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2012 Protected Farms Profiles

2012 Protected Farms Profiles






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    2012 Protected Farms Profiles 2012 Protected Farms Profiles Presentation Transcript

    • Harvesting Opportunities in New York Growing Local Food Economies & Protecting Farmland
    • Harvesting Opportunities in New York Growing Local Food Economies & Protecting Farmland
    • Investing in the Future of Agriculture   New York State Farmland Protection Program FY 2011-2012
    • B E L L V A L E F A R M S  Town of Warwick, Orange County Albert & Judy Buckbee Albert (Skip) Buckbee Amy & Tim Noteboom104 acres protected Photos by Dietrich Gehring Dairy farm with retail ice cream store and produce Project partner – Town of Warwick
    • “Originally some of the local real estate agents were against farmland conservation, but now guess what they have a picture of on theirbusiness cards—this view. This is where the realtors bring you when they want to show off Warwick.” — AL BUCKBEE, BELLVALE FARMS Photo by Dietrich Gehring The view of the valley from the ice cream parlor encompasses four protected farms, totaling 1,000 acres.
    • B E N S V U E F A R M S  Town of Dryden, Tompkins County C. Charles Benson Jr. & Andra Benson 942 acres protected Organic dairy farm Project partners – Tompkins County and the Town of Lansing
    • C A N N O N C A T T L E R A N C H   Town of Pittstown, Rensselaer County Matt & Peggy Cannon 391 acres protected Dairy farm Project partner – Agricultural Stewardship Photo by Lawrence White Association “We worked hard to build this farm, ourretirement is in it and we don’t want to see it godown the drain. We want to see another farmer here someday.” –— MATT CANNON  
    • C H A Z Y O R C H A R D S  Town of Chazy, Clinton County Craig Giroux1,105 acres protected Apple orchard and farm market Project partner – Clinton County Photos from farm website
    • “It’s an orchard, long term, that’s the intent. Agriculture fits the character of the town.” –— CRAIG GIROUX, CHAZY ORCHARDS  
    • C L A R K F A M I L Y F A R M  Towns of Hoosick, Petersburgh, & Jackson Guy (Skip) Clark & Selena ClarkRensselaer & Washington Counties 539 acres protected Dairy farm and feed crops Project partner – Agricultural Stewardship AssociationWHY CONSERVE? “To save the land for agriculture.” –— SELENA CLARK  
    • F I S H E R F A R M  Town of Fleming, Cayuga County John & Gloria Fisher 59 acres protected Soy beans, corn and wheat Project partner – New York Agricultural Land Trust
    • G I L L E T T E F A R M  Town of Jerusalem, Yates County Curtis & Susan Gillette 238 acres protected Hay, corn, oats, wheat, cattle, and grapes Project partner – Finger Lakes Land Trust
    • WHY CONSERVE? “To prevent development on the land and see it continue in agriculture for many more generations.” — SUSAN GILLETTE Photo by Megan Fenton for the FLLT Chris and Curtis Gillette on the 237-acre fifth-generation Gillette family farm in Jerusalem, just southwest of Penn Yan.
    • G O R D O N F A R M  Town of Amherst, Erie County Gordon Family 46 acres protected Tree nut farm Project partners – Town of Amherst and Western New York Land Conservancy
    • Designating North Amherst for agricultural use "is an important component in the pursuit of diverse community character. Ensuring the long-term viability of agriculture and farm operations is a key tomaintaining diverse neighborhoods, including those with rural character.” — TOWN OF AMHERST BICENTENNIAL COMPREHENSIVE PLAN
    • H E M L O C K H I L L F A R M  Towns of Yorktown & Cortlandt John De Maria [father] Westchester County Laura De Maria [daughter] 118 acres protected Farm market, 100 head of Black Angus cattle, chickens, lambs, ducks, geese, hogs, turkeys, and vegetables Photos from farm website
    • “In 2005 it was as if Westchester County along with the state of New York finally realized what it means to have 120 acres of open space in a rapidly developing area. One that is also in the New York City watershed district. We got their attention and our farm will be preserved forever.” –— LAURA DE MARIA, HEMLOCK HILL FARM  
    • H I C K S F A M I L Y F A R M  Town of Canandaigua, Ontario County James Hicks & family 82 acres protected Vineyard, beef cattle, and farm market with cut flowers, fruits, and Photo by Nigel Kent for the FLLT vegetablesIn addition to beef, cattle, fruit trees, produce, hay fields, and several acres of vineyards, the Hicks Farm also features spectacular views of Canandaigua Lake and a rugged wooded gorge. Project partner – Finger Lakes Land Trust
    • “It is a very desirable building site and we don’t want it to go intohouses because it’s been in the family, you might say, forever, and this was an opportunity to preserve it...It’s the only way that wecould guarantee the land would be kept free from development.” — ERWIN HICKS Photo by Nigel Kent for the FLLT The Hicks Farm includes several acres of vineyards, including Concord grapes for Welch’s juice and Riesling grapes that are supplied to local wineries.
    • H O D U N F A R M  Town of Riverhead, Suffolk County Walter E. Hodun & Edmund A. Hodun, Jr. 74 acres protected Vegetables, u-pick, and agritourism Project partner – Suffolk County "The Suffolk County Purchase of Development Rights (PDR) Program, which was the first of its kind, has successfully protected over 10,000 acres of viable farmland against encroaching development since 1974. The Chapter 8 legislation that governs our PDR program is the driver behind our Farmland Protection Program in Suffolk County, which continues to lead NY state in total value of agricultural production." — AUGUST RUCKDESCHEL, SUFFOLK COUNTY FARMLANDS ADMINISTRATOR
    • H O O S K I P F A R M   Towns of Hoosick & Petersburgh John & Mary McMahon, & son Daniel Rensselaer County 343 acres protected Dairy farm Project partner – Agricultural Stewardship Association Photo by Derek Pruitt “It would be a shame to build houses” on this rich river bottom soil. –— JOHN MCMAHON, HOOSKIP FARM  
    • J A N A S F A R M  Town of Fleming, Cayuga County Margaret Janas 248 acres protected Vegetable farm Project partner – New York Agricultural Land Trust
    • L A P I E R R E F A R M  Town of Champlain, Clinton County Paul (Tony) & Mary LaPierre 253 acres protected Dairy farm Project partner – Clinton County “Clinton County has a healthy and diversified agriculture, andconservation efforts, particularly the New York State Farmland Protection Program for purchasing development rights is helping to insure that this important characteristic of our landscape and economy will be around for future generations.” — RODNEY BROWN, CLINTON COUNTY PLANNING DEPARTMENT
    • R I N G W O O D F A R M S  Town of Springfield, Otsego County James Bartlett 334 acres protected Photos from farm website Maple syrup and maple cream Project partner – Otsego Land Trust
    • S T E W A R T F A R M  Town of Easton, Washington County Clifford & Janet Stewart 234 acres protected Dairy farmProject partner – Agricultural Stewardship Association Photos by Lawrence White
    • “You’re not looking at this generation, you’re looking at what itcould be in years to come…the more [farms] that you get in theeasements, the more likely you are to have the infrastructure to have the farms.” — JANET STEWART Janet and Clifford Stewart show off an aerial photo of their farm
    • S L O C U M F A R M  Town of Easton, Washington County Ed Slocum 321 acres protected Feed crops and pasture Photo by Ian CreitzProject partner – Agricultural Stewardship Association
    • W I L L O W M A R S H F A R M  Town of Ballston, Saratoga County Chuck & Diane Curtiss 136 acres protected Dairy farm, cheese, yogurt and other products at farm stand Photos from farm website Project partner – Town of Ballston
    • W I L S O N F A R M  Town of Torrey, Yates County Eugene Wilson & Frances S. Wilson159 acres protected Organic crop farm growing corn, soybeans, and small grains Project partner – Finger Lakes Land Trust Photo by Megan Fenton for the FLLT Despite increasing development pressures, the Wilsons are adamant about keeping the agricultural character of the landscape intact.
    • “Farmland is vital to the future of Yates County and the entire Finger Lakes Region. We are grateful to the commitment the farmers havemade to both the land and the community. We also greatly appreciatethe support of Yates County, New York’s Department of Agriculture and Markets and the Partridge Foundation. Each of these partners was essential to making this project possible.” — ANDREW ZEPP, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF THE FLLT  
    • W Y F F E L S F A R M  Town of Canandaigua, Ontario County Gary & Joan Wyffels135 acres protected Dairy farm transitioned to growing hay and raising cattle Project partner – Finger Lakes Land Trust
    • “I’m an awful sentimental person, sometimes it’s good sometimes it isn’t; Ijust couldn’t stand to see the development come in and take over. We couldhave gotten a whole lot more if we sold it to a developer but I couldn’t live with houses in my backyard, I know almost every stone in the field.” — GARY WYFFELS Photo by Andy Zepp for the FLLT The grazing cattle on the Wyffels Farm provide a scenic and peaceful backdrop in an area of intense residential development.