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  • 1. You can do this by:The first step of the the  Going to thehardware installation Start Menu andprocess, is to back-up the then clicking oncomputer. This is purely a ‘Control Panel’.precaution, just in case  After, click on thesomething goes wrong. If ‘System andthis was to happen, all files Security’ link andand data would be be then clicking onbacked up and unharmed. ‘Back Up andYou can back the data up Restore’.using a disc or a USB Then, follow theStick. on-screen instructions as to what to do next.
  • 2. The next step is to checkYou can do this by: the current properties of the Going to the computer, including lookingStart menu and go to see how much RAM isup to currently installed. This will‘Computer’, but be increased when the extradon’t click on it. RAM has been added. Right click on‘Computer’ andthen click on‘Properties’.
  • 3. The components needto be in the anti-staticbag, to prevent themfrom being damagedfrom ESD.That is why it is alsoimportant to use ananti-static mat and ananti-static wrist-strap, because it willprevent you fromgetting injured byElectrostaticDischarge and it willprevent the internalcomponents fromgetting damaged.
  • 4. You MUST beUsing the anti- wearing an anti-static mat and static wrist strapwrist-strap, and using an anti-carefully install the static mat, inRAM into the DCIe order to protectslots, using a the componentsgentle force to and yourself frompush them in. You damage andwill know when injury. Staticthey are in electricity hasproperly when you been built up byhear a little ‘click’. walking, so using the anti-static mat and anti-static wrist-strap, it equalises the charge.
  • 5. The next When thecomponent that computer isyou install is the powered backwireless NIC. on, if it isUsing both of the working, thereanti-static wrist should be astrap and the little, flashinganti-static green LED.mat, gentlyinstall theWireless NIC inthe slot provided.
  • 6. The final step is toensure thateverything hasworked successfully.This includeschecking whether theRAM has beeninstalled properly andyou can connect tothe local network andaccess the internet.