Audience research


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Audience research focusing in target audiences and demographic preferences.

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Audience research

  1. 1. Audience Research This screenshot is from BoxofficeMojo, it shows us the top ten grossing romantic comedies from 1978 – present. From the chart I can infer that My Big Fat Greek Wedding was the most successful romantic comedy, so far as it made $241 million however it didn’t make as much on the opening weekend only $597,362 and was only screened at 108 theatres. This chart shows us the top ten romantic comedies that made the largest amount of money on the opening weekend. Top of the chart is Sex and the City which was released in 2008, gained $57 million at the opening weekend.
  2. 2. This chart shows us the top ranking genres that people go to watch at cinemas. I can infer that the most genre from 1995-2012 is the Comedy genre. The genre that we have decided to make our film opening of is the 7th most watched genre, as there are 528 and counting films of that genre. This chart gives us the full breakdown of the types of films that people enjoy watching, showing us the different demographics and social class. This graph tells us that 37% of 1,978 people prefer to watch romantic comedies. However I have noticed that Comedy is the most watched genre, 64% of people watched it. The rom-com genre is said to be watched by 61% of women under 35 years of age, 47% women aged above 35 years of age. This data is vital to our research because it helps us get a better view of who our target audience is. Therefore our filmopening must be aimed at people aged under 35 years of age. I also found out that a low 16% of men aged under 35 watch rom-coms and 24% of men aged above 35 prefer to watch rom-coms. So if we wanted to aim our rom-com to men aged above 35 we should include a mature storyline that is realistic. Furthermore, 41% of the viewers were parents and
  3. 3. 39% weren’t. Moreover this graph also shows us which class watches the most rom-coms, 34% the lowest class, 36% working class, 39% upper working class and 41% the middle class. This pie chart shows us the percentage number of times that men and females attend the cinema. The data shows us that men are very regular attenders of the cinema at 18% whereas only 8% women are very regular attenders of the cinema. It also shows us the demographic that attend the cinemas the most; 25-34 seem to be very regular goers whereas 45-54 and 55+ only 5% attend cinemas very regularly. In addition after looking at this we know that females attend the cinema more than men, so women would be a lot easier to target for our film opening.
  4. 4. 37% of the public has said that they would like to see more of films from the romantic comedy genre, ranking it at the 9th most interested film. However it has been overthrown by the action adventure genre which 55% of the public have voted to see more, this is probably because of the 3D effects that are now available with most action/adventure films. The least popular is Gritty urban gangster, this is probably because there is a low demographic of young people, so they are likely to be out-voted by adults (25+). By Aminatta Sylva 12H