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Recruitment Advertising


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Smart Solutions for Recruiting Top Talent and Building a Diverse Workforce

Smart Solutions for Recruiting Top Talent and Building a Diverse Workforce

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  • 1. Recruitment Advertising Smart Solutions for Recruiting Top Talent and Building a Diverse WorkforceIn today’s job market, attracting job seekers isn’t difficult. But attracting the right Key Differentiatorsjob seekers often is. You have specific goals associated with your recruitmentpractices – identify and reach a large number of qualified candidates who also meetyour diversity, inclusion, and affirmative action goals. Among the hundreds of job 99Access to highly skilled non-executive job seekersboards, there are few that can provide this focus on diversity and middle-income rich in diversityjob-seekers. Even fewer can provide that focus in conjunction with efficient, cost-effective solutions for job posting and advertising. 99Competitively priced job posting packagesEnter America’s Job Exchange (AJE). Hundreds of corporations and thousandsof small and midsize businesses use AJE recruitment solutions, including job designed to fit yourpostings, resume database, advertising, and social media, to find talented business needsemployees and build a diverse workforce. The advantage lies in our user profile,which many consider to be one of the most diversity-rich databases of active 99Search engine optimization, socialmiddle-income job seekers. sharing, and syndication at no additional costPremium Job PostingsJob postings are the fastest and most efficient way to engage qualified job seekers,and America’s Job Exchange offers the industry’s most competitively priced 99Recruiting dashboard to support more informedsolutions. Whether you choose a single job posting or one of our flexible job posting decision-makingpackages, AJE makes certain you won’t have to compromise quality for speed, orbreak your budget for the convenience of online hiring. 99Advertising solutions designed to distinguishPremium Job Postings your brand among jobIdeal for the recruiter who needs to fill a critical position quickly, our Premium Job seekersPosting provides maximum exposure and access to millions of candidates for aslittle as $129. You get results for hundreds less than what you would pay with otherjob boards. With a Premium Job Posting, your job posting remains live for 60 days 99Knowledgeable customer care professionalson the AJE national site and local state exchange where it benefits from special available online or byplacement compared to other jobs, sponsored advertising, and a premium position phonein search results.As an added value, Premium Job Postings are also distributed to our partnernetwork of specialized sites, including veteran and minority exchanges, One-Stopcareer centers, community organizations, and syndicated on sites such for extra traffic.Job Posting PackagesAJE’s prices are already among the lowest in the industry. Yet we providesubstantial additional savings when you buy job postings in bulk quantities to coveryour projected annual requirements. For up to 70% off our rate card – as little as
  • 2. $39 per posting – you can purchase a package of job postings that can be used anytime within one year of the purchase date. As an added value, you will also receive high placement in AJE search results and aggregator job boards at no extra cost. This is the most convenient and cost-effective way to reach candidates rich in diversity and talent. SEO, Social Media, and Syndication AJE enhances your job posting with search engine optimization, social media sharing, and job board syndication at no additional cost to you. Your job listing is fully indexed to take advantage of popular search engines and increase your employment visibility. At the same time, AJE promotes your job listing via widely used social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. Finally, your job listing is syndicated with other leading job boards to maximize traffic.Premium Job Posting Resume Database and Search The AJE Resume Database is made up of more than a million highly skilled job seekers nationwide. It features a high concentration of minorities, veterans, and persons with disabilities, which is beneficial to companies emphasizing affirmative action plans. In addition, the majority of job seekers in the AJE database are interested in middle-income, non-executive jobs with an annual salary of between $20,000 and $70,000. More than 50% of AJE job seekers are unemployed and/or actively seeking employment. Best of all, recruiters can access the AJE Network resume database using AJE’s Resume Search tools for as little as $299 per month. AJE gives you the ability to create automated searches that deliver relevant job seeker profiles directly to your inbox, no matter if they are active or passive job seekers, andResume Search Tool contact a job seeker directly if he or she appears to be an ideal candidate. You can search for resumes through local or national channels, or fine-tune your search according to descriptive occupational categories and keywords describing the skills you are looking for. Recruiting Dashboard Have you ever wished you had more information to help you improve your recruitment practices or analyze your affirmative action initiatives? With the AJE Recruiting Dashboard, the information you need is at your fingertips, including job posting history and details, distribution details, and candidate source. The dashboard gives you a comprehensive view into all the activities associated with a job listing so that you can make more informed decisions regarding current applicants and manage your return on investment from recruitment advertising spend.Recruiting Dashboard
  • 3. Better Results with Brand AdvertisingAmerica’s Job Exchange offers a variety of advertising optionsto help you build your brand with the AJE Network of job seekersand demonstrate your commitment to diversity hiring. All of ouradvertising solutions are low cost and designed to help youmaximize your company’s image and make your job postingsstand out.Grab the attention of AJE’s most qualified candidates with thesecost effective solutions.Company ProfilesGet your own branded career page on the AJE platform, drivetraffic to your page, and leverage the most value that ourplatform has to offer. You can create a customized profile pagefeaturing your logo, description of your company and culture, anda list of current job opening on the AJE website. Employer Profile PagePremium Employer Profiles are also available, which include logoplacement on the AJE home page. With a Premium EmployerProfile, your company is only one click away from AJE’s diverseand talented pool of job seekers.Career Exchange SponsorshipShowcase your company’s commitment to special interestgroups by sponsoring one of AJE’s Career Exchanges. Ourhighly targeted Career Exchanges are tailored to reachspecialized job seeker audiences characterized by Diversity,Veterans, Disabilities, College Graduates, and more.Each sponsorship includes a 125 x 125 logo placement that,when clicked, send job seekers to a new page displaying yourcurrent job openings on the AJE website. Career ExchangeSponsorship is an effective way to distinguish your brand with thespecial interests groups that matter most to you.Job Scout Sponsorship Career Exchange Sponsorship PageAdvertise directly inside the job seeker’s inbox by sponsoring anAJE Job Scout. Job seekers have the ability to create up to 10customizable Job Scouts that deliver the latest job postings totheir inboxes every day.AJE offers several advertising options to choose from, includingemployer logo placement (140 x 90), medium banner (300 x 250),and leaderboard banner (729 x 90). Job Scout Sponsorship is aneffective way to get your brand in front of job seekers on a dailybasis and maximize your recruiting efforts. Job Scout with Sponsorship
  • 4. One Convenient Source for Online Recruitment Advertising What our Customers are SayingAmerica’s Job Exchange began as a private sector initiative to continue the “AJE provided an effective job postinglegacy of America’s Job Bank, the pioneering online recruitment site retired by package that fit our budget. The competitivethe U.S. Department of Labor in 2007. Today thousands of companies use our pricing and high level of service madeservices to power their recruitment advertising initiatives. renewing with AJE an easy choice.” RecruiterFrom Fortune 500 companies with thousands of open positions to small and Quantum Corporationmidsize businesses with only a few positions to fill each year, AJE has a cost–effective solution designed to fit specific needs. In addition, a large percentageof AJE’s registered job seekers are made up of veterans, minorities, and A Few of Our Customerspersons with disabilities, further supporting employers’ diversity initiatives. When it comes to recruitment advertising, AJE is the smart choice to maximize your return on investment. For more information about AJE and our Recruitment Advertising solutions, contact a sales representative at 1-866-923-6284 or Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter!/ajejobs Join our LinkedIn Group Read our Blogs 866.923.6284