Self concept in ipc by Ameer Khan


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This Presentation is about self concept in Interpersonal Communication.
It is a personal Presentation to Present in University class...
Not a commercial thing...

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Self concept in ipc by Ameer Khan

  1. 1. Who & What You Actually Are?
  2. 2. The Self ConceptSelf Image How You View Yourself or What You think that You are.
  3. 3. Self Concept Includes Feelings and thoughtsabout your strengths andweaknesses. Perceptions aboutYourself. Emotional States. Talents. Likes & Dislikes. Roles. Values.
  4. 4. Development of Self Concept A. Others’ Images of You:Looking Glass Self Ego Boosters & Ego Busters Reflected Appraisal
  5. 5. B. Social Comparisons: Superior / Inferior Same / Different
  6. 6. C. Cultural Teachings: Culture Effects Our Self Concept
  7. 7. D. Our Own Experience and Interpretations:
  8. 8. Sources of Self Concept
  9. 9. Cultural Influences on Self Concept Individualistic Culture Collectivistic Culture <- Orientation -> <- Reward -> <- Value & Security ->
  10. 10. Characteristics of Self-Concept1. It Effects Communication.2.It is Subjective.3.It Resists Change.4.It is Flexible (can be changed) if it is healthy .5.It is Multi-dimensional.
  11. 11. Effects Communication: Our Self Concept leads us to high or low self esteem. High Self Esteem:  Everything is positive and good when we are positive and good.  Like when we are happy, everything is glowing and beautiful.  We find boring things amusing too.  So we can communicate in a better way.
  12. 12.  Low Self Esteem:  Everything looks hurting when we are in low self esteem.  Like when we are sad, everything seems to be sad and colorless.  We feel sadness, anxiety and criticism on ourselves even when we did nothing.  When we think that we have no value, we are nothing then we can’t communicate in a better way.
  13. 13.  It is Subjective: Our own thinking and ideas are included in our self concept. It Resists Change: We get new things and then after some processing we make them our belief and then we don’t change it even when those things become obsolete as times changes and new data becomes available as per new conditions.
  14. 14.  Flexible if it is Healthy:  We change with time or the conditions change with time and we have to change according to them and it is nature.  If we have a Healthy and Positive Self concept then it can be changed with time and in accordance with the new conditions and variables.  Self concept should be flexible.
  15. 15.  It is Multidimensional:Private Me Desired Me Presenting Me:
  16. 16. Q&A