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Published in: Technology, Design

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  • 1. FACEBOOK Like it
  • 2. Profiles and Pages
    • Profiles are for people
    • Pages are for Businesses
      • Facebook is building significant new functionality for business and it will only work in pages
      • Can designate multiple page administrators
      • Profiles have friends, which require mutual acceptance. Anyone can become a fan with out approval
  • 3. Set-Up
    • Sign up for free account
    • Edit your profile
    • Join Networks
    • Connect with friends
    • Share information
    • Use Applications
  • 4. Set-Up Fan/Like Page
    • Must be logged in to Facebook to set-up a page
    • Go to
    • Choose a category: Local, Brand/Product, Artist/Band/Public Figure
    • Choose a name for you page
    • Now click create page!
  • 5. Set-Up Fan/Like Page
    • Fill out page like you would a profile page
    • Add information about your company
    • Add your logo as the page picture
    • Take advantage of page features like the discussion board to engage your fans
    • When you are ready to unleash your page make sure that you click the “Publish” Button
  • 6. As an Administrator…
    • Your name and profile will not show anywhere
    • When you post information to your page it will appear to be posted by the company
    • In addition to being a Administrator of the page, you will want to become a fan
      • You will be listed among all of the other fans of the page, all of the pages you are a fan of will show on your profile, giving your business more visibility
  • 7. Promoting Page
    • Create an engaging page
    • Leverage the viral nature of Facebook – the news feed
    • Draw on you existing network
    • Make your page publicly searchable
    • Use Facebook ads for an extra push
  • 8. Advertising on Facebook
    • Facebook allows you to promote your business, get more fans for your business page, and drive more leads for our sales team.
    • Go to
    • Choose what you want to advertise: External website, fan page, group, or event
  • 9. Advertising on Facebook
    • Build your ad via the simple Facebook Wizard
      • Review ad best practices and common reasons for rejection
      • Build your ad – write the title and body, add a photo
      • Preview your ad
  • 10. Advertising on Facebook
    • Add social actions - Social actions will display relevant connections to the viewer of your ad
    • Target the audience for your ad
    • Select payment type and budget
  • 11. Tracking
    • Facebook has built-in analytics to help track ad performance
    • Measure and analyze
      • Reach
      • Engagement
      • Facebook grade
      • Impact on sales funnel