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JIRA and Confluence Nordic Conference 24.10. Jaakko Kankaanpää, Ambientia

JIRA and Confluence Nordic Conference 24.10. Jaakko Kankaanpää, Ambientia



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The social intranet   jcn2013-presentation The social intranet jcn2013-presentation Presentation Transcript

  • The Social Intranet
  • The development of The Intranet(By Toby Ward) • Version 1.0: Welcome page (a welcome message and a phone number) • Version 1.1: Bulletin board (simple communications) • Version 1.2: Corporate newsletter (structured news & limited document management) • Version 1.3: Help Desk (simple transactions like the employee directory) • Version 1.4: Corporate Store (more complex transactions such as e-HR and self-service) • Version 1.5: The Portal (authorization, authentication, application & database integration) • The trail has lengthened considerably as of late with the advancement of social media, and the intranet has made an evolutionary leap to version 2.0 or “ The social intranet.” 2
  • Are you familiar with the term / concept “Social Intranet” 4% 0% 38% 58% A study by Medialectin - aimed at communication, marketing and HR specialists 04-05/2013 n=100 Is familiar Is not familiar No comment
  • What makes an intranet social?
  • By JanneM
  • Claim #1: The Social Intranet is not a tool – It’s a way of thinking and an organizational culture
  • Active participation on all organizational levels Mobility Transparency JIT Openness High level user rights for all Availability Universal content creation, discussion, commenting
  • Nielsen Norman Group identified the following intranet trends during 2012: • Lightning-fast access to coworker information • Integrating employee profile pages with wall feeds • Supportive and accessible management • Cheering personal content 8
  • Claim # 2: People are the key asset of a successful social intranet By Ja
  • 7.5.2013 By Tony Ward 10
  • Trust
  • By Jessica Levitt
  • What does a Social Intranet mean? n=100
  • Social Intranet Study (Prescient 2013) • The five most popular social media tools are • • • • • instant messaging, blogs, discussion forums, wikis, and user commenting: 76% of organizations have instant messaging. 75% of organizations have blogs. 70% of organizations have discussion forums. 67% of organizations have wikis. 67% of organizations have user commenting. 14
  • Bookmarks Tags Profiles Blogs Working groups, networks Wikis Engaging tools and functionality Microblogs Likes Status updates Embedded media RSS, Feeds IM
  • Prescient 2013
  • What are the features that are required from a social intranet? Ease-of-use Document management “Reaching everybody” Interactivity Mobile Ease of sharing IM Co-operational possibilities Online-meetings Likes “An Efficient information Architecture – getting the information you need when you need it” Speed Videos “Adding a social layer”
  • Claim #3: Ease-of-use is a critical ingredient By Jessica Levitt
  • #4 A User Centric design approach is key
  • Personas are just one part of the service design process… Personas end user devices, inter views, … Business needs, measures… Prototyping, visual look, Information architehture, end user testing… User stories, use cases, requirements (functional and nonfunctional), architecture …
  • The Advantages of a Social intranet
  • A Silver Bullet? The best of all worlds? 7.5.2013 22
  • Minimizing travel costs and transactional costs by utilizing new communication tools and mobile solutions Minimizing concurrent tasks / operations Intranet development costs Cost effectiveness Automation External participation expertise Avoiding unnecessary work with better coordination and openness Lowering the transactional costs of creating and sharing knowledge
  • Self actualization and need gratification(Maslow) Empowerment Motivation 3.0 Expertise Motivation Peer support Wellbeing Respect Rewarding
  • Best practices Breaking organizational barriers, Involving clients, partners etc. (even crowdsourcing) Connecting the right people Everyone contributing –> expert knowledge creation Enhanced information and process flow Learning Knowledge management Finding the experts Self-organization Working in groups and gaining contextual knowledge
  • Open discussion and the possibility to question fundamentals Enjoyment From individuals to communities Working groups Enhanced networking Communality Taking advantage of a network based organizational model Communication Work wellbeing and commitment Initiativeness The effective Implementation of strategy
  • Tacit Knowledge Spontaneity Group / collective intellect Creation and cocreation Inspiration Innovation Identifying and taking advantage of changes in the business environment Enriching information Flashpoint New point-of-views Timeliness
  • Innovation = adapting to change
  • LivePerson Nation, currently supporting more than 500 users, boasts a number of valuable features, including: 29
  • • Social Networking: All employees are encouraged to blog on the intranet, sharing work or inter-personal information, and incorporating text, photo and video options for an added element of "connection." • Technology: Hosted by SAAS platform vendor, all customizations have been engineered internally by LivePerson, allowing the Company to utilize the technology to best suit its needs. • Mobile: Accessibility via all mobile devices with browser capability, providing multi-channel access. • Search: Utilizing Jive's built-in search tool, and providing employees with best practices for making their content easier to locate. 30
  • By Liveperson
  • Advantages observed by liveperson(500 employees) - Enhancing management communication, reaching people - The intranet played a key role in the transformation away from a single product company – empowering change - Getting new recruits involved and allowing them to get to know the organization and people even before meeting them - Increasing the interaction and communication between sales and the rest of the organization (also within teams) - Spontaneous groups are formed every day around events, campaigns, procedures and initiatives
  • Finnair intranet 33
  • #5 The advantages of Social Intranets are real and measureable 7.5.2013 34 B
  • Organizational agility and increased competetive and reactive capability By Alan Cleave
  • The stepping stones Understanding the users and their needs Understanding the busin Setting Goals By Lali Mas
  • 7.5.2013 37
  • Nielsen Norman Groups Best Intranets Study 2013 key takeaways • Plan for design customization • Educate employees about team (collaboration) spaces • Understand that implementing your own branding can take time • Keep permissions simple • Accompany Enterprise 2.0 features with good planning and employee communication. 38
  • How to implement? Goals and concept Launch and promotion • Business goals and needs • User needs, goals and personas • Concept Desing, service desing, informational structure desing • Training users and admins • Internal marketing and motivation • Growing the community, leadership, sponsoring A Social Internet The Technical Implementation Continuous development • Installation, configuration, tailoring • Responding to changeing needs • Customer support and technical maitenance • Community gardening
  • What about a 10.000 employee organization? By And
  • How to grow a community: Adapted from the ideas of Jimmy Wales • The starting point: People • These are people - These are your people – Identifying: what do you want to accomplish together? • Design priorities/goals: • Make the necessary critical mass as small as possible • Make your community as useful as possible as fast as possible • Freedom & innovation • Let people and groups find their own way and fulfill their own goals. People create the value. 41
  • Start small – grow – fail – learn and try again By Dawn Endico
  • Finnair Magic Moments
  • Leading by example and empowering users are key building blocks By Guillermo
  • Conclusions • People are the key resource – the social intranet • • • • should above all encourage communication and interaction The benefits of the social intranet can only be achieved through user centric and organization specific planning and design Rome wasn’t build in a day – start small and pick the low hanging fruit. Make sure the intranet is useful from day 1 and support and motivate users tirelessly – lead by example Use technologically efficient and easy-to-use tools / tech that inspires and induces users to engage. Confluence rules!
  • What’s next – Intranet 3.0 Data visualization Location and mobility Gamification Open Data Smart objects Ubiquity
  • Jaakko Kankaanpää Business Development Consultant, Partner, Board Member Phone: 040 564 6909 Email: