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  • By Henri Sora
  • 1) The terms ERP and CRM (or task management) are the closest terms we can get to in a presentation. Both are _large_ applications customised to the customer. 2) Material handling system and a CRM system
  • City night scenery with cars motion blurred light on bridge of Guang Fu between Banqiao and Taipei, Taiwan, Asia.
  • City night scenery with cars motion blurred light on bridge of Guang Fu between Banqiao and Taipei, Taiwan, Asia.
  • The benefits of the projects become vibrant when the both tools are used in combination.


  • 1. Liferay Portal andRed Hat SOA Platform working together Henri Sora; Director, Technology & Services Jouko Pirinen; Senior Software Developer 24.4.2012
  • 2. Two extranetsProject one Project two- One integrated - One large extranetdashboard to use a ERP - Offer calculationand multiple CRM - Project informationsystems together - Construction- A business critical tool material acquisitionfor day to dayoperations of the client - Interfaces two organizations external applications - Two-way SMS and e- mail applications
  • 3. Business Problems & Project ScopeProject one Project two- Ambientia replaced an - Ambientia replacedolder system that did manual work but thenot perform well (no actual project wasknowhow, no green fieldmaintenance, aged developmentarchitecture) - The client wanted to-The client 1) boost sales and to 2)organisations needed to guide product selectionintegrate 1) order and of its sales force2) problem tickets
  • 4. Technology Liferay Portal • Three-tier application using Liferay as infrastructure JBoss SOA Platform • Integration interfaces • Asynchronous queues Red Hat Enterprise Linux • MySQL • Linux platform in overall Vmware VSphere • Virtual Infrastructure
  • 5. Application ArchitectureLiferay & portlets- Full MVC architecture of the actual application - Model: Service Builder - View: JSP & Alloy UI - Controller: Spring controller- Liferay’s organization featuresRed Hat SOA Platform- Integration to external systems- Client specific API’s for certain integrations- Handles synchronous and asynchronous queues
  • 6. Project 1, Architecture
  • 7. Service Architecture 1
  • 8. Service Architecture 1  Actual application logic
  • 9. Service Architecture 1  Asynchronous off-loading  Synchronous Call
  • 10. Service Architecture 1 t al e os be t th m ld bu ou P in l c A yt co SO an oto as pr W g 
  • 11. Project 2, Architecture
  • 12. Service two Uses similar architecture as previous project also - queues - SOAP - SMTP - IMAP Integration targets - SMS - E-mail - ERP - CRM
  • 13. JBoss SOA Platform tools used- JBoss Developer Studio- Content Based Routing- JBoss messaging - JMS - Asynchronous and Synchronous model- Smooks Transformations- JBoss Web Service API- Some custom made actions
  • 14. Liferay & Spring tools usedLiferay Spring- Liferay 6.0 - Spring Portlet MVC- Portlets - Injections- JSP & Alloy UI & Velocity - Controllers- Service builder - Multipart (file upload) - Domain + service layer support- Liferay permission - Handler mappingschecking utilities - Parameter Handler(users, roles, inheritance) Mapping- Organization methods - Dependency Injections
  • 15. The Combination
  • 16. Benefits of the combination• Loose coupling with the app and the ESB lead to larger development team, and therefore, faster development• No loss of information while having downtime• Client specific interfaces that are unified at ESB• New interfaces and protocols are almost trivial• Asynchronous queues and handle peaks
  • 17. Problems during the projectsProject Management- Change management- UI models compared to IKIWISI- Interfacing systems that were not ready at the time…Technology- UI – not the technologies itself- JavaScript and browser compatibility- Complex queries with Service Builder  smaller chucks combined to end results
  • 18. Conclusion- Both clients are still active.- Both systems can be quite easily maintained and changed because of the architecture- The systems can handle variant load without performance problems- JBoss SOA Platform and Liferay prevented us to write infrastructure code- We are positive about the tools and eager to work with them in the future also.
  • 19. Questions?Twitter: @henrisora
  • 20. ThanksTwitter: @henrisora