Bulletproof Sleep Induction Mat Review: Does It Really Work?

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Do you find your sleep patterns aren't as optimal as you'd like? Maybe you're having trouble falling asleep at night, waking up tired, or maybe you're sleeping well but you just want that extra edge. …

Do you find your sleep patterns aren't as optimal as you'd like? Maybe you're having trouble falling asleep at night, waking up tired, or maybe you're sleeping well but you just want that extra edge. If so, Dave Asprey's Bulletproof Sleep Induction Mat is for you! I tested it personally, and came up with some great results! Discover more with this article!

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  • 1. Bulletproof Sleep Induction Mat Review: Does It Really Work? Ameer Rosic Friday April 18 th 2014 Read Full Article What is this thing? Can it really help you sleep better? Yes, it really does work! I was hesitant at first, but Dave is a good friend and insisted that I try it out. I was like… “okay”… I am going to stab myself with sharp needles and it will help me improve my sleep? Right! (Sarcasim) You know me, I am anal about optimizing your sleep and I am always looking for new ways to optimize oneself. So I said– $@!#– it!
  • 2. let me see what this baby can really do How does the Bulletproof Sleep Induction work? By laying on the Bulletproof Sleep Induction Mat the mild but yet protrusive plastic needles you are kinda mimicking acupuncture, which then causes your body to release endorphins and beneficial hormones in response. It’s pretty cool to think, that the Chinese knew about these eons ago… So I decided to see if there was any legit research behind it and BAM! Forty-six (46) randomized trials involving 3811 patients were included, and the methodological quality of trials was generally fair in terms of randomization, blinding, and intention-to-treat analysis. Meta-analyses showed a beneficial effect of acupuncture compared with no treatment (MD −3.28, 95% CI −6.10 to −0.46, p = 0.02; 4 trials) and real acupressure compared with sham acupressure (MD −2.94, 95% CI −5.77 to −0.11, p = 0.04; 2 trials) on total scores of Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index. Acupuncture was superior to medications regarding the number of patients with total sleep duration increased for >3 hours (RR 1.53, 95% CI 1.24–1.88, p < 0.0001). However, there was no difference between acupuncture and medications in average sleep duration (MD −0.06, 95% CI −0.30–0.18, p = 0.63). Acupuncture
  • 3. plus medications showed better effect than medications alone on total sleep duration (MD 1.09, 95% CI 0.56–1.61, p < 0.0001). Similarly, acupuncture plus herbs was significantly better than herbs alone on increase of sleep rates (RR 1.67, 95% CI 1.12–2.50, p = 0.01). There were no serious adverse effects with related to acupuncture treatment in the included trials. Conclusions Acupuncture appears to be effective in the treatment of insomnia. However, further large, rigorous designed trials are warranted. And this really cool study showing that Acupunture increase your Melatonin… (sleep hormone)
  • 4. Our initial hypotheses were confirmed by the results of the present investigation. In an open clinical trial of 18 subjects, the administration of 5 weeks of acupuncture, totaling ten treatment sessions, was associated with normalization in a 24-hour profile of urinary aMT6s and a number of objectively measured improvements in sleep continuity and sleep architecture. Additionally, significant improvements in self-reported fatigue and sleepiness paralleled these changes. The exception to this trend was the reduction in alertness as measured by the ZOGIM-A test. As discussed below the apparent inconsistency of reduced alertness following improvements in sleep quality may possibly have been the result of a transition into a more adaptive and qualitatively different type of alertness. Self assessed feelings of anxiety and depression decreased following acupuncture. These findings are fairly consistent with the results of previous investigations showing that acupuncture has a generalized anxiolytic effect and with other polysomnographic studies of acupuncture effects in insomnia.(2) First step is done, check for some scientific data. The second step is my personal N=1 The Ameer Home Test That’s the Bulletproof Sleep Induction Mat on my Bed… Looks cool eh? So what did I do for my own N=1 experiment? Well I did it with a twist…
  • 5. I did not use it for my main sleep, as I already practice too many different things and would complicate the test. Instead, what I did was…test it on a simple 15 min nap for 14 days straight model. And No, I did not use any biohacking tech, nor hormone testing. I measured my results the good old fashion way: Journaling Very important side note: The reason for picking the nap model for this test is–I NEVER nap. So figured, it would be a perfect model as my body is not yet used to the daily Circadian rhythm of napping. My home test was simple The test was broken into two weeks Week one: Take a nap at the same time each day 1pm for 15min without the Mat Week two: Take nap same time for 15min with the mat You can’t get anymore simpler than that!
  • 6. After each nap, I would write down in my journal, how I felt, mood, clarity and energy level. And an added bonus, I would do N-back brain training after to see my memory and reaction time After the 14 days I would compare week 1 journal with week 2 Pretty simple eh? I hate complicated crap This is how it looks like when used. As you can see, it leaves small marks, which go away seconds later. What where my results from week 1 to week 2? Week 1 Report. #1 Took me about 7 min to fall asleep #2 More energy (as if I need more, I am bleeping nuclear bomb) #3 Clarity #4 Played N-back on my cell after the nap
  • 7. Week 2 with the Mat #1 Fell asleep much faster (I would say 3 min compared to 7) #2 Noticed my clarity improved #3 Also noticed my nighttime sleep was much deeper #4 Compared N- Back score and BANG…Not a crazy difference, but enough to make me go Hmmm… What is the Verdict? Bulletproof Sleep induction mat is now officially Ameer Approved. For something so simple and easy to travel with, I believe every entrepreneur, athlete and top performing individual should have this. Click here to check out the Bulletproof Sleep Mat (This is an affiliate link, got to some how make money for my bulletproof coffee)
  • 8. Now it’s your turn, go out there and do your N=1 and see how you respond to it… Ameer Rosic Ameer Rosic is obsessed with health. A Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Functional Diagnostic Practitioner and Functional Medicine Practitioner, Ameer has spent years empowering himself with knowledge about optimal health, and now his passion is to share that with you! From interviews with top health experts to fitness and nutritional advice and more, Ameer Rosic can help you live a life of optimal health! Discover more at www.ameerrosic.com. Connect with Ameer: Facebook | Twitter | Google Plus | YouTube | Pinterest