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The role of User Experience Design in developing financial software that people can and want to use
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The role of User Experience Design in developing financial software that people can and want to use






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    The role of User Experience Design in developing financial software that people can and want to use The role of User Experience Design in developing financial software that people can and want to use Presentation Transcript

    • The role of User Experience Design indeveloping financial software that people canand want to use Amir Dotan Lab49 www.lab49.com
    • Amir Dotan User Experience Architect at Lab49 in London Before Lab49: User Experience Researcher (City University London) Multimedia Arts degree lecturer (SAE College London) Web Developer (SHAPE Interactive Israel) Blogger: ‘Usable Design’ – www.amirdotan.com Founding member: User Experience Israel www.uxi.co.il
    • Lab49 is a consulting firm that provides strategicconsulting and advanced technology solutions forthe financial services industry. Our clients includemany of the world’s largest investment banks,hedge funds and exchanges.
    • Lab49 was founded in 2002 and nowcomprises over 200 people, with major officesin New York and London 20+ Single-Dealer Platform projects
    • I’m going to talk about 1. What is User Experience Design? 2. How can User Experience Design improve financial software?
    • User Experience Design The practice of analysing business requirements, user needs and the available environment in order to develop useful and usable products
    • Being the users’ advocate Get to know the users and champion their needs Analyse the users’ needs, abilities and limitations Specify the user-system interaction
    • The business owner The trade salesperson The professional investor The traders
    • What we usually aim to achieve: Increase productivity Informed decision making Keeping users happy Reduce training costs Increase sales Gain competitive edge
    • Reduce human errors
    • Easy! Let’s make sure the system is user friendly!
    • Easy?... Really?
    • How long does it take to learn how touse the system?
    • How fast can the user perform tasks?
    • What can the user do with the system?
    • How do people feel about using the system?
    • User Experience Design – The Approach 1. Research 2. Concept 3. Evaluate 4. Design 5. Confirm 6. Iterate
    • My day to day work
    • Specifying what people will be ableto do with the system
    • Specifying the steps the user will have to take
    • Specifying the navigation
    • Specifying how information is grouped
    • Specifying how information is grouped http://thomsonreuters.com/products_services/financial/eikon
    • Specifying how information is visualised
    • Specifying how colours are used
    • Swap SPOT Call Volatility Put Specifying the terminology CCY Short Liquidity Hedge Straddle Pip Principal Bid Margin Maturity Delta Position Yield Blotter
    • Can the user personalise this interface? How well does the interface fit in the user’s work environment? How well does the interface help users recover from errors? Does the interface enable users to work quickly?
    • Will the user understand the meaning ofvarious terms and icons? How will the interface appear on a large screen?
    • How will the user feel after using thisinterface for more than 10 minutes?
    • http://www.etoro.com/How effective is the data visualisation?
    • In conclusion Ensuring a positive user experience by constantlyresearching and evaluating designs with real users mayseem obvious, but in reality isn’t that easy at all andrequires a methodological approach In order to deliver financial software that people wantand can use we have to provide high quality userexperiences that take into account what people know,need and want to achieve
    • Thank you Amir Dotan adotan@lab49.com www.amirdotan.com Twitter @AmirDotan @UX_for_Finance