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Rittal edit (autosaved)

  1. 1. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to Perfection INDUSTRY PROFILE INTRODUCTION Industrial development is used as a yardstick for measuring the level ofeconomic development. All developed countries of the world have highlydeveloped and diversified industrial sector. India possesses all necessaryconditions for industrial development. Along with vast and diversified naturalresource endowments, its large population size provides cheap labor and hugemarket for manufactured goods. India was an industrially developed countrybefore the advent of industrial revolution in Europe. Indian industry wasintegrated with its agriculture, and household industries were an integral part ofthe national economy. Indian artisan and craftsmen knew how to weave cloth,make pottery and bamboo utensils, jewelry and metal wares, and to producewooden and leather products. India was known for ship building too. PRE-INDEPENDENCE INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT The history of industrialization in India started with the establishment of cottontextile mill in Mumbai (Bombay) in 1854 with the predominantly Indian capital andenterprise. First jute mill was started at Risra near Kolkata (Calcutta) withScottish capital and management in 1855. Coal mining in the Chotanagpurregion also began about the same time. Subsequently, paper mill and chemicalindustries were started. The pig iron industry was started at Kulti in 1875. Withthe establishment of the Tata Iron and Steel Company at Jamshedpur in 1907, anew chapter in the industrial history of India was opened. The growth of industrybefore the First World War was slow and holding. Indian industries were only tosupplement the products of British industries. Further, only such industries werepromoted which were not suited to Britain such as sugar and cement. During andafter the Second World War, the situation changed drastically. The war hinderedmovements of goods via sea routes and hence a liberal industrial policy wasadopted, which gave impetus to industrial development. Numerous industriesPresidency College -1 –
  2. 2. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to Perfectioncame up such as steel, sugar, cement, glass, industrial chemicals and someengineering industries. POST-INDEPENDENCE INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT On the eve of Independence, the industrial development in India was confinedlargely to consumer goods; important industries being cotton textile, sugar, salt,soap, leather goods and paper. The growth of industries manufacturingintermediate goods, like coking coal, cement, steel, non-ferrous metals,chemicals, was slow and capital goods industries were also lagging considerablybehind. The 1948 Industrial Policy Resolution defined the broad contours of theindustrial policy and delineated the role of the State in industrial developmentboth as an entrepreneur and as an authority. The process of industrializationstarted with the launching of the First Five Year Plan and continued throughsuccessive Plan periods. New Industrial Policy of 1991 announced severalliberalization measures and the subsequent Eighth Five Year Plan (1992-1997)emphasized privatization, globalization and liberalization for industrial growth.Major liberalization measures removed entry barriers to investment, openedtrade, provided free access to foreign technology in some sectors, opened upforeign direct investment and removed barriers inhibiting access to capitalmarkets. This made the entry of sheet metal fabrication industry into India. ORIGIN OF THE INDUSTRY Sheet metal industry basically originates from America (in 1730’s) The namesheet metal is self-explanatory - through several different processes metal isrolled through machines to produce sheets in a variety of gauges. GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE INDUSTRY National Building Museum (NBM) gives a real picture of history, growth anddevelopment of Sheet metal Industry. "Sheet Metal Craftsmanship: Progress InPresidency College -2 –
  3. 3. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to PerfectionBuilding" which opened at the museum January 25, 1988, and continues throughAugust 1988, relates the history of the uses of sheet metal from the earliest daysto the present. The exhibition celebrates the centennial of one of the oldest laborunions in the United States: the Sheet Metal Workers International Association(SMWIA). SMWIA together with the Sheet Metal and Air ConditioningContractors National Association (SMACNA) and the Sheet Metal IndustrysNational Training Fund (NTF) are sponsoring the exhibition at NBM. All threeorganizations have worked closely and unstintingly with the museum to create anexhibition befitting a centenary. The exhibition covers the contemporary uses of sheet metal, the history ofsheet metal in America, tools, and fabrication. The installation, erected in thewest court of the museums Great Hall, is made of sheet metals -- copper, terneplate (lead coated) steel, galvanized iron, aluminum, and brass. It provides firsthand information on the versatility of sheet metal as a building material. The usage of Sheet metal is also found in heating and ventilating systems ofDiscovery Parks Multi Tenant Research Facility in Vancouver and the stainlesssteel roof of Kansas Citys AT &T building. A huge ventilator and a sheet copperurn await comparison and contemplation. A whimsical shiny palm tree standsnear stainless steel kitchen cabinetry. For those unfamiliar with sheet metals rolein contemporary architecture and everyday life, this introductory area shouldprove to be an eye opener. PRESENT STATUS OF THE INDUSTRY Focusing on sheet metal as a topic provides an opportunity to look at thebuilding arts in a nontraditional, non-museum-like way. Rather than assessingbuilding from an aesthetic and design-oriented perspective, this exhibitaddresses materials and building technology, and the construction worker ratherthan the engineer or architect. Here we take note of the skills of present-dayPresidency College -3 –
  4. 4. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to Perfectionsheet metal workers who carry on centuries-old craft techniques yet also workwith the latest computer technology and lasers; artisans who can make things as timelessas weather vanes and as up-to-date as solar heating systems. DEVELOPMENT OF RITTAL Founded in 1961, Rittal has grown and developed into one of the largestenclosure manufacturers in the world. Supported by the most modern computertechnology and automation, Rittal manufactures a wide range of enclosures andaccessories to provide the ultimate in protection and mounting capabilities-- thereare more than 13,000 different products included in their offering, and literallyhundreds of innovative new items added each year Rittal India Pvt Ltd fabricates sheet metal components and assist insubassembly production, from the simple to the complex. Their experienceincludes industrial enclosures, IT solutions, electronic packaging, system climatecontrol, power distribution, communication systems and many other parts for awide variety of industries. Sheet metal fabrication and precision engineering are at the core of Rittal’scapabilities. Whether customers require engineering manufacturing and/ordesign services, sheet metal prototyping low cost assembly or supply chainmanagement, Rittal India Pvt Ltd. will be their partner from co-development todelivery. The Rittal concept is a unique blend of smart engineering, cost efficiency,perfect protection and attractive design. Whether an industrial, electronic, datacommunication or telecommunication application, youll find an ideal RittalPresidency College -4 –
  5. 5. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to Perfectionsolution. Rittal India Pvt Ltd has invested in state-of-the-art sheet metalfabrication technology that allows it to manufacture components with precisionand efficiency. Rittal India Pvt Ltd is a company primarily belonging to sheetmetal fabrication industry. ORIGIN Rittal India Pvt Ltd is 100 % Subsidiary of Rittal – GmbH & Co. KG, Germany.Rittal is the worlds largest manufacturer of enclosure systems. It belongs to theFriedhelm Loh group of companies in Germany. Founded in 1961 the companyrapidly developed to become the World’s number one enclosure manufacturer. The Friedhelm Loh group of companies now has number of employees’worldwide with a number of production plants. Rittal has worldwide presence withsubsidiaries and agencies in over 100 countries. Rittal is an US 2 billioncompany.Production sites in Germany:  Rittershausen – Rittal’s Birth place  Herborn – Rittal’s Head Quarters  Burbach  Rennerod – Rittal’s centre for modern climate control technology  Wissenbach – Stainless Steel Professionals  Haiger  Bad kostritz  Eckental-Escheneu GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT Rittal started its operation in India in the month of June 1995. In the initialPhase, Rittal products were imported from Germany and introduced to the IndianPresidency College -5 –
  6. 6. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to Perfectioncustomers. The plant in India started its operations in November 97. The marketdevelopment phase met with a great success. Known for their world-classquality, customers welcomed Rittal products as their first choice. The Indianusers sensed and adapted quickly to the advantages of latest technology, The Quality and aesthetics of Rittal products was clearly distinguishable tothe Indian users. Head Quarters in India: Rittal India Pvt Ltd, #23 & 24, KIADB, Industrial area, Veerapura, Doddballapur-561203, Bangalore district, Ph: 080-27623075. E-mail: info@rittal-india.comRittal Plant is 15,000 Sq. meters in size, situated on a 12 acre plot equipped withthe latest state of art machinery and paint plant from Germany. The Plant alsohas a stocking facility of over 2,200 sq. mts area to ensure immediate / ex -stockdelivery / service to our customers. About 500 highly motivated employees areworking in Rittal India. This plant has sufficient capacity to cater to the Indian aswell as to the Asia – Pacific market. It currently operates in three shifts andproduce approximately 50,000 freestanding large enclosure and 1, 00,000 smallboxes per year. Rittal has long since made the transition from housing and enclosuresolutions to sophisticated complete systems. Enclosure, mechanical andelectrical component installations, climate control and computer-assistedPresidency College -6 –
  7. 7. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to Perfectionmonitoring are now interacting elements of an integrated product. The companyhas also come up with new products.Some of them are:  IP 54 fan and filter units.  Immersible recooling systems.  Top-therm cooling units for enclosures.  ISV power distribution components for installation up to 630A and 1600A applications  Maxi PLS for installations upto 3200 Ance PRESENT STATUS OF THE ORGANIZATION Rittal India Pvt Ltd is currently a market leader in enclosure climate control inIndia. They have a market share capital over 22% vis-à-vis other suppliers inIndian market, both India and foreign. They currently manufacture and supplyaround 3000 cooling units per day besides selling units imported from theirprinciples. Demand for cooling units and chillers have increased steadily ascustomers are realizing the benefits and superiority of their technology andmanufacturing. They have been able to cut costs compared to equivalentimported models and pass on these benefits to customers. Rittal – A powerful alliance with the Friedhelm Loh Group. Rittal today is theworld’s leading supplier of enclosures and housing systems with:  10,000 employees world-wide  49 subsidiaries at home and abroad  14 companies  70 international agencies  20 production sitesPresidency College -7 –
  8. 8. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to Perfection The Friedhelm Loh group of companies now has about 10000 employeesworldwide with 19 production plants –  9 plants in Germany  2 in UK  3 in USA  1 in India  2 in France  1 in China  2 in ItalyProduction sites in Germany:Rittershausen – Rittal’s Birth place Manufacturing of large enclosure systems in a CIM-oriented, fully automated production process Production of PS, ES, and TS enclosures as well as DL production World distribution center for large enclosure systems with a capacity for 14,000 pallets Total site area of more than 65000 meter square State-of-the-art, environmentally friendly spray finishing plant with dip coat priming and powder coating Herborn – Rittal’s Head Quarters Rittal’s headquarters are a melting pot for invaluable impetuses from every region of the Rittal universe State-of-the-art production and manufacturing systems ensure cost-optimized production of Rittal’s successful classics – AE, KL and EB Total production areas in excess of 30,000 meter square 60 different variants of small enclosures are manufactured here Burbach This plant specializes in the production of large enclosures (free-standing enclosures and console systems) and accessory components Individually configured command panels are assembled by dedicated teamPresidency College -8 –
  9. 9. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to Perfection Rennerod – Rittal’s center for modern climate control technology Energy saving technology ensures that the mass-production climate control components, cooling units and air/water heat exchangers’ environmentally- friendly State-of-the-art climate control components are manufactured for the world- wide markets on a production area in excess of 6,000 meter square Wissenbach – Stainless Steel Professionals The Wissenbach Plant specializes exclusively in the processing of stainless steel Products manufactured here for use in the chemical and foodstuff industries include TS8, PS 4000 and K, plus a range of accessory components Haiger Rittal’s logistical center Development and production of CS Outdoor enclosures, primarily for the use in the mobile communications industry, with system integration up to Level 4 21,000 meter square of warehousing space Capacity of more than 21,000 pallets From here, Rittal products are distributed to the national and international markets Bad kostritz At Bad kostritz, Rittal’s steel processing expertise is channeled into the numerous components for enclosure interior installation This plant specializes in cost-effective customer-specific solutions and pre- assembly of system accessories Eckental-EscheneuPresidency College -9 –
  10. 10. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to Perfection A modern logistical center Consultancy, development, production and forwarding of microcomputer packaging systems for the Rittal Electronic Systems division takes place here NATURE OF BUSINESS Rittal India Pvt Ltd is a Multi National Company (MNC). Rittal India Pvt Ltd isa premier 9001-2000 Company in India and currently a market leader inmanufacturing enclosures climate control in India. A multi-location and multi-product company, Rittal has vital applications in the diverse sectors of Industrialenclosures, IT solutions, and transport technology, automation industry andbeyond. Rittal solves all tasks for a wide variety of application areas - always withan eye on the future. Over 10,000 employees worldwide are thinking and actingon Customer behalf – with precise knowledge of the industry, practical expertise,Curiosity and farsightedness. Progress is possible with Rittal in all sectors andfor all applications-is their mission. Rittal is already working enthusiastically onthe solutions of the future. This is their tradition, and is the key to theirinnovativeness in the field of technology packaging. Experience the future ofcommunications technology and automation with Rittal, trendsetter in holisticsolutions. Setting trends means understanding customers, creating future safesolutions, and being forward thinking. Industrial Ethernet, nano-spray-finishingand Rittal cooling systems are just some of the examples, which impressivelyunderscore their commitment to this principle.Presidency College -10 –
  11. 11. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to PerfectionPresidency College -11 –
  12. 12. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to Perfection COMPANY PRINCIPLES 1. The determined cooperation of all our employees represents our company assets. 2. We know the value of interaction, of qualification, motivation and success of the company. We encourage and sponsor our employee in training the overall success. PRINCIPLE 3. We regard our customers as partners who decide the success of our company.  We must meet our customers’ wishes and solve their problems, for they are the providers and guarantors of our future.  Our product must offer clearly advantages and benefits to the customers, in particular with regard to quality, engineering, range and availability. 4. We must be faster and better than our competitors. We must prove this to our customers every day, over and over again. 5. Our ideas and our creativity will secure our advantage i.e., we must make a continuous effort to give new impetus and ideas and to translate these into logical and professional action. 6. Perfect mastery of our daily business secures our existence and enables us to meet the challenge of the future. 7. Our aim is to build up a long-term relationship with our suppliers, based on the partnership; the essential precondition is a competitive attitude towards quality, delivery, and price and in resolving any problem. 8. We concentrate all our energies towards perfect and economic production to market professionally and to supply reliably. 9. We are aware of the responsibilities we bear towards the environment and the world in which we live. We want to take part in shaping and improving it. 10. Switch to perfection – Our motto and commitment.Presidency College -12 –
  13. 13. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to PerfectionPRODUCT AND SERVICES PROFILE Rittal has long since made the transition from housing and enclosuresolutions to sophisticated complete systems. Enclosures, mechanical andelectrical component installations, climate control and computer – assistedmonitoring are now interacting elements of an integrated product.Rittal product range comprises of 6 Strategic Business Units (SBUs): 1. Industrial Enclosure Systems: The new diversity of the enclosure product range offers perfect and economical solutions for every application. 2. Electronic Packaging System: Rittal continues to present new ideas with one of the most comprehensive packaging ranges in the world. 3. System Climate Control: Rittal climate control components are predestined for the solution of integrated tasks 4. Power Distribution: Rittal offers a broad spectrum of solutions for low voltage distribution 5. IT Solutions: comprehensive system solutions to meet the needs of the IT market 6. Communication Systems: Rittal communication system outdoor enclosures set standards with their high level of security. For experts and beginners alike, the product overview facilitates fast selectionof individual product groups within the range. For example the appropriatedimensions of an enclosure or the correct cooling output of a climate controlcomponent are easily ascertained. For all Rittal components of technologypackaging, power supply, climate control and monitoring technology, acomprehensive pre-selection is provided. Rittal specializes in industrial productsthat are mainly produced to meet the needs of industrial customers and not forthe common public.Presidency College -13 –
  14. 14. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to Perfection1. Industrial Enclosures Systems  Small enclosures  Compact enclosures  Large enclosures  PC cases and enclosure systems  Console systems  Industrial workstations  Command panel systems  Stainless steel enclosures and support arm systems  EMC shielded enclosures  Ex enclosures  Explosion proof enclosures  Polycarbonate enclosures2. Electronic Packaging Systems  MPS microcomputer packaging systems  Sub racks and Card frames  Desktop enclosures  Industrial PCs  Wall-mounted electronic enclosures  Electronic enclosure systems  Instrument cases3. System climate control  Climate control enclosures  Cooling units  Recooling systemsPresidency College -14 –
  15. 15. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to Perfection  Heat exchangers  Fan-and-filter units  Rack-mounted climate control systems  Enclosure heaters4. Power distribution  40 mm busbar systems up to 360 A, e.g. Rittal Mini-PLS  60 mm busbar systems up to 1600 A, e.g. Rittal PLS  100/185 mm busbar systems up to 1600 A  Rittal Maxi-PLS, type-tested components up to 3200 A  Rittal ISV installation distribution enclosures up to 630 A  NH on load isolators  NH fused isolations5. IT solutions  Network enclosures  Server enclosures / server administration  ISP / ASP racks  Telecommunications racks  Office solutions  Distributor racks  Wall-mounted enclosures  IT controlling  Interactive terminal systems  Data racks  Server racks and structured cabling accessories and free standingPresidency College -15 –
  16. 16. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to Perfection6. Communication systems  CS outdoor enclosures  CS indoor racks  CS climate control modules  Containers / shelters  System integration  Compact enclosures  Modular enclosuresThe system platform for Information TechnologyInformation technology (IT)  Networking  Servers / providing  Telecommunications Rittal has grown and developed into one of the largest enclosuremanufacturers in the world. Supported by the most modern computer technologyand automation, Rittal manufactures a wide range of enclosures and accessoriesto provide the ultimate in protection and mounting capabilities-- there are morethan 13,000 different products included in their offering, and literally hundreds ofinnovative new items added each year Rittal India Pvt Ltd fabricates sheet metal components in any type of material,and assist in subassembly production, from the simple to the complex. Theirexperience includes industrial enclosures, IT solutions, electronic packaging,system climate control, power distribution, communication systems and manyother parts for a wide variety of industries.Presidency College -16 –
  17. 17. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to Perfection CUSTOMERS PROFILEFew of Rittal’s Industrial Engineer clients are:  ABB  Rockwell automation  ENERCON  SIEMENS  invesys  Honeywell  LMW  TISCO  TATA  MARUTI  MICO  SUZLON ENERGY LTD  HMTFew of Rittal’s Information Technology clients are:  bharti  Goldman Sachs  cadence  CISCO systemsPresidency College -17 –
  18. 18. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to Perfection  hp  DELL  Infosys  WIPRO  TATA COSULTANCY SERVICES  Reliance Industry Limited  Mahindra and Mahindra  MOTOROLA COMPETITORS INFORMATIONFew of Rittal’s competitor’s are:  APW, President  VALRACK  HCI  BHARAT AND CUTLUR  BCH  Elsteel  ELMA  SCHROFF  ADVANCE  SUNBEAM  WOHNERCompetitive factors favoring Rittal in comparison with competitors are: Wide product range with accessories- customers can source from a single vendor. High brand image-known globally. Can manufacture large quantities in short time. High tech manufacturing with latest technology.Presidency College -18 –
  19. 19. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to Perfection Products have approval from UL, CSA, LR, and TUV for customers who export. Superior product quality. After sales service - support locally in India which offices in 11 large cities. After sales service – support in 100 major countries. INFRASTRUCTURE FACILITIESCanteen facility: Rittal has developed and acquired a good canteen facility for theemployees. Hygienic food is provided to the employees at low cost and someamount isdeducted from the salary. Rittal also provides mineral water facilities to itsemployees.Traveling allowance: In addition to salary the company also provides Traveling Allowance to itsemployees. Rittal also runs its own vehicles to bring forth its employees from thevarious corners of the city. Transport facility with the perfect timing makes theemployees reach the work place in time.Health schemes:• Medical Scheme - Rittal provides its worker an medical claim policy up to Rs. 7500 in ESI hospital• Insurance - Rittal also provides an overall insurance coverage of Rs. 1, 00,000Presidency College -19 –
  20. 20. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to Perfection ACCREDITATIONS  Around 2000 patents worldwide  Over 300 registered designs  National and international approvals - VDE, GS, CUL, Nema…  Product approval: CSA  Product approval: UL  Product approval: BV  Product approval: LR  Certification to ISO 9001  Environmental certification to ISO 14001  Pioneering designs. WORK FLOW MODEL The process description given below stipulates the complete workflow ofRittal India Pvt Ltd. The work begins in internal sales and ends with dispatch. Theworkflow of Rittal is as follow:- Enquires from customers Quotation Receipt of order Prepare work order and issue it to design Prepare data pack, program for machines and drawings and handover to Production Planning Control (PPC) Schedule by PPC Indents on Purchase departmentPresidency College -20 –
  21. 21. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to Perfection Enquires to the Suppliers In process Inspection Place the Purchase order on Supplier Material receipt Prepare GRN Stock 1 1 Material issue Raw production Calibration In process Inspection Problem -Solving Maintenance of Painting Machine In process Inspection Gasketing In process Inspection Assembly Packing In process Inspection Supplier selection and EvaluationPresidency College -21 –
  22. 22. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to Perfection Stocking Despatch MCKINSEY’S SEVEN –S MODELPresidency College -22 –
  23. 23. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to Perfection PURCHASE DEPARTMENT Objective: To ensure that effective controls are executed so that all suppliers andservices procured from suppliers and subcontractors conform to the specifiedrequirements. Scope: Material control must ensure that effective controls are carried out on boththe supplier and subcontractor’s premises as well as his own. It must also beclear to his supplier or subcontractors precisely what providing the correctpurchasing data requires. STRUCTURE OF PURCHASE DEPARTMENT MANAGING VICE PRESIDENT PURCHASE MANGER ASSISTANT MANAGER PURCHASE MANAGERPresidency College -23 –
  24. 24. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to Perfection PURCHASE VENDOR DEVELOPMEN Procedure: 1. Provide accurate purchasing data on all purchase orders 2. Sub-contract of standard product components 3. Maintain records of approved supplier and sub-contractors 4. Selection of approved suppliers 5. Supply of free-issue materials to sub-contractors or suppliers 6. Product identification and trace ability 7. Processing rejection notes 8. Authorization levels 9. Documentation 10. Changes (if any) 11. Distribution Vendor selection process: Company has the standard list of the vendors with the details of the price,capacity and lead-time taken by the quantity of the goods supplied by them. Thecompany maintains the specific list of regular suppliers or the suppliers who canmeet their requirements with all the specifications and descriptions of thevendors and materials supplied by them. The company considers quality as itslifeblood and is not ready to compromise on it, bidding for low quality, cost items.The company is implementing just in time (JIT) inventory system for some of itsmaterials, which are highly expensive. The purchase department has a role-playin managing the JIT system. Functions:Presidency College -24 –
  25. 25. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to Perfection This department is involved in the procurement of required material inputsto all the product group departments from imports. This department isresponsible for accounting and purchases made by it and submission ofbills/statements to the finance department on date. OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT Operation department is responsible for overall operational activities of theorganization. Functions of operation department are to maintain the followingoperations: • Designing • Planning • Painting • Maintenance • Assembling • Raw production DESIGN This department is responsible for the preparation of drawings andgeneration of BOM’s. They prepare the required drawings of the product inconsultation with the Sales team & Customer. The drawings are needed forreference purpose on the Shop Floor. The work orders received from internalsales are taken up and necessary drawings and BOM’s (Bills Of Materials) aregenerated. PAINT The objective of paint plant is to:Presidency College -25 –
  26. 26. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to Perfection 1. Apply an Iron Phosphate Coating onto raw materials to form the basis for good paint adhesion, better corrosion resistance 2. Spray a base or Textured Powder to parts where applicable to ensure adequate corrosion resistance and good aesthetic finish 3. Set up control measures through out the painting Operations to ensure control of those processes. ORGANIZATIONAL CHART OF OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT VICE PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT OPERATIONS OPERATIONS Executive Assistant Executive Assistant DESIGN PLANNING PAINT MAINTENANC DESIGN PLANNING PAINT E FUNCTIONS FUNCTIONS * Programming FUNCTIONS * Disposition * Design. * Electrical * Material. * R&D. * Building * Process. * Export. * Mechanical * Stores. * ProE. * Machine * Expeditors. * Inventor. * Tool >Raw Prodn * SAP. >Painting . * Stueli. >Assembly * ERP-BOM, Rout ASSEMBLY RAW PURCHASE CHANGE PRODUCTION MANAGEMENPresidency College -26 –
  27. 27. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to Perfection* PS * FLAT PARTS* AE * FABRICATION Process* PACKING .* COOLING UNIT TPM 5S PLANNING This department decides target to be achieved. It involves developing short and long run objectives that in turn must support the objectives of the organization as a whole.The important functions of planning department are includes: 1. Processing • Production planning • Scheduling (Daily machine Disposition) 2. Material management • Raw material warehouse • Steel warehouse • Paint warehouse 3. Logistics management • Raw Fabrication • Paint plant loading • Paint plant unloading • Assemble Total Productive MaintenancePresidency College -27 –
  28. 28. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to Perfection TPM stands for Total Productive Maintenance and is a continuousimprovement programme. The objective is to achieve maximum machineavailability through productive maintenance with participation of all employees.The employee implements TPM activities based on his/her experience andcreativity and with teamwork support. The unit superiors will create the requiredenvironment.TPM objectives: • Maintenance integrated in production processes • Reliable, standardized and organized operational processes • Preventive and prognostic maintenance • All employees are involved and responsible • Cooperation between Production and Maintenance is promoted • Improvement of process quality • Expansion of on-site problem-solving 5S: Workplace organization and standardization The 5S method is a structured program to implement workplaceorganization and standardization. 5S improves safety, work efficiency, improvesproductivity and establishes a sense of ownership. And a well-organizedworkplace motivates people.1) Sort deals with the contents of a workplace, and removes all items that are notneeded there.2) Set in Order refers to "a place for everything, and everything in its place" toenable easy access to needed items.3) Shine refers not just to cleaning, but also to "being proud" about the way theworkplace is organized.4) Standardize refers to having standards that everyone has to adhere to. Visualmanagement is an important aspect to facilitate easy understanding of thesestandards.Presidency College -28 –
  29. 29. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to Perfection5) Sustain refers to training of all employees and communication to allemployees to ensure 5S application.5S facilitates an excellent performance: • Safety: A well-organized and orderly workplace is a safer workplace. 5S activities remove clutter, visual indicators alarm people for hazardous situations. • Improving production efficiency: 5S supports a smooth production process in various ways. Searching for tools is eliminated, flow principles are applied, and tools storage is done where they are needed most. Location indicators visualize how things have been organized, and non- conformities are seen at once. • Quality improvement: Daily activities like inspection help to keep the production process in the right condition. Defects are prevented, because deviations are spotted before they result into defects. • Controlling your workplace: 5S helps to control the workplace by:  Determining what is needed, and where it is needed.  Defining the appropriate location for tools and other materials.  Maintaining these standards. STORES DEPARTMENT Stores department broadly divided into four sections: • Receiving section • Issue section • Indent section • Bill Passing section Functions: • Classification and codificationPresidency College -29 –
  30. 30. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to Perfection • Stocking and review • Indenting • Procurement • Transportation • Receipts • Inspection • Return of rejected materials to vendors • Storage and issue • Material Accounting • Advice to accounts for payments to vendors • Physical verification and auditRules concerning issue of materials: • In FIFO principle the material that is bought into the stores first must be issued first • Observance of rules regarding handling • Record keepingObjectives: • Processing indent in time • Proper storage and preventing damages and deterioration • Inventory planning and control • Minimizing the stock of stationary items • Quick issues of materials without any loss of time LOGISTICS AND DISTRIBUTION DEPARTMENT Logistics means flow of goods from the place of production toconsumption. Finished products are sent to the warehouse. Rittal has twoPresidency College -30 –
  31. 31. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to Perfectionwarehouses one at Doddaballapur & one at Faridabad, Chennai, and Pune.Material is sent to Customers place mainly by Road. Transportation is assignedto reputed transporters. The company has fixed a contract with the transportingagents who arrange for the dispatch of company’s materials to the required area.Overseas orders are shipped in Containers. 3. PRODUCTION DEPARTMENTProduction Planning & Control (PPC): Production Planning and Control deptartment Schedules the orders forproduction. First a monthly schedule is prepared, and then from the monthlyschedule a weekly schedule is prepared in consultation with Internal Sales. Oncethe weekly schedule is confirmed the daily Production schedule is prepared ShiftWise. PPC plans, coordinates and controls the complete planning of productsrequired to be produced. Production planning and control function essentially consist of planningproduction in a manufacturing organization before actual production activitiesstart and exercising control activities to ensure that the planned production isrealized in terms of quantity, quality, delivery schedule and the cost ofproduction. ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE OF PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT MANAGING DIRECTORPresidency College -31 –
  32. 32. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to Perfection VICE - PRESIDENT PRODUCTION MANAGERS PRODUCTION PLANNING MANAGERSASSISTANT MANAGERS ASSISTANT MANAGERS SUPERVISORS ENGINEERS Objectives of Production Planning and Control: a. To deliver quality goods in required quantities to the customer in the required delivery schedule – to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and minimum possible cost. b. To ensure maximum utilization of all resources. c. To ensure production of quality products. d. To minimize the product through- put time or production/manufacturing cycle time. e. To maintain optimum inventory levels. f. To maintain flexibility in manufacturing operations. g. To co - ordinate between labor and mach8ines and various supporting departments. h. To plan for plant capacities for future requirements. i. To remove bottle – necks at all stages of production and to solve problems related to production. j. To ensure effective cost reduction and cost control. k. To prepare production schedules and ensure that promised delivery dates are met. Presidency College -32 –
  33. 33. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to Perfection l. To produce effective results for least total cost. m. To establish routes and schedules for work that will ensure optimum utilization of materials, labor and equipments and machines and to provide the means for ensuring the operation of the plant in accordance with these plants. n. The ultimate objective is to contribute to the profit of the enterprise.Three stages in production planning and control functions are: 1. Planning: Choosing the best course of action among several alternatives. 2. Operations: Execution as per plan. 3. Control: Maintaining the performance by comparing the actual results with performance standards set and taking appropriate corrective action if necessary to reduce variance.Production: This Department handles the actual production of products on the ShopFloor.Production process in Rittal is divided into three areas. They are:Production process is as follows: 1. Raw Production  Shearing  Punching  Bending  Welding & Sandering Raw Production has two lines AE & PS 2. Painting  Completely Automated Paint Plant  There are two lines Dip Coat Line & Powder Coating LinePresidency College -33 –
  34. 34. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to Perfection  Parts are painted and kept ready for Assembly 3. Assembly  Final Assembly of Panels is done at this stage  There are two assembly line PS & AEProduction process: RAW PRODUCTION PAINTING ASSEMBLING PACKING1. RAW PRODUCTION In this process, first the shearing machine operators’ takes the sheetsrequired according to the work ordered issued by the planning department. TheMachineoperator enters the program for further operations as per the schedule. Afterquality checking the materials passes to the next stage. The next stage of raw production is punching or flanging. In thisprocess, as per the work order the necessary punching and bending has to bePresidency College -34 –
  35. 35. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to Perfectiondone by the machine operators. After the quality check in this stage thematerials passes to the next stage. The next process of raw production is welding and sandering. In thisprocess necessary welding will be done as per the work order issued by theplanning department. After the quality check, the semi finished goods pass tothe next stage of production process.2. PAINTINGDegreasing and painting process has two different lines Line1Line1 is a manual powder coating, which has to pass through 4 stages ofdegreasing process.Pretreatment stage 1 (Degreasing 1)In this stage raw water is heated up to 40c-50c and 5% of chemical protobond40/87 is added to the raw water.Pretreatment stage 2 (Degreasing 2)In this stage the raw water is maintained at an ambient temperature.Pretreatment stage 3 (Water rinse)In this stage the dematerialized water is maintained at a Room temperature.Pretreatment stage 4 (DM water rinse)This is the 4th and final stage of degreasing process. In this process the fresh DM(De-Mineralized) water is maintained at a room temperature.Presidency College -35 –
  36. 36. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to PerfectionPretreatment dryer After the 5 stages of degreasing process the semi-finished goods has to passthrough the pretreatment dryer.Manual powder coating After the pretreatment drying the manual powder coating is done by theworkmen. After powder the workmen do coating. After powder coating the semi-finished goods has to pass through an Owen, which has heated up, to 205 0c. Line2 Line2 is a process that consists of 5 stages and has to pass through EC DIPcoating and an automatic powder coating, where the specially ordered colors willbe painted in this process.Pre treatment stage1 (Degreasing Bath)In this stage the raw water is heated up to 50-60 0c and the chemical Ridoline1352 is added 20gms/ltr.Pre treatment stage2 (Water rinse)In this stage the DM water is maintained at a room temp.Pre treatment stage3 (Water rinse 2)In this stage the DM water is maintained at a room temp.Pre treatment stage4 (Nano ceramic coating bath)In this stage chemical Bonderite NT 1 is added to raw water 30gms/ltr.Pre treatment stage 5 (DM Water rinse)In this stage the DM water is maintained at a room temperature. After the 5 stages of degreasing process the semi-finished goods has topass through the Owen.Presidency College -36 –
  37. 37. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to PerfectionEC DIP coatingIn this process the material is dipped into a 3mtr depth tank consisting of Rittalstandard color (Code 7035) in it. The material is left for 2-3 minutes in the tankfor proper coloring. After dip coating the materials has to go for manual powder coating if thecustomer is specially ordered, after manual powder coating the material has topass through the Owen where the temp is 2050c.ASSEMBLINGTwo lines of assembly are standard product and special product.1. Standard assemblyIn painting stage the quality is checked by the concerned department and afterapproval of the product, the gasketing process takes place for side covers, Topcover and for doors. Gasketing prevents dust, water etc. In the assembly process internal logistics plays an important role, theyhave to arrange the parts, and accessories required for assembly as per the workorder. After Gasketing, the lock cover, handles or door stiffener has fixed to thedoors. Later glant plate front door and rare panel are assembled. Finally the sidepanel is assembled. After the quality check by the Quality check department thematerial has sent to packing.2. Special assemblyIn case of special assembly, the accessories are assembled as per the customerrequirements...PackagingThough the company has its standard packaging system (i.e., Strech Wrapping),packaging differs from customer to customer. Some of packing made by RittalPresidency College -37 –
  38. 38. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to Perfectionare stretch wrapping, wooden box packing, cartoon packing. Packaging dependson the customers’ wish. 4. Quality Assurance DepartmentRittal quality management: Steps to success:  Global management system  Value engineering  Quality planning  Low cost automation  Process control  Customer satisfaction  Final inspection and test  Continuous improvement  Supplier QA  Team work  Corrective and preventive action  Mistake proofingRittal has a well equipped QA department working to achieve the policy of QA asformed by the management and displayed in all the departments of Rittal. QC isthe landmark of Rittal and it strives to that the quality objective is achieved. ForRittal, quality is every thing and company follows the system of TQM, which saysthat quality at every level of management. Rittal is a co. with ISO 9001. At Rittalthe quality control of materials start right from the purchase of materials followedup with inspection on receipt, quality check at production stage and the finalcheck up or detail inspection of finished goods after its completion of production.Functions:This department gives more emphasis to the highest standard of quality at everystage of operations through implementation of Quality Maintenance System andprocedures. This department is responsible to maintain the quality of productsand services generated by the company. It functions mainly through testing ofboth inputs and outputs of the company.Presidency College -38 –
  39. 39. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to Perfection 5. SALES AND MARKETING DEPARTMENT Rittal has its Marketing Offices in major cities of India: There are fourregional managers handling the Marketing activities in their respective regions –East, West, North and South.Sales engineers are present at the branches and they generate orders bymeeting potential customers directly, they cater mainly to Key Accounts. Thereare about 10 distributors who cater to the small volume customersResponsibilities of Sales Engineers: 1. Co-ordination and control of sales 2. Managing exports 3. Formulation of marketing strategy 4. Sales activities and recovery. 5. Co-ordination of marketing and production department. 6. Managing of sales promotion activities. 7. Meeting customers and communicating with them. 8. Managing show room sales and transactions.Internal Sales: This department handles the order process once it receives the PurchaseOrders from the customers. They prepare Work Orders and pass the same to theOperations Department. Internal sales act as a link between the Customers,Sales & Operations.Presidency College -39 –
  41. 41. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to PerfectionFunctions of Sales and Marketing Department: 1. Execution of sales strategy. 2. Execution of sales promotional activities. 3. Development of brand image. 4. Brand positioning and development. 5. Monitoring the competitor’s activities.Promotional activities of Sales and Marketing Department: 1. Conducting engineers and architects technical meet. 2. Improving advertisements and increasing the channels of advertisements like websites, and other Medias and managing them. Year RS (Crores) 2001 18 2002 25 2003 63 2004 75 2005 100Marketing network: Apart from the headquarters with the main warehouse, Rittal has itsmarketing offices located at Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad,Chennai and Baroda. They supply standard products on ex-stock basis with thewarehouses located at Bangalore and Delhi.Presidency College -41 –
  42. 42. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to PerfectionDistributors: Apart from L&T as their main distributors who in turn had 380 stockiestlocated across the country, they have 8 additional distributors located at Baroda,Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and Calcutta.Strategies and Techniques: Rittal has a focused marketing strategy. It specializes in industrialproducts that are mainly produced to meet the needs of industrial customers andnot for the common public. Rittal gives advertisements in magazines such asIndustrial Product Finder, Search, Purchase, Voice &Data, Network Computing,and Data Quest. Rittal also participates in exhibitions conducted by IT.com.Rittalparticipates in all major industrial exhibitions in India & Abroad. Rittal productsare advertised in industrial magazines etc. 6.FINANCE DEPARTMENTFunction and responsibilities of Finance Department:  Collection of accounts from all the sections and departments  Preparing the books of accounts of the company  Bill payment activities  Payment to establishment  Costing and cost audit  Preparation of financial statements on date  Internal auditPresidency College -42 –
  44. 44. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to Perfection Human Resource Department Personnel management concerned with the human resource of theenterprise. Before we define personnel management it is appropriate tounderstand the meaning of the term Personnel. The term is used in the broadersense as a human factor in the enterprise. It is not merely restricted to theoperative workers. Human Resource Management is a management functionthat helps managers to recruit, select, train and develop the required membersfor an organization.The activities of the department are: • Recruitment and selection. • Salary and Wage administration. • Training and Development. • Welfare activities. • Health and Safety. • Organization development interventions. • Personnel administration. ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE OF HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT MANAGING DIRECTOR JOINT MANAGING DIRECTOR HR MANAGERPresidency College -44 –
  45. 45. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to Perfection WORKERSRecruitment and Selection: The company recruits and selects the manpower based on therequirement of individual Departments. The Selection process will be handled bya panel of members nominated for conducting the interview for requirements.Wages and salary administration: Wage and Salary are devised at the Head Office in Bangalore (Doddballapur)in accordance with the company norms and law of the land. Salary consists ofBasic pay; House rent allowance, Conveyance allowance, Education allowance,Uniform allowance, and Medical allowance, travel allowance.etc. The salaries ofall employees are credited to their respective Bank Accounts. Table showing total no. of employees SL NO. PARTICULARS MEN WOMEN TOTAL 1 STAFF 164 7 173 2 EMPLOYEES 380 2 382 TOTAL NO. OF EMPLOYEES 555Grievance cell: At Rittal the workers are free to voice their problems and to express theiropinions and suggestions. There is a box installed in which they can write downtheir grievance and suggestions without any threat identity, once in every 15Presidency College -45 –
  46. 46. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to Perfectiondays the box is opened, if the management likes the suggestion, the idea isimplemented and if it’s a success the worker is awarded (honorarium is paid).Such practices motivate the employees to work better and to contribute more tothe company.Incentives: The company providing incentives to the employees depending on theircapacity of doing work, daily production, Interest towards the work, participation,skills implementing in the work.Training: Training is given to the employees in two types: 1. On-the-job Training 2. Off-the-job TrainingSocial welfare activities: Apart from being looking after the welfare of its employees, Rittal is alsoengaged in looking after the socio-economic development activities of the nearby villages. • In the near by mandal panchayat schools, Rittal has provided books and table for 300 students. • In yet another project, the company has provided donations for the school of physically challenged children.Recreational activities: • Rittal promotes a very healthy and a co-ordial management- workers relationship. • In order to bridge the gap between the top level management and the workers it organizes yearly excursions, where all the staff participates. • Rittal also conducts some in house Utsavs.Presidency College -46 –
  47. 47. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to Perfection • Sports activities: In which the family members of the staff also take part.Safety and Health Policy of Rittal: The company provides all the satisfactory requirements pertaining toenvironment health and safety provided under the Factories Act 1948. Thecompany recognizes the importance of Safety, Health and Environment atworkplace and the world in which they live. Environment Safety and Health Policy of Rittal: Keeping risks as small as possible by designing workplaces with regard to industrial machine and hygiene. Taking account of the state-of-the-art technology in Plant, Machine and Processes. Continually accessing risks and continually improving Health and Safety at work Promoting an awareness of responsibility for the environment at all levels. Complying with statutory standards and continually improving their environmental protection activities. This includes checking existing processes as to their environmental impact and continual optimization. Ensuring the quality of life for subsequent generations through products and production methods that are optimized in terms of ecology and economy. With these policies they are committed to improve the health, safety andenvironment at work of all their employees and visitors by means of suitablemeasures. The measures are continually monitored and improved as to theireffectiveness and adopted to the given conditions.Presidency College -47 –
  48. 48. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to Perfection SYSTEMS System refers to the flow of activities in the daily operations of a businessidentifying, understanding and managing processes as a system contributes tothe organizations effectiveness and efficiency in achieving its objective. Systemsare the formal and informal procedures that govern everyday activity of theorganization.Two important systems followed by Rittal are: 1. Rittal Production System 2. Inventory Control System1. RITTAL PRODUCTION SYSTEM Rittal India Ltd has started working and developing a new production systemcalled RITTAL PRODUCTION SYSTEM; here teamwork plays the core roll inthis production systemHere in Bangalore there are four main section or process lines namely • The raw metal works section (fabrication section). • The paint section. • Assembly section. • The maintenance section.  This production system helps in the improvement of quality, productivity, on time delivery, etc  This is hence proved my various analyses, which was taken before and after the implementation of Rittal Production System.RPS - Rittal Production System  Total productive maintenance  Continuous improvement process  Job-sit organisationPresidency College -48 –
  49. 49. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to Perfection  Visual management  Standardised quality process  Standardised work  Material systemIn the scope of RPS, the team is qualified in the following sectors and isresponsible for:1. Achievement orientation  Quality orientated performance of figures.  Reacting to deviations and problem solving.  Quality records, deviation monitoring and tracking as well as control loop monitoring.  Work / assignments performed on schedule with due adherence to the program.2. Productivity & costs  Reduction of scrap and rework.  Economic use of materials and energy.  Competent handling of operating material.  Implementing CIP and cost-saving measures.  Maximum capacity utilization per job-site.3. Material  Optimise shelves and other intermediate storage means.  Punctual provision of material (E.g. KANBAN).  Suggestions for container optimisation.  Material to be provisioned as close as possible to the job-site.  Minimizing in-transit inventory.Presidency College -49 –
  50. 50. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to Perfection4. Machines & installations  Assure/optimise capacity utilization.  Perform maintenance work required by the team on schedule.  Assure maintenance measures.  Assure trouble-shooting and temporary measures.  Compliance with order and cleanliness standards.5. Product  Highlighting non-compliance/flaws.  Make suggestions for product optimisation.6. Process  Optimising the processes.  Optimising the individual operation sequences.  Feedback of defects and complaints to the competent internal customers and/or suppliers.7. Work organisation  Optimising the job-site layout.  Implementation and compliance with the work standards (RPS elements).  Inter-team and inter-shift co-ordination of improvements.  Maximum implementation of the measures agreed in team meetings.8. Personnel deployment  Implementation of holiday and schooling plans.  Integration of new employees.  Integration of low-output employees.  Assure stress balancing by rotating jobs-sites / assignments.Presidency College -50 –
  51. 51. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to Perfection9. Qualifications (on-the-job)  Raising team member’s flexibility.  Assume indirect activities e.g. maintenance (TPM), quality, logistics, etc..  Each team member is to uphold/manage the team’s main tasks.10. On-the-job safety  Adherence to established regulations and guidelines.  Initiate/implement correction procedures of safety hazards.  Proper collection/separation of waste and recycling material.2. INVENTORY CONTROL SYSTEM Inventory is the goods or materials available for use by a business. It couldbe in various forms viz., raw materials, compounds, supplies, consumables,work-in-progress (or semi-finished goods), finished goods, spare parts, etc.,Whatever is the form, inventory, constitutes a valuable although idle resourcewhich must be minimized. Since inventories cause inventory carrying costs, if notcontrolled, inventories could mean the difference between profit and loss. Inventory service several purposes, one as a cushion against shortage ofmaterials, which may cause stoppage of production and the consequent losses,the other purposes of inventory are: permitting relative independence ofoperation between to work centers, to allow for filling of customer order quickly(i.e., reducing the time interval between receipt of customers order for a productand supplied to the customer)Presidency College -51 –
  52. 52. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to PerfectionInventory control techniques are categorized as follows: 1. The Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) inventory control method 2. Selective Inventory Control such as ABC analysis 3. Just In Time (JIT) Inventory, which is the most modern inventory control technique. JIT has different interpretations. For example, for IBM – continuous flowmanufacture, for Hewlett – Packard – JIT is called stockless production andrepetitive manufacturing system, GE calls it management by sight and manyJapanese firms use term Toyota system instead of JIT. Rittal considers quality asits lifeblood and is not ready to compromise on it, bidding for low quality, costitems. Rittal considers customers as its assets and is not ready to allow itscustomers bidding for late delivery. The company is implementing Just In Time(JIT) inventory system especially for the materials, which are highly expensive. The Purchase department has an important role-play in managing the JITsystem. JIT directly helps achieve quality, because, it is a philosophy, that seeks toconstantly improve production processes and methods. Specifically, JITcontributes to high product quality in the following ways:1. Production is highly standardized. Workers perform standard tasks every day. They are familiar with their tasks. Familiarity ensures high quality.2. Cutting lot-sizes drastically reduces in-process inventories. Any interruption, therefore, causes production to stop until the problem has been solved. In this way, JIT has been called a system of enforced problem solving. Now, this stoppage in production forces everybody to solve the quality problem, so that the defect will not repeat. Hence, high product quality is ensured.3. Suppliers of materials, under the JIT system, supply materials of perfect quality. Many companies do not even inspect suppliers deliveries of materials;Presidency College -52 –
  53. 53. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to Perfection rather, the emphasis is on working with suppliers to produce perfect parts and materials.4. JIT system envisages the use of automated equipment and robots in production processes. Use of such sophisticated machines will ensure high product quality.5. JIT system also envisages the use of intensive preventive maintenance programmes in order to prevent any machine breakdown. This results in machines producing parts of perfect quality.6. Workers are responsible for producing parts of perfect quality or with zero defects, before they are passed on to the next production operation STYLE OF ORGANIZATION Style refers to the leadership approach of top managers and theorganization’s overall operating approach; also the way in which theorganization’s employees present themselves to the outside world, to suppliersand customers. STYLE is one of the 7 levels, which the top management can use to bringabout organizational change. Organizations differ from each other in their style ofworking. The style of an organization according to the Mckinsey frameworkbecomes evident through the patterns of action taken by the members of the topmanagement team over a period. The company employees share a common way of thinking and behaving.Leaders establish unity of purpose and direction of the organization. They createPresidency College -53 –
  54. 54. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to Perfectionand maintain the internal environment in which people become fully involved inachieving the organizations objectives.The total pattern of explicit or implicit actions of leaders has seen by employeesis referred to as Leadership Style. It represents a consistent combination ofphilosophy, skills, traits and attitudes that are exhibited in a person’s behavior.Each leadership reflects, implicitly or explicitly, a manager’s belief about thecapabilities of his subordinates. Employee perceptions of leadership style are allthat really matters to them. Leadership is truly in the eyes of the followers.Leadership Styles differ on the basis of motivation, power or orientation towardstasks and people.Leadership style at Rittal: • Forecasting of sustaining organizational values. • Empowering with responsibility and accountability at all levels. • Visionary. • Courage, credibility – compassion and visibility. • Communication, information sharing and consultation.The style of the organization is to look towards the employees requirement andprovide other additional welfare and safety facilities to improve develop theindividual i.e. the employees and also for the development of the companyLevels of Management in Rittal: Top Manag Top Management include Managing Director, -ement Joint Managing Directors and Vice President Middle Management include Department Middle Management managers, Senior Managers and Divisional Managers, Executives Supervisory Management includesPresidency College Supervisory /Junior Management -54 –
  55. 55. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to Perfection Supervisors, Foremen Section heads And workers  Top Managers are the organization’s most senior executives. They are responsible for providing the overall direction of the firm.  Middle Managers are managers above the Junior/Supervisory level but subordinate to the firm’s Top Managers.  Junior/Supervisory managers are those who directly oversee the efforts of those who actually do the work. Top down approachRittal has formal communication channel, the general flow of instruction is fromtop to bottom in the Organization Structure. Rittal follows an open communicationpolicy and has an open pattern of communication among the employees. Eachfunctional team meets regularly to review its key measures. Company alsopromotes cross team sharing. Personal and private feedback is obtained duringquarterly one-on-one meetings between functional team members. Mangersperformance, personal goals and behavior are also discussed during thesemeetings. Top management is easily accessible so that it allows for any issue tobe resolved quickly and fairly. Participative managementThe management that we can find in rittal is participative style that can also becalled as consultative style of management. The top management allows theactive participation of the employees in the company. Adopting this style doesnot abdicate the authority and responsibility of top management but actively to adecision. The co., believes in subordinates – centered leadership. The mangersare friendly with their subordinates; they get approval from them and they favorgroup decision making.A Participative or Consultative leader is a leader who involves subordinates indecision-making but may retain the final authority for decision making withPresidency College -55 –
  56. 56. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to Perfectionhimself. Rittal is using Worker’s Participation in Management (WPM) and highdegree of worker participation has been found to improve productivity in thecompanyWorking hours: SL NO SHIFTS FROM TO 1 1 7.00 am 3.00pm 2 2 3.00 pm 11.00 pm 3 3 11.00 pm 7.00 am 4 General 8.00 am 5.30 pm (10 to 10-15, Tea Break) (1-15 to 2-00 Lunch)Decision-making:Decision-making is a critical process handled by the top management to draw aconclusion and solution for a situation/problem. The power of taking decision iscentralized. The major strategic decisions are taken at the corporate office andare delegated to the units of Rittal. But however the day-to-day and functionaldecisions are taken at the respective divisions. Generally the managementbacking the spirit of workers participation in management appreciates the groupdecisions. STAFFStaff refers to how the people of the company are developed, trained, socialized,integrated, motivated and how their carriers are managed and how companyimproves its employees and shapes the basic values. The company has hiredPresidency College -56 –
  57. 57. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to Perfectionpeople, trained them well and assigned them to the right jobs for which they arebest suited according to their qualifications, skills, knowledge and experience.Staff is one where employees work together under the control and direction ofone department head that guide them in their routine work. An enterprise mayhave a comprehensive business plan, a sound organization structure, but itcannot accomplish results as per plan without effective staff in the company. SoRittal has maintained good staff relation among the employees and also amongofficers and employees by directing and providing all guidance and inspiration topeople to work to carry out their assigned duties and responsibilities. In this waythe company achieves its objectives by placing right person for the right jobs forwhich they are best suited and one supervisor or officer to guide and control thework force.Rittal has a strong team of 550 Employees. Employee classification at Rittal:  Engineers/Officers (MBA graduates)  Senior engineer/officer  Manager  Supervisors  Supportive technical staff  Unskilled workers  Semi-skilled workers  Clerical and office staff  Trainee engineers/officers  Temporary and causal workersIn order to meet the engineering ides based values Rittal has sound recruitmentprocess and it has got system of training program to develop the employees. InPresidency College -57 –
  58. 58. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to PerfectionRittal training is given to both worker and office staff. The company is havinggood staffs that are very able to take any situation. Table showing total no. of employees SL NO. PARTICULARS MEN WOMEN TOTAL 1 STAFF 164 7 173 2 EMPLOYEES 380 2 382 TOTAL NO. OF EMPLOYEES 555a. Recruitment and Selection:The objective of the recruitment is to support highly qualified, skilled, meritperson suitable in accordance with the organization requirements. The companyhas a good training system. Training in rittal is, on the job training and off the jobtraining.b. PromotionRittal follows a time bound promotion policy; as per it employees are givenequality of opportunity in growth and career prospects. The promotion is giventhrough the seniority and the merit. According to the performance of theemployees, the employees are promoted and transferred to the convenientplaces.Objectives of promotion policy are: • To find potential workers • To provide career opportunities • To face future challenges due to technologyPresidency College -58 –
  59. 59. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to Perfection SKILLSSkill refers to the distinctive capabilities and competencies that reside in theorganization. The term “skills” include those characteristics which most peopleuse to describe a company. For e.g.• Hindustan Lever and Richard Hindustan are known for their marketing skills.• IBM and Sony are known for new product development, marketing orientation and customer service.Organizations have strengths in number of areas but their key strength dominantskills are few. These are developed over a period of time and are as result of theinteraction of a number of trips performing certain tasks.Rittal India Pvt Ltd is the company well known for its quilted products andservices, which is evident through state-of-the-art design and technology. It is thecompany which is bench marked for its quality and customer service. Theemployees at Rittal possess a highly qualified technical, engineering,communication, teamwork and problem-solving managerial skills.Skill is needed to carry out the company’s strategy. Every individual pose arequired skills to carry out their work effectively in Rittal. Each employeeprocess different type of skills, which is hidden by him. So it is the work of theorganization to identify their skills and use it in the right way for the right purpose.Even in this regard Rittal has done well by identifying self-development andcommunicational classes and increases their existing skills to furtherimprovement and development of their personality.Classification of Skills at Rittal:Presidency College -59 –
  60. 60. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to Perfection1. Conceptual Skills: The ability to co-ordinate all of the organization’s interests and activities, the ability to comprehend abstract or general ideas and apply them to specific situations.2. Human Skills: The ability to work with, understand, mentor and motivate others, both individually and in groups, the ability to understand, motivate and get along with other people.3. Technical Skills: The ability to use the tools, procedures and techniques of a specialized field, the ability to use specific knowledge, methods and techniques performing work.Managers of each department are responsible for the overall growth of thecompany by attaining the organizational objectives. They are the main keys whodirect their departments in attaining the goal.The other skills possessed by managers of each department are:• Analytical Skills - ability to analyze and understand the information so as to diagnose the real problem• Decision Making Skills - Ability to take correct decision. Managers are evaluated primarily on the results of their decisions• Communicating Skills - Ability to transfer information, ideas, understandings or feeling among people. Communication based inter-personal skills include ability to speak effectively, active listening, providing feed back, delegating, managing conflicts and negotiating• Motivating Skills - Ability Skills to motivate people to put forth their best efforts in pursuit of organizations goals• Co-ordinating Skills - Ability to ensure that persons who perform inter- dependent activities work together in a way that contributes to overall objective attainment• Leadership Skills - Ability of managers to lead their subordinates, that is, the ability to influence the subordinates and make them do what the manager or leader wants them to do.Presidency College -60 –
  61. 61. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to Perfection• Political Skills - Ability to build a power base and establish the right connections.SHARED VALUES/ SUPER ORDINATE GOALS Shared values are originally called as superordinated goals, the guidingconcepts and principles of the organization – values and aspirations, oftenunderwritten that go beyond the conventional statements of corporate objectives,the fundamental ideas around which a business is built, the things that influencea group to work together for a common aim.Shared values refer to company held beliefs, mindsets, and assumptions thatshape the organization and its corporate culture. They may be explicit or implicitand are key ingredients to the culture of the business and what ultimately bindsall those in the organization together. It is important that values of organizationare shared that everyone knows what to expect and what is expected from them.Core Values of RITTAL:  Customers-first shall be assure of every action  Integrity – conducting business fairly with honesty and transparency  Understanding – trust in their working relationship, mutual respect, caring, compassion and humanity for all colleagues and customers around the world.  Excellence – constantly strive to achieve the higher possible standard in day-to-day work and the quality of goods and services they provide.  Unity – cohesively work with their colleagues across the group and with their customer and partners around the world, building strong relationships based on tolerance, understanding and mutual co-operation.  Responsibility – continue to be responsible, sensitive to the countries, communities and environments in which they work always ensuring that what comes from the people goes back to the people many times over.Presidency College -61 –
  62. 62. Organization Study on Rittal India Pvt Ltd Switch to Perfection  Code of conduct – “code of conduct” is a comprehensive document that details the highest standards, ethical an otherwise, which employees have to adhere to in their professional function.  Respect for the individual, integrity, speed, simplicity, seamlessness and self-assuredness and hundred percent commitments.  Diversity – of people, culture and ideas  Innovation- encouragement to challenged statuesque  Continuous improvement- in all that we do  Teamwork-development of people  Performance-with recognition for resultConclusion: 7-s framework is a powerful expository tool, the successful implementationand a strategy requires the right alignment and various activities and processwith-in- the organization. It may state that changing the culture of theorganization, which is pivotal to the Mckinsey model, is a difficult task. Even afterprolonged efforts spanning a period of 5-7 years, the organization may achieveonly practical success. Nevertheless, the organization must endeavor to recreateits culture if it regarded as an important determinant of its success as itenvisaged in the 7-S model. SWOT ANALYSISSTRENGTHS: 1. Rittal has global distribution and service strength 2. Company provides immediate global availability of standard products 3. It ensures customized maintenance and spare parts service, particularly in the climate control sector. 4. International Sales service is another strength of the company. 5. Local knowledge of markets due to membership of standardization of committees. 6. Company enables permanent innovations due to constant dialogue with customers in different ways such as follows:Presidency College -62 –