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Soft Skills, Leadership, Time Management, Stress, Comfort Zone, Team Work, Aladdin Factor, Customer Centric Selling and service, Body language, global accounts, relationship management

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  1. 1. Amiit Dabke - Inspirational & Motivational Speaker
  2. 2. Workshops are focused on Students, Marketing & Sales teams, Chartered Accountants,Lawyers, Medical & Engineering Professionals, Business Owners, Government set ups,Leaders and Managers as well as back office Staff across levels. Attitude Resetting Active Listening Skills Aroma Of Influence Aladdin Factor Campus 2 Corporate Communication Skills- Verbal & Non-Verbal Customer Centric Selling Change Management Conflict Management Decision Making & Implementation Dreams 2 Reality Effective Marketing & Selling Foreign Market Strategy Planning Goal Setting Hi-Potential Talent Development Level 5 Leadership Monitoring & Control Networking Skills Organisational Behaviour Relationship Management Parenting Workshop Personality Development The Power of Positive Thinking Project Management Train The Trainer Time Management TEAM Work TEAM ManagementProgramme schedule:(Timings-4 to 6 hours with appropriate breaks).Can be customised as per the training needs.Specialist in conducting offsite programs on LeadershipDevelopment & Team Work for 2 days at luxurious hotelswith all meals and stay.amit.dabke Amiit Dabke Amiit Trainer Amiit Trg
  3. 3. Underlying philosophy of all of AmiitsWorkshopsUsing a relaxed playful approach, hisworkshops turn complex principles intospontaneous behaviour, deliveringricher communications, relationshipsand exceptional results.MethodologySimple principles are leveraged tomaximize learning through directexperiences and also application ofintellect. The modules are so constructedthat learning happens simply andspontaneously with results showing upin the workplace.CommitmentHis commitment is to produce deeper,swifter and long lasting resultsparticipants’ desire, in a most enjoyableway Amiit Dabke has been in soft skills andtransformation trainings since 2000 with a 15 years ofstrong background in International Sales & CustomerRelationship Management. His philosophy is how to have a person accelerateresults with ease MBA from IIT Bombay with specialisation inMarketing & HRM Also certified on Customer Centric Selling, Level 5Leadership, PMP & Six Sigma Green Belt Over 7000 people from all the walks of life, fromManagers to Sales & Marketing Executives, Service &project management Teams and Students haveparticipated in his workshops. Image Consultant for aspiring actors, models,businessmen, politicians &bureaucrats. Visiting Faculty at leading management institutes anduniversities. Speaker at various global forums and events He is recognized in the transformational field forproducing deeper, swifter and long lasting resultsparticipants’ desire, in a most enjoyable way.
  4. 4.  It was fun, never a dull moment. We didn’t even realize how much we learnt till we returned to theworkplace I am able to have my team experience the work place as one of excitement and-- learning, ratherthan drudgery. Am able to see the other person’s viewpoint with concern and empathy It has created an alive and close-knit team. I have learned to instil an "I-can-do-it" belief around me There is a change in the way I work now. Several of my juniors are asking for addedresponsibilities. Our field staff have shed their fears and inhibitions and have become more effective in theirinteraction with customers. The principles for getting the best out of my people got embedded without my realizing it and soplayfully at that! I am now willing to accept both “yes” and “no”. In a work environment that is often chaotic and intense, I now find I am able to remain open,comfortable, and confident There is a great deal of flexibility in the team without loss of focus He did not work on our problems and offer solutions, or give us any management jargon. Wefound a direction by which we coach our people to find the answers themselves. I no longer view difficult people as difficult but just different and as an opportunity to makesomething useful happen.
  5. 5.  Quick insights about the corporateculture. Meaning, Importance Empty your mind with preconceived ideas and avoidtagging people Pencil philosophy - A quickinsight on the Characteristics of apencil are compared with our ownself The Maximum effect - Theparticipants will understand theroot cause of common frustrationsfaced in near daily life and wouldconsciously come out withinnovative methods to resolvethem Emphasis on Corporategrooming (Head 2 Toe), Bodylanguage, Verbal & Non verbalcommunication Importance of Team Work andcommunication through theexample of the Geese flyingprocess Fish! Philosophy An award winning short filmwill be showcased that urges totake decisions on time that helpsin the progressive developmentof the individual Goal Setting4 to 6 hrs fun filled experience with Group activities& Game based learning
  6. 6.  Create the PERFECT BUSINESSMODEL whether you’re asolopreneur or have hundreds ofemployees. Effectively utilize The Five MostImportant Business Tools toIMMEDIATELY INCREASE yourbottom line PROFITS, have MOREMONEY in the bank and enjoyFINANCIAL COMFORT. DRAMATICALLY increasePRODUCTIVITY and BE MOREORGANIZED. You’ll have moretime for your family and to do funthings! Implement the precise STEPS TOMARKET any product or serviceregardless of what is happening inthe economy that will makeCAPITAL INVESTORS LINE UPfor you. And… ATTRACT money from alldirections instead of having tochase money. EXCEED your glass ceiling andachieve the NEXT-LEVEL ofsuccess in your business & life. Find more fulfilment and SOARlike an eagle like you’ve neverdone beforeThis is the two-day seminar you have been waiting for!Learn how to overcome your limitations and experiencemore joy, happiness and freedom.
  7. 7.  Very few people areborn trainers, and mostof those who wish to betrainers require training.Even those few who areborn trainers benefitfrom training, and theireffectiveness isenhanced as a result.1. Getting the message across2. Effective oral communication3. The trainers role and responsibility4. Methods of training5. The art of questioning6. Types of training aids - How to makeand use them7. Planning and delivering a presentationEvaluating training8. Testing trainee trainers - Individualpresentations9. Organizing and managing a trainingcourseThis is the two-day seminar will empower you to :Use your voice effectivelyKnow your subjectSound convincing and sincere
  8. 8.  Break the Comfort Zone How to build world class teams Recognize the leadership skills you alreadypossess and how to put them into action Learn how to use leadership skills to getexceptional results from your team Communication leakages Life Cycle of a Team How to handle Role Conflicts Have Fun at WorkOne Full day Program
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