SeeTestCloud Online, June 2016


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Experitest, the world's leading provider of quality assurance tools for mobile DevOps, is happy to announce the launch of a new product - SeeTestCloud Online.With SeeTestCloudOnline you can gain access to mobile devices hosted by Experitest.
- Devices are kept at secured data centers worldwide
- Dedicated and secured devices for every customer
- Extremely fast device interaction
- Unified environment for all DevOps teams: automation, - manual QA, development and monitoring
- Seamless integration into your Continuous Integration (CI) environment
- Support all open source environments: Appium, Cucumber, Calabash, Espresso etc.

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SeeTestCloud Online, June 2016

  1. 1. SeeTestCloud Online
  2. 2. 2 • Automation tool • Same test runs on different devices • Plugs into all testing & continuous integration environments Network virtualization tool for testing applications under real network conditions • Full and complete integration into LoadRunner • Monitor performance of your mobile application on real devices, while the back- end server is loaded with mobile or web traffic, generated by LoadRunner • Device Lab located onsite (in the customer VPN) • Devices can be reserved and accessed by any remote user • Full DevOps capabilities - QA Automation, manual QA and development SeeTestCloud Onsite SeeTestCloud Online • Mobile device lab hosted by Experitest • Dedicated devices for the use of a specific customer C L N • Web-based access to remote mobile devices located in your onsite device lab (SeeTestCloud) • Productivity tool for manual users • Report with screenshots and videos of each step SeeTestManual SeeTestAutomation SeeTest NetworkVirtualization Mobile Add-on for LoadRunner M • View, plan and schedule your suites execution running on the cloud • Work on a large number of devices in parallel SeeTestGrid End-to-End Solution for Mobile DevOps A A commercial, enhanced version of the Appium open-source suitable for large- scale Enterprise deployments Enterprise Appium P
  3. 3. 2 Gain Access to Mobile Devices Hosted by Experitest SeeTestCloud Online Devices are kept at secured data centers worldwide Dedicated devices and environment that are solely for the use of one specific client Capabilities - Automation, manual QA and development Seamless integration into CI environment Supports all open source environments: Appium, Cucumber, Calabash, Espresso etc.
  4. 4. Highly Secured DevOps Environment Unlike public cloud where applications and data may be left on a device accessed later by other customers SeeTestCloud Online offers the most secured hosted devices in the industry Devices are kept in highly secured Experitest data centers Every customer receive access to dedicated devices that are not shared with other customers Customer’s devices are kept in a private secured room Network environment masking for highest level of security No visibility of your application and its data to any external organizations 3
  5. 5. Quick, High Speed Performance Device responsiveness on SeeTestCloud Online is quick, swift and accurate Fast device interaction available for US, India and European customers Automation testers will experience short script run times Minimum screen latency Manual testers will enjoy an effective and quick test cycle 4
  6. 6. Switch or add devices as your needs evolve Change your mobile project quickly and easily Enables Flexibility and Scalability Select from a wide variety of devices, mobile platforms, versions, and screen sizes Save money on large device repositories onsite 5
  7. 7. Creates a Unified Environment for All DevOps Teams Unified environment for all DeVops teams: automation, manual QA, development, Monitoring etc. Supports Xcode and any other Android development environment (eclipse, Android Studion etc.) All DevOps teams in your organization can work on the same devices 6
  8. 8. Create a Unified Environment Throughout the ALM Cycle Works in Conjunction with SeeTestNetworkVirtualization , Mobile Add-on for LoadRunner Works in Conjunction with SeeTestAutomation and SeeTestManual Works in Conjunction with defect management environments, i.e. Jira and QC Integrates to all major ALM environments 7 support open source (Appium, cucumber, Calbash, Espresso etc.) and Continuous Integration (CI) environments
  9. 9. Create Unified Environment for all DevOps teams Automation Non Functional Performance Production and MonitoringN Developers Manual QA A A A M M • Reduces debug fix cycle • Feature validation on multiple devices Immediate access to any device Simulates real life network conditions 8
  10. 10. Comprehensive UI with Advanced Management Capabilities Reserve, Release or Schedule a single or multiple devices Comprehensive view of all device model, OS version, network, status Mass deployment, clean up and download of mobile applications on relevant devices 9 Extended User, Project, Device and Application Management Features Adding, removing and setting roles and permissions for users
  11. 11. Thank You!