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  • 1. Go to our homepage athttp://www.mhpl.org/ and click on Overdrive eBooks 1
  • 2. Once inside Overdrive, look at theleft-hand side of the page. Click on ‘Help’ and find ‘Adobe Digital Editions’ 2
  • 3. Adobe Digital Editions 1. 2. 3
  • 4. We recommendcreating an Adobe ID, which allows you to read on up to 6computers and mobile devices.All you need is an emailaddress and a password! 4
  • 5. Authorize computer 5
  • 6. When Searching for an itemto put on your Nook, be sure to choose either an Adobe EPUB eBook or an Adobe PDF eBook 6
  • 7.  EPUB can change  PDF text is fixed font size to create (good for picture large print. books or graphic novels) 7
  • 8. 1. Select Item2. Proceed to Checkout 8
  • 9. 1.To check out, you need to select your library system (South Central) and enter all of the digits on your barcode2. You have the option to selecteither a 7 day or 14 day lendingperiod. A maximum of 6 itemsare allowed to be checked out, this screen will alert you tohow many you currently have. 3. Download (this will takeyou to Adobe Digital Editions) 9
  • 10. Checking Out 1. 1. 2.3. 10
  • 11. After plugging Nook into Computer, click and drag item to Media (Nook) 11
  • 12. *Book may not show up in Books, Look under Library,If it doesn’t show up, look under ‘My Files’ and click on the Digital Editions folder.* 12
  • 13. 13
  • 14. Choose South Central Type in your library card Library System barcode
  • 15. Searching for items suitable for Kindles on Overdrive 1.2. 3. (optional) 15
  • 16. 16
  • 17. Checking Out 17
  • 18. Clicking on ‘Get for Kindle’will take you to the Amazon Site. 18
  • 19.  Email address Password Register your Kindle (need serial#)  Menu  Settings  Serial # (starts with B00) 19
  • 20. Click on ‘Get Library Book If you are downloading using Wi-Fi, the title will automatically be transferred to your Kindle the next time you connect to it! 20
  • 21. Kindle Fire Under ‘Actions’ click on ‘Deliver to my…’ Then select Kindle you want to deliver Item to 21
  • 22. Returning an item 22
  • 23. You will need an active Wi-Fi connection for wireless delivery toA Kindle device. If you do not have a Wi-Fi connection, you can load your library book via USB instead. 23
  • 24. Epub books for Kindle Fire1. Go to overdrive.com/software/omc using the browser on the Kindle Fire2. Under ‘Choose Version’ select Android.3.Click on ‘Download OverDrive Media Console for Android from Overdrive’ 24
  • 25. Make sure that you allow installation of apps onto your Kindle FireTo do that:•From the Home screen, select the QuickSettings icon•Select More•Select Device•Turn the switch for Allow Installation ofApplications to the“on” position.*Items downloaded using OverDrive Media Console will be located in your Overdrive Media Console App, not under your Books* 25
  • 26. Ipad 26
  • 27. 1. 2. 3. 27
  • 28. 3. Choose iPad 4.Click on the Instructions link to Get detailed Instructions on Installing software 28
  • 29. 5. From Overdrive, select yourlibrary (South Central)6. Select books (Epub for Ebooksand MP3 for audio books)7. Select book, click on‘Download’8. If 1st time downloading Ebook,you will need to create an AdobeID and authorize the Ipad withthat ID. 29