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Atkins Advantage Sell Sheet

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Atkins Advantage

  1. 1. Atkins AdvAntAge™PROdUCt OveRvieW
  2. 2. ®the Atkins Advantagelineup in oneword: Sales. We’re earth-friendly. Atkins practices sustainable manufacturingAtkins Advantage bars and shakes are the perfect snack to • tetra cartons are recyclable and efficienthelp you eat right and follow your plan. Packed with plenty of • Our bar cartons are made with wind energy and only with material fromprotein, fibers and only a few net carbs, you can enjoy these FsC certified forests, recycled materials or other controlled sources.delicious snacks anytime of the day. get the Atkins advantage.Start today. • All our Advantage bars and shakes have been reformulated • Additionally: Our newly redesigned packaging creates a unified look and feel - Contemporary, premium appearance - Billboard effect at shelf - incredible taste appeal - Clearly differentiated sub-brands (Advantage, day Break®, endulge®) - easy to read benefit block eases navigation
  3. 3. Atkins consumers are extremely loyal. Our reformulated Atkins AdvantageOur bars and shakes Purchase frequency is on the rise. bars and shakes offer the bestcontinue to inspire loyalty. • An increased number of consumers are purchasing possible taste and texture. • 52% brand loyalty** Atkins bars and ready to drink shakes while increasing ADVANTAGE BARS their Atkins purchase amount +38%! (total Us HH)** • Better than eAs, Zone or south Beach BAR FLAVoRS SINGLE EAN UNITS PER CASE DISPLAy/Box/UNIT EAN SINGLES PER DISPLAy/Box/UNIT CASE EAN • Atkins repeat purchase has increased! “Purchase Chocolate Decadence 5060074624767 5060074624750 15 5060074624408 2 Frequency” +18%** Chocolate68% hazelnut 5060074624781 5060074624774 15 5060074624415 2 Crunch 52% 50% Chocolate Brownie 5060074624484 5060074624477 15 5060074624460 2 45% ** source: nielsen Panel data, 42% 42% 39% Q3 2008 Chocolate 38% orange 15 2 26% 24% Chocolate Peanut 5060074624569 5060074624552 15 5060074624545 2 Caramel Slim Clif Zon Bala Pow Spe Lun EAS Sou Fas e Pe nce er B cial a (car th B t r fec ar K b co eac t ntro h l)We satisfy the need for great tasting, ADVANTAGE PowDER PowDER FLAVoRS SINGLE EAN DISPLAy/Box/UNIT EAN SINGLES PER DISPLAy/Box/UNIT CASE EAN UNITS PER CASEbalanced, convenient snacks. Vanilla 5060074621148 5060074623913 4 Chocolate 5060074624118 5060074624101 4 ADVANTAGE BARS BAR FLAVoRS PRoTEIN FIBER SUGAR NET CARBS CALoRIES Chocolate Decadence 16 grams 7,0 grams 1,0 gram 2,1 grams 232 Chocolate hazelnut Crunch 19 grams 5,4 grams 1,0 gram 2,8 grams 219 207 ADVANTAGE RTDs Chocolate Brownie 18 grams 9,6 grams 1,1 gram 3,1 grams RTD FLAVoRS SINGLE EAN DISPLAy/Box/UNIT EAN SINGLES PER DISPLAy/Box/UNIT CASE EAN UNITS PER CASE Chocolate orange 18 grams 5,4 grams 0,8 gram 1,9 grams 240 Milk Chocolate Peanut Caramel 18 grams 1,1 grams 9,8 gram 2,9 grams 220 Chocolate 5060074624590 5060074624583 6 ADVANTAGE PowDER Coffee Royale 5060074625009 5060074624996 6 PowDER FLAVoRS PRoTEIN FIBER SUGAR NET CARBS CALoRIES Vanilla 18 grams 3,7 grams 1,0 gram 2,8 gram 164 Chocolate 18 grams 3,0 grams 0,9 gram 3,0 grams 165 ADVANTAGE RTD ADVANTAGE oThER RTD FLAVoRS PRoTEIN FIBER SUGAR NET CARBS CALoRIES oThER FLAVoRS SINGLE EAN DISPLAy/Box/UNIT EAN SINGLES PER DISPLAy/Box/UNIT CASE EAN UNITS PER CASE Coffee Royal 15 grams 1,6 grams 0,2 gram 2,9 gram 157 Bread Mix 8717662260162 8717662260179 6 Milk Chocolate 15 grams 2,6 grams 0,3 gram 1,3 grams 151 ADVANTAGE oThER Crackers 8717662260186 8717662260193 20 FLAVoRS PRoTEIN FIBER SUGAR NET CARBS Bread mix 5,0 grams 1,5 grams 0,3 gram 5,8 gram Crackers 1,5 grams 4,2 grams 0,3 gram 2,9 grams
  4. 4. You deserve every Advantage get closer to your goal with delicious snacks anytime of the day. SINGLE EAN BARS SINGLE EAN RTDSChocolate Milk Chocolate Decadence – decadence with zero guilt. this piece of heaven can only beDecadence Chocolate 5 060074 624767 5 060074 624590 described as a total chocolate treat. it’s out of this world.Chocolate Chocolate Hazelnut Crunch – Warning, its not your average bar. its great nutrition Coffeehazelnut Royale 5 060074 625009 disguised as rich chocolate and crunchy hazelnuts. this portable snack or meal has theCrunch 5 060074 624781 fuel to keep you going.ChocolateBrownie Chocolate Orange – A smooth chocolate bar with a twisted taste of orange – just right for 5 060074 624484 that evening snack as you watch the tv or curl up with your latest novel.Chocolate Chocolate Peanut Caramel – it’s one of our most popular bars. Why? taste one andorange 5 060074 624897 see. sweet chocolate combined with rich and creamy peanut and caramel. it satisfies theChocolate craving and the need for great nutrition.PeanutCaramel 5 060074 624569 Chocolate Brownie – it just doesn’t sound possible, does it? A highly nutritious snack that combines a brownie centre dipped in rich chocolate. Oh but it’s true. SINGLE EAN PowDER SINGLE EAN oThERChocolate Crackers take full advantage. 5 060074 624118 8 717662 260186Vanilla Bread Mix 5 060074 621148 8 717662 260162 As a leading brand in the weight loss category, Atkins is about to pull even farther ahead. Put sweet sexy science to work for you and your bottom line today – stock up on Atkins Advantage bars and shakes.
  5. 5. More facts your customers will devour. Atkins™ is a powerful life-time approach to successful weight loss and weight management. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or maintain your optimal weight, Atkins Advantage bars and shakes are a delicious and nutritious way to help you reach your goals. • As much protein as a turkey and swiss sandwich* • More fiber than two slices of whole wheat bread** PRo ER TE • As much vitamin C as a glass of OJ † FI B IN • Calcium equal to a glass of milk†† MINS, MINER ALS NTS Go • But only 3 grams of sugar or less – some nutrition VITA T I o x I DA o D CARBS bars have as much sugar as a glazed donut AN * UsdA standard serving sizes of white bread (two slices), turkey breast lunchmeat & (one large slice), low-fat swiss cheese (one slice), mustard, lettuce = 14g protein. ** UsdA standard serving size of whole wheat bread = 28g = 2g of fiber. † UsdA standard serving size of Orange Juice = 30g = 25% dv of vitamin C. o R G o A †† UsdA standard serving size of milk = 244g = 30% dv of Calcium. D G FA T SU S Low