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NGN promises a high quality end-user experience. Telecommunications service providers expect the NGN framework to provide them with tools that would ensure customer loyalty. However, the path towards achieving the ideal NGN is fraught with formidable challenges. The most critical challenge confronting operators is optimizing their OSS and BSS platforms, systems, and processes.

With research beginning in 2007, the report Next Generation Network OSS/BSS Market and Forecast 2013-2018 provides a comprehensive analysis of drivers and issues related to technical and business aspects of OSS/BSS deployments and developments while forecasting their growth over the next five years.

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OSS/BSS Market and Forecast 2013-2018 | Researchmoz.us

  1. 1. Next Generation Network OSS/BSS Market and Forecast 2013-2018Overview: NGN promises a high quality end-user experience. Telecommunications service providers expectthe NGN framework to provide them with tools that would ensure customer loyalty. However, the pathtowards achieving the ideal NGN is fraught with formidable challenges. The most critical challengeconfronting operators is optimizing their OSS and BSS platforms, systems, and processes. With researchbeginning in 2007, the report Next Generation Network OSS/BSS Market and Forecast 2013-2018 provides acomprehensive analysis of drivers and issues related to technical and business aspects of OSS/BSSdeployments and developments while forecasting their growth over the next five years. Technical Overviewof OSS and BSS in NGNs: This section begins with an introduction to OSS and BSS and their roles in theoperator environment. It explains the various blocks that go into building of the OSS: Network elements,events, alarms and others. It next explains the BSS building blocks: Billing, rating, mediation, charging,customer care and others. This section is followed by the description of prevalent industry approaches likeTMN - FCAPS model that are widely followed by operators. The section then analyzes the technical impact ofNGN on OSS and BSS architectures. Vendor Analysis: Profiles of vendors offering OSS/BSS products andservices for next generation networks. This section first explains the basis of vendor selection includingvendor classification, innovative contribution, market leadership position and future growth path. Each vendoris then analyzed in the light of its product and solution portfolio, major implementations, differentiatingaspects with other vendors and their future plans. The report includes recommendations to vendors includingdiversification, best practices, market segment, and solution approach. Quantitative Analysis and Forecast:This section begins with a detailed explanation of the research methodology. Quantitative analysis includesmeasurable items such as billing systems, network management systems and their sub-classes (mediation,wholesale billing, retail billing, CRM, revenue assurance, resource management, task management, deliverymanagement, synchronization management) along with geographical segmentation, trends and projections.Importantly, the quantitative analysis assesses the impact of various drivers and issues on the abovemeasurable items, thus forming a logical conclusion of the quantitative discussion in the previous sections.Note: This section represents a comprehensive forecast including Forecast Methodology by Overall OSS andBSS Software Market, Split by OSS and by BSS separately, by geography (NA, EMEA, CALA, and APAC),and by modular break-up including: Network Planning and Engineering (NPE), Fault Management (FM),Performance Management (PM), Provisioning and Service Activation (PSA), Inventory Management (IM),Billing and Customer Care (B&CC), Mediation (MD), and Revenue Assurance (RA). Questions answered inthis report include:What are the telecom network operator interests in NGN OSS/BSS? What are the challenges to OSS andBSS implementation? What are the best OSS and BSS approaches for NGN? What are the technologiesinvolved in OSS and BSS? Who are the leading vendors for NGN OSS/BSS? What is the market forecast forOSS and BSS?Key Findings:Consolidated OSS revenue will realize 1.4 times more than BSS throughout the period Combined NGNOSS/BSS market (software revenue) will reach US$ 54.36 billion globally in 2018 with 13.72% CAGR Fromcomponent perspective, share of services revenue will increase from a little above 40% to 60% of totals by2018 NA will remain be the top revenue generating zone with 39% market share and APAC will follow withNext Generation Network OSS/BSS Market and Forecast 2013-2018
  2. 2. fastest CAGR of 16.82% An OSS platform shift will be triggered by wearable devices(wearable glasses,smartwatch, etc.) and cloud service medium for BSS Among five OSS modular markets, PSA will have thehighest market share by 33% but IM will experience the fastest CAGR of 22.14% Target Audience:Mobile network operators Network and services integrators OSS/BSS products and services suppliers Nextgeneration network infrastructure providers Third party providers of content, commerce, and applicationsCompanies in Report: 013 Netvision, 3 (Hutchison), AAPT, Airtel, Albacom, Alcatel-Lucent, AscomNetwork, Testing, Alltel, Alvarion USA, Amdocs, Annies, Antel Uruguay, AOL, Apple, ARTelecom, Ascom,AT & T Dobson, AT & T Edge, AT & T Mobility, AT&T, AT&T Wireless, Augere, AWCC, Axtel Comcel(Voilà), Baikal Westcom Russia, BakCell Azerbaijan, Bandwidth.com, Batelco, Batelco Bahamas, Bell, BellAliant, Bell Canada, BellSouth, Communications, Bezeq, Bharti Tele-Ventures, Bouygues Telecom, BrasilTelecom, British Telecom, Broadview, Brocade,BskyB (EasyNet), BSNL, BT, BT Wholesale, Cable &Wireless, CableVision, Caiway, Camtel Cameroon, CAN, CAN Melita, CAT Telecom Thailand, CbeyondCommunications USA, CBOSS, Cellcom, Cellcom Malaysia, CenturyLink, Cerillion, CFE, CharterCommunications,China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, Chunghwa Telecom, Cingular, Clearwire,ClearWire USA, Colombia Velcom (MDC) Belarus, COLT, Comarch, Comcast, Comnet, ComptelCorporation, Comverse, Convergys, Cosmote, Covad, Cox Communications, cVidya Inc, Cybercity, Cyta,Czech Telecom, Dell, Deutsche Telecom, Digi, Digicel, Direct on PC, DIRECTV, Dorado Software, Eircom,Elitecore Technologies, Embarq, Equant, Ericsson, Eschelon Telecom USA, ETB, Evolving Systems Inc,Excel Communications, Fair Point, Fastweb, Formula Telecom Solutions, France Telecom, Freenet.deGermany, GCI Communication Corp, Ghanatel, Global Crossing, GO Group, GO Mobile Malta, GoldenLines, H3G, H3G Italy, Hathway, Hewlett-Packard Company, HighDeal, Hot, HTK, Huawei, Hutch,Hutchison, Hutchison Telecom, IBM, Ice, Idea Cellular, Imperial Online, In2cable, Indo Sat, IndonesiaComnet, Indosat M2, Indus Towers, InfoVista, ingTel, Inmarsat, Intec Telecom Systems, Intelco InternationalTelecommunications, Kingston Communications, Korea Telecom, KPN, KT, KTF, LCH.Clearnet, Level 3,LHS, LogNet Systems, M1, Mailtec, Maroc Telecom, Maxis, MCI, MCI WorldCom, Meditel, Melita,Metratech, MindCTI Ltd, Mirant Corporation Mirs, Mobilkom Austria, MobilTel, MobilTel Bulgaria,Motorola, Motricity, MovieBeam USA, MTC, MTN, MTN Etisalat, MTN South Africa, MTNL, MTS, MTSAllstream, MTS Russia, Mycom, MYtv, Nepal Telecom, NetCracker, Netia, Neural Technologies, NipponTelegraph and Telephone, Nokia, Nokia Siemens Networks, Nomad, Nortel Global, Nortel Networks, NRJMobile, NSN, NTS Indonesia, NTT, NTT DoCoMo, Netadmin Systems, O2, O2 Germany, O2 UK, Oi,Omantel, ONO, OpenCloud, OPT-PF, Optus, Oracle, Orange, Orange France, Orange Poland, OrangeSlovakia, Orange Switzerland, Orascom, Orbitel, Pacific Bangladesh, Paetec Communications USA, Partner,Pelephone, Pine Telephone, Pipex, Polkomtel, Purcell USA, Qwest, Railtel Corporation, Redknee, Reliance,RFF France, Rogers, SBC, Scarlet Telecom, SensorLogic, SFR, Shaw Cablesystems, Sherburn Telesystems,Silk Telecom, Simfonics, SingTel, SingTel Optus, SK Telecom, SoftBank, Sonatel, Sonera Carrier Networks,Sparkle, Spice, Spirit Telecom, Sri Lanka Telecom, STA Andorra, STC Saudi Arabia, Subex, Swisscom,Synchronoss, T Mobile, Tango Networks, Tata Teleservices, TDC, TDS, Telcordia Technologies Inc, Tele2,Telecom Austria, Telecom Italia, Telecom Malaysia, Telecom Namibia, Telecom New Zealand,Telecommunicoaes de Mozambique, Telefonica, Telefonica Del Peru S, Telefonica S.A, Telekom Malaysia,Telemar, Telenet Belgium, Telewest Broadband, Telfort, Telgua (Claro) Guatemala, TeliaSonera, Telkom SA,Telkomsel, Telstra, TELUS, Teracom, Terrastar, The MTN Group Africa, The US Army, TIM, Time WarnerCable, Time Warner Telecom, Time.com Malaysia, Tiscalli, T-Mobile, T-Mobile Germany, T-Mobile UK,T-Mobile USA, TNSI, Transtel, Trilogy Dominicana (Viva) , Trilogy International Partners, TTI Telecom,Next Generation Network OSS/BSS Market and Forecast 2013-2018
  3. 3. Turkcell, twtelecom, Tyco Telecommunications, Telcordia Technologies Inc, Uecomm, UPC, US Cellular,UshaComm, Ventraq (Formerly ACE*COMM), Verizon, Verizon Wireless, Vibo Peterstar, Videotron,VimpelCom Group (Beeline), Virgin Media Business, Virgin Mobile, Vivacom, Vodafone, Vodafone (SFR)France, Vodafone Ghana, Vodafone Spain, Vodafone UK, Voiamo, Volksbank, Vonage, VPIsystems Inc,VTel Holdings, Wana, WANDL (Wide Area Network Design Laboratory), Wateen Telecom, WebNMS,WildBlue Communications, Wind, Xalted, XINTEC SA, You Telecom, Zain Iraq, Zain Kuwait, ZTE, ZIRAtable Of Contents:1.0executive Summary 92.0next Generation Networks (ngn) 112.1introduction 112.2ngn In Context 112.3overview152.3.1timeline152.4comparison Of Ngn With Public Switched And Data Networks 162.5ngn Market Drivers 172.5.1telecom Operator And Vendor Interests 172.5.2improvement In Access Technologies 182.5.3reduced Vendor Dependency192.5.4return On Investment 192.6challenges For Ngn 212.6.1large Scale Capital Expenditure222.6.2operational Challenges 222.6.3integration Of Private Networks And Applications With Public Networks 232.6.4quality Of Service (qos) 232.6.5national Security And Competitive Policies 242.7ip Multimedia Subsystem (ims)252.7.1overview252.7.2home Subscriber Server (hss)262.7.3application And Media Servers 262.7.4call Session Control Function (cscf)272.7.5interconnection Protocols272.8ims Market Drivers 282.8.1value-added Services282.8.2transparency In Access 282.8.3scalability 282.8.4industry Consortia 282.8.5lte 292.9conclusions 302.9.1ims Survey Highlights30Next Generation Network OSS/BSS Market and Forecast 2013-2018
  4. 4. 3.0ngn Oss/bss: Components, Ims Implications And Frameworks 313.1oss & Bss Functions In Telecom Operator Environment And Market Forecast313.1.1network Planning And Engineering (npe) 313.1.2fault Management (fm) 323.1.3configuration Management 333.1.4accounting Management 343.1.5performance Management (pm)353.1.6provisioning And Service Activation (psa)353.1.7security Management 373.1.8inventory Management (im)373.1.9billing And Customer Care (b&cc) 383.1.10mediation (md) 393.1.11revenue Assurance (ra) 403.1.12mobility Management 403.1.13customer Management 413.1.14terminal Management423.2challenges For Oss And Bss 423.3oss Challenges433.3.1stakeholder Apprehensions 433.3.2framework To Integrate Customization Demands 443.3.3smooth Transition From Existing Oss Frameworks 443.3.4multi-vendor Co-ordination 453.4bss Challenges463.5sdp: The Shock Absorber 473.6tm Forum Solution Frameworx 493.6.1key Ngoss Terminology 523.6.2tam533.6.3business Process Framework (formerly Etom)543.6.4sid 573.6.5tna 603.6.6apis And Interfaces 623.6.7ngoss Compliance Tests 623.6.8the Ngoss Lifecycle623.6.9advantages Of Ngoss644.0approaches And Technologies 654.1fundamental Concepts 654.1.1middleware654.1.2soa-the Bedrock For Sdp And Oss/bss 664.1.3service Oriented Application Protocol (soap)68Next Generation Network OSS/BSS Market and Forecast 2013-2018
  5. 5. 4.1.4web Services (ws) 694.1.5extensible Markup Language (xml) 704.2oss/bss Frameworks 704.2.1telecommunication Management Network (tmn) 704.2.2fcaps 734.3messaging Formats 754.3.1simple Network Management Protocol (snmp) 754.3.2common Management Information Protocol (cmip)784.4enterprise Data Organization Approaches794.4.1enterprise Application Integration (eai) 794.4.2enterprise Service Bus (esb) 804.5approaches Towards Ims-enabling Oss/bss 814.5.1oss/j814.5.2mda854.5.3information Technology Infrastructure Library (itil) 875.0emerging Oss/bss Business (revenue) Model Analysis 885.1business Model: Trend Analysis 885.2advertising As Business Model 895.2.1models For Emerging Markets / Areas 896.0csp (communication Service Providers) In Oss/bss 906.1ott Model Would Change Csps (communication Service Provider) Role906.2tiered Pricing For Csp906.3customer Behavior Analysis - A Powerful Tool 916.4bss Managed Services926.5strategic Decision Level Focus 926.6to-do For Csp 947.0oss/bss Market Trend 2013 & Beyond957.1top Oss/bss Trends957.2market Impact Analysis Of Trends On Regional Business Policy 967.3mobile Oss Growth 977.4mobile Bss Innovation 987.4.1ericsson Case 1007.5cloud & Single Bss Solution 1018.0vendor Analysis1038.1vendor Landscape Observations103Next Generation Network OSS/BSS Market and Forecast 2013-2018
  6. 6. 8.2vendor Classification 1048.2.1comprehensive Solution Providing Pure Oss/bss Vendors1048.2.2comprehensive Solution Providing Composite Vendors1058.2.3core Strength Concentrators - Bss1068.2.4core Strength Concentrators - Oss 1088.3vendor Initiatives 1098.3.1total Vendor List 1098.3.2amdocs1108.3.3cboss 1128.3.4cerillion 1178.3.5comarch1198.3.6comptel Corporation1218.3.7comverse 1268.3.8convergys 1288.3.9cvidya Inc 1298.3.10dorado Software1318.3.11elitecore Technologies1318.3.12ericsson 1328.3.13evolving Systems Inc 1338.3.14formula Telecom Solutions1358.3.15hewlett-packard Company 1368.3.16highdeal 1378.3.17huawei 1388.3.18ibm 1398.3.19infovista1418.3.20intec Telecom Systems (csg International)1428.3.21lognet Systems 1448.3.22metratech 1468.3.23mindcti Ltd 1478.3.24mycom 1488.3.25netcracker 1508.3.26neural Technologies 1528.3.27opencloud1538.3.28oracle 1548.3.29redknee1558.3.30subex 1578.3.31synchronoss 1608.3.32tti Telecom1618.3.33ushacomm1618.3.34ventraq (formerly Ace*comm) 1628.3.35vpisystems Inc1638.3.36wandl (wide Area Network Design Laboratory) 1658.3.37webnms166Next Generation Network OSS/BSS Market and Forecast 2013-2018
  7. 7. 8.3.38xalted 1688.3.39xintec Sa 1698.3.40zte 1708.3.41telcordia Technologies Inc 1718.3.42nokia Siemens Networks 1738.3.43alcatel-lucent1768.3.44ascom Network Testing 1798.3.45zira 1809.0case Study 1849.1ericsson Ranked #2 In Oss/bss And Sdp 1849.2netadmin Systems Monitors Worlds Largest Lan1849.3amdocs Customer Success Story1859.4ericsson Invests As Nokia Siemens Sells-off Bss/oss Software 1879.5netcracker Planning To Demonstrate Bss/oss Efficiency1889.6ascom Network Testing Enhances Tems Discovery 1899.7bss/oss Transformation: Absolute Imperative In The 4g World 1919.8redknee To Acquire Nokia Siemens Bss Business For $52 Million 1949.9ericsson Wins Telephony Bss/oss Excellence Award19610.0 ngn Oss/bss Market Forecast Analysis 2013 - 201819810.1 forecast Methodology 19810.2 oss & Bss Software Market: Combined Vs. Split Revenue 2013 - 2018 19810.2.1combined (oss+bss) Revenue Forecast 19810.2.2revenue Split: Oss Vs. Bss Software Market19910.2.3oss Revenue Split By Platform: Web Vs. Mobile Vs. Wireless Device20010.2.4bss Revenue Split Among Services: Standardized Vs. Cloud & Centralized 20110.2.5oss Revenue Modular Split: Npe Vs. Fm Vs. Pm Vs. Psa Vs. Im 20210.2.6bss Revenue Modular Split: B&cc Vs. Md Vs. Ra 2013 - 2018 20410.3 oss+bss) Revenue Distribution By Regions Vs. Components 2013 - 2018 20610.3.1regional Distribution: Na Vs. Emea Vs. Cala Vs. Apac 20610.3.2component Distribution: License Vs. Service Vs. Maintenance 20810.4 oss Modular Revenue Distribution In Regions (na Vs. Emea Vs. Cala Vs. Apac) Vs. Components 2013 -2018 21010.4.1network Planning And Engineering (npe) 21010.4.2fault Management (fm) 21210.4.3performance Management (pm)21410.4.4provisioning And Service Activation (psa)21610.4.5inventory Management (im)21910.5 bss Modular Revenue Distribution In Regions: Na Vs. Emea Vs. Cala Vs. Apac 2013 - 201822110.5.1billing And Customer Care (b&cc) 221Next Generation Network OSS/BSS Market and Forecast 2013-2018
  8. 8. 10.5.2mediation (md) 22410.5.3revenue Assurance (ra) 22610.6 improper Carrier Billing: Mnos Revenue Loss Vs. Sustained Gain Vs. Brand Impact 22810.6.1total Billing Vs. Direct Billing Revenue Loss 2013 - 2018 22810.6.2brand Impact And Sustained Investment Gain 22910.7 oss/bss Vendor Raking 2013 23011.0 conclusions And Recommendations 23211.1 recommendations For Oss/bss Vendors 232ResearchMoz(http://www.researchmoz.us/) is the one stop online destination to find and buy market researchreports & Industry Analysis. We fulfill all your research needs spanning across industry verticals with ourhuge collection of market research reports. We provide our services to all sizes of organizations and across allindustry verticals and markets. Our Research Coordinators have in-depth knowledge of reports as well aspublishers and will assist you in making an informed decision by giving you unbiased and deep insights onwhich reports will satisfy your needs at the best price.Contact:M/s Sheela,90 State Street,Suite 700,Albany NY - 12207United StatesTel: +1-518-618-1030USA - Canada Toll Free 866-997-4948Email: sales@researchmoz.usWebsite: http://www.researchmoz.us/Next Generation Network OSS/BSS Market and Forecast 2013-2018