2.0TeleconsultationTeleradiology,-cardiology,pathology,-oncologyetc.Teleround,TelecareTelemonitoring,Patient callforhelpTeleemergencyrealtimecommunicationbtwallcareprovidersEmergencydoctor(electronicdiagnosis)Hospital(mobileePH)TelemedicineCenterAtHomeheart attackPlatform-eHealthConnect2.0TeleconsultationTeleradiology,-cardiology,pathology,-oncologyetc.Teleround,TelecareTelemonitoring,Patient callforhelpEmergencydoctor(electronicdiagnosis)Hospital(mobileePH)TelemedicineCenterAtHomeheart attackPlatform-eHealthConnect2.0TeleconsultationTeleradiology,-cardiology,pathology,-oncologyetc.Teleround,TelecareTelemonitoring,Patient callforhelp
  • 3. 33Telemedicine Pilot Project which are enabled byDuetsche Telekom.Heart failureChronic WoundPalliative careStrokeTumorboardMultimorbidityDiabetesCOPDPatientReportedOutcome (PRO)PediatryNurse AgnesVirtual Clinic25.06.2013
  • 4. Telemedicine.4RemotepatientmonitoringTelemedicalAssistanceD2PTele-con-sultationD2D Post-hospital and managed carefor chronic diseases Patient datamonitoring for special medication DOC2Patient videophonyPrioritized topics and references Ensure adequate level of health care, tackle shortageof doctors in rural areas Delegation of certain medical treatment to nurses Second opinion Innovative video conferencing to improve clinical processes Passive und active diagnosis, e.g. Tumor boards Teleconsultation btw doctors, medical specialists and GPs R&D networks International partnering and business relations
  • 5. Telematics – Secure Network Infrastructure.5SecurenetworkaccessPatient &professionalauthenificationeHealthRecord, ePrescription& Portalservices Will protect data exchange from unauthorizedaccess through encrypted virtual private networks Access only for approved components and participants Based on standards for improvement of value delivery & qualityfor citizens Health Industry Network Germany (gemanik Network)Prioritized topics and references Will provide digital identity for administration and billing acts Will grant only authorised health professional access to patientdata Compliance to highest EU security, privatcy and confidentialityregulations, standards and industry norms Secure, private & confidential nationwide access to medical,pharamceutical and treatment data Connectivity for seamless flow of reimbursement and billingdata Implementation and operation experiance in primary care sectorSpain (CatSalut),Itlay (MEDIR) and SouthAfrica (PAAP), Knappschaft (GER), NÖMEDWAN(AT)
  • 6. Homecare– Ambient Assisted Living.6SmarthomeBest AgerGPScellphoneDescription and ExamplesSmart home emergency callsystem:ClinicsHECClient fast, professional help and simplecommunication with special emergency callbutton Before data is transferredto the control desk, thesmart home emergencycall system verifies theactual need for help. Onlythen will data leave thehome. The system can beswitched on and off in thehome (user transparency).
  • 7. Secondary Healthcare Market – Healthcare Devices.7HealthMonitoringHealthAppsFitness/WellnessPortals Applications for personal care management(allergic informationen on Smartphone)Prioritized topics and references Integrated service solutions are used to makesport, fitness and nutrition in everydaylife more present Portal solutions for effective healthimprovements – scoring models Health communitiesClinics
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  • 10. 10Our Mobile Solution (Round) allows Mobile and FastAccess to Clinical Information.Konzerngeschäftsfeld Gesundheit
  • 11. 11Clinicsoverview
  • 12. Long-Term Archiving of DICOM to STARCS12Workstation / ReportingModalities / Imaging producerPACSPicture Archiving andCommunication SystemLong-termArchiveDICOM StandardDigital Imaging and Communications in MedicineSTARCSSTARCS – Study Based Archiving Service
  • 13. 13Clinicsoverview
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  • 15. We transform silently from the old into the new world.Reliable, day-to-daycontractfulfillment asa base forrealizing newbusinessopportunities.We shape ourclients‘ future witha competitiveand innovativeportfolio.MANAGING EXISTING BUSINESS DAY-TO-DAY THROUGH:International excellence in ICT services combiningthe right people, portfolio, processes – End-to-end.15TheCustomerin Focus.