Modern Marketing for the Modern Manufacturer


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  • We’re a reflection of your industry and business.
  • And we provide best practice tools targeted to your industry.
  • How do you perceive your industry’s differentiation
  • How much change has your organization undergone in the last 18 months?Any C-level executive changes in your organization?Any change in your Board of Directors?Loss of a key operations leader?An inability to hire personnel for a position?Key personnel have been poached by competitors?Material layoffs/material new expansion hiring?Lack of performance on a pivotal industry KPI?A major supplier go out of business?A major customer go out of business?Material change in sales channels?Material and abrupt change in order volume?Changing/Costly government regulations?A new ERP/CRM/BI or other implementation?A new customer/supplier data requirement (e.g. RFID, PPAP)?
  • Before you create a campaign, understand what your objectives are, what data you want to capture, what you want to learn, and what you plan to do with that output. Effective change Requires Analysis and Adjustment
  • Deciphering Data Is Like A Game Of ClueWho are they?Where are they?What are they using?When are they doing it?Why are they doing it?How did they do it?
  • You have a customerWhat do you see? What would you do with this customer?
  • Now it’s your turn!Split Into Groups30 Minutes to Discuss and WhiteboardWhiteboard a customer and channel partner buyers journeyWhiteboard a Welcome Campaign to both buyers and channel partnersWhiteboard a Product Registration CampaignWhiteboard a Product Up-sell/Cross-sell Campaign4 Groups Will Present*Details: assets, workflow, campaign entry and exit, form data, tracking code location*
  • CAT uses Zift to automatically notify partners of marketing qualified leads that they can then accept or reject. They also enable leads to be automatically marketed to by the partners, and automatically passed to their partners sales CRM solution with the disposition of those leads routed back into their Eloqua systemRockwell is using Eloqua to segment their target universe into customers and prospects.  Customers are being sent emails in a nurturing program focusing on one product area and the associated business pains and prospects have a different nurture program focusing on a different product and set of business pains.  Scoring is set up in each program.  High scoring customers are sent through the MarketOneTelecloud connector into one calling queue while high scoring prospects are sent into a different queue.  MarketOne callers are working through a script customized for each contact type and solution area, probing for business pain, level of interest in Rockwell’s offering, any competitors engaged, and next steps.  Answers to the calling script questions are entered into the MarketOneTelecloud connector front end and returned into a data card in the Eloqua database.Mercury Systems uses the Lead Capture App to scan visitors at their booth. Contacts are scanned, entered into Eloqua and their CRM, assigned to the appropriate rep for follow-up, sent a thank you email, and sent to a custom event page … all before the visitor leaves the booth.Thermo Fisher uses the AdobeConnect App for quality control. By creating a single host account for power users, the power user team can now check each others work and make changes on the fly. It’s also improved the experiences for webinar attendees by eliminating the risk of human error, and removing a manual process, because all contacts must be on the Adobe list.Avid uses AdFocus to target prospects with display ads based on their digital body language, nurtureanonymous visitors to theirsite with display ads to drive more known contacts into Eloqua, add display to email nurture programs to reach the people who do not open emails, and re-engage opt-outs through display ads.NXP Semiconductors integrates Gotowebinar with their data cleansing system, their extranet and sample store, and their data warehouse. This integration has resulted in a 40% cost savings in their fulfillment process and a 90% reduction in fulfillment lead time.
  • Modern Marketing for the Modern Manufacturer

    1. 1. Modern Marketing for the Modern Manufacturer Marilyn Cox Marketing Principal – Industry Solutions Oracle Eloqua @MarilynECox #EE13
    2. 2. About Me • • • • • • Marilyn Cox Marketing Principal – Industry Solutions @MarilynECox Eloqua User for 6 years If I couldn’t be a Modern Marketer, I would be a professional wrestler with the WWE @MarilynECox #EE13
    3. 3. About Industry Solutions @MarilynECox #EE13
    4. 4. About Industry Solutions @MarilynECox #EE13
    5. 5. Today’s Takeaways • Metrics Manufacturers Should Evaluate • Campaigns Manufacturers Should Execute • Extending Beyond Traditional Marketing Automation @MarilynECox #EE13
    6. 6. @MarilynECox #EE13
    7. 7. The Manufacturing Industry Is Unique @MarilynECox #EE13
    8. 8. Raise Your Hand If True @MarilynECox #EE13
    9. 9. The power of Eloqua is in the output! @MarilynECox #EE13
    10. 10. 1/3 : 2/3 Rule @MarilynECox #EE13
    11. 11. @MarilynECox #EE13
    12. 12. @MarilynECox #EE13
    13. 13. You have a partner channel: Determine which partners to allocate additional budget • Determine Partner Revenue Potential – – – – Opportunity conversion Revenue performance Engagement with partner focused marketing material Use of marketing materials provided for use by partners • Ask, based on the data above…. – Which partners have the greatest potential to drive revenue? – Which partners are generating the greatest return on investment? – Where should future resources and money be allocated? @MarilynECox #EE13
    14. 14. You have limited resources: Where should you focus your sales and support efforts? • Reseller/Partner/Customer satisfaction scoring – Capture scoring in Eloqua surveys (created through a form model) – Segment by reseller satisfaction and make decisions on follow-up based on that data. Triage. • Account engagement segmented by rep and/or partner – Which reps/partners have the highest engaged accounts and how does that correlate to revenue? • Referral potential and conversion for customers and/or partners – Which clients have driven new revenue via referrals? @MarilynECox #EE13
    15. 15. You have a content strategy: Segment analysis by customer, prospect, and partner channel • • • • What are your top 10 performing web pages? What are your top 10 performing pieces of content? Are you leveraging top content on top performing pages? Are the pages you’ve identified as “high value”, the pages people are actually visiting? • When people share your content on social, what words do they use? • Can you use socially shared content, to crowdsource new content? @MarilynECox #EE13
    16. 16. You Know What To Evaluate, So How Do You Collect The Data? @MarilynECox #EE13
    17. 17. RETURN IN 30 MINUTES @MarilynECox #EE13
    18. 18. Extend Beyond Traditional Marketing Automation @MarilynECox #EE13
    19. 19. Next Steps @MarilynECox #EE13
    20. 20. Identify the changes in your industry and business that are impacting your sales and marketing strategies. @MarilynECox #EE13
    21. 21. Practice the 1/3:2/3 Rule. The power of Eloqua is in the Output. @MarilynECox #EE13
    22. 22. Analyze beyond traditional campaign metrics. @MarilynECox #EE13
    23. 23. Once you have the data, determine what actions you will take. @MarilynECox #EE13
    24. 24. Design campaigns to address the audience journey as well as capture your required data. @MarilynECox #EE13
    25. 25. Leverage channel partners as an additional marketing tool. @MarilynECox #EE13
    26. 26. Extend your Eloqua usage beyond traditional marketing automation. @MarilynECox #EE13
    27. 27. Questions? • • • • • Marilyn Cox Marketing Principal – Industry Solutions @MarilynECox Eloqua User for 6 years @MarilynECox #EE13